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The Next Beyond Meat?

NEW REPORT: "Beyond the Beyond Burger: Investing in Lab-Grown Meat"

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July 23rd, 2024

Check out these chicken nuggets. They look pretty tasty, right? 

Based on the kinds of food trends you read about in investment publications like this one, you might be expecting some kind of “gotcha” here about how they’re not actually chicken but some kind of mushy plant-based alternative instead. 

Lab-Grown Chicken Nuggets



But that’s not the case. The nuggets above are 100% real Gallus domesticus meat, all the way down to the 78 chicken chromosomes in each of their cells. But there is a catch — they were never part of a living, breathing bird. 

Back in December, a California-based foodtech startup called Eat Just won approval from Singaporean authorities to sell its “cultured chicken” in the country. It’s the first time a lab-grown meat product has made it to consumer tables anywhere in the world. 

Lab-grown meat might sound like something from Star Trek, but it seems to be emerging as an exciting new investment trend for the 2020s. It strikes a perfect balance between the environmental and ethical concerns of vegetarians and vegans — and the cravings of carnivores. 

And based on the performance of meat-alternative stocks in recent years, there is a lot of money to be made from lab-grown meat. 

That’s why our research team has compiled everything you need to know about the lab-grown meat investment landscape in our latest free report, "Beyond the Beyond Burger: Investing in Lab-Grown Meat."

Inside, you'll find:

  • Thorough research into how the lab-grown meat production process produces 100% real meat without killing any animals.
  • A comprehensive analysis of the investment tailwinds boosting the nascent lab-grown meat sector in recent and future years.
  • A list of startups and publicly traded companies with substantial exposure to lab-grown meat.

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