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Green Chip Stocks is not an investment newsletter. It's a community of like-minded investors who are tired of being left out of the big deals.

Sure, our members get two to three updates from me per week — which include market analysis, new stock picks, and new private deals. But it's more than that.

You see, I've designed this community in a way that allows all of us to take part in our wealth-creation strategies... from uncovering new startups to closing the actual deals.

So, for instance, a few times a year, members of our community are invited to join me on research trips. One of our most successful trips was a two-day junket in Denver, where we went behind the scenes of the legal marijuana industry.

We sat in boardrooms with millionaire CEOs, toured "off-limits" research labs, and even capped off our first day with a members-only dinner, where we dined on braised grass-fed beef short ribs, Moroccan chicken, and a wonderful selection of organic, biodynamic wines.

And by the way, this was all free of charge. Just one of the many benefits of a Green Chip Stocks membership.

We also run an annual members meeting — typically at a high-end resort — where we mingle with CEOs, angel investors, and the occasional celebrity. And all of our members have direct access to me and my staff.

That's right. Members of Green Chip Stocks can contact me — day or night — using my private email address.

Basically, I've created a community for "the rest of us"... a community where all of us can get access to private deals without having to spend five or ten grand just to get a seat at the table.

That's just not how I do things.

In fact, it only costs $49 to get started with Green Chip Stocks.

This gets you a one-year membership to Green Chip Stocks, a copy of my most recent e-book, "A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Rich in the Legal Cannabis Market," and a free 30-day membership to Green Chip Ventures, which is my premium service that gets you access to all the private company investment opportunities I find throughout the year. You can also allow your Green Chip Ventures membership to continue after the first 30 days with our sustaining membership program that allows you to pay $99 a month on auto-bill.

Now, you must understand that Green Chip Stocks is only for serious investors. This is not some low-rent newsletter, and any publications offered by Green Chip Stocks, including my latest e-book, are non-refundable to ensure that all members are genuine about being a part of this exclusive community.

Of course, given how much money we continue to make, you’ll never want to leave.

So to get started right away, simply fill out the short acceptance form below, and I’ll immediately send you access to our private website and my private email address, just in case you have any questions.

Yours in wealth...

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Jeff Siegel
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