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Thanks to a unanimous act of Congress and $270 billion in windfall spending, you can boost your income with American Superpower Checks.

This program protects and secures America’s undisputed status as THE world’s top superpower, and now you can reap the cash flow windfall it’s generating for folks across America.

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Energy Investor is the only source of my research into these American Superpower Checks and how regular folks can request them from the six different agencies involved.

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“The Easiest, Most Profitable Way to Invest in the Ultimate Commodity” (Value: $49 — Yours Free): It’s at the heart of human civilization. And over the past 14 years, population growth and an ever-increasing demand for food has made it more needed than ever. You’ll discover how to profit from a commodity with demand that is quickly outpacing its supply.

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“Clean Energy: Harnessing Hydrogen for 1,587% Profits“: Hydrogen fuel cells are a cutting-edge type of battery used by NASA’s satellites. And now they’re breaking into the mainstream automobile market. I’ve uncovered a tiny firm that’s being flooded with orders for its batteries, to the tune of $283 million. And my research indicates it could turn your $10,000 into $168,700.

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