Over $6.5 Trillion Is at Stake in The...

"Genetic Gold Rush"

  • How One Harvard Scientist Hacked Our DNA to Wipe Out Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, And Over 10,000 Genetic Disorders.
  • Why Bill Gates, Google, and Mark Zuckerberg Are Quietly Betting Millions on "The Biggest Biotech Discovery of the Century."
  • Early Investors Could Snap Up 788% Returns In... The End of Disease!


Imagine if curing cancer were as easy as pressing “delete” on your laptop...

And not just cancer, but also heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes...

Not to mention over 6,000 other genetic disorders and every virus on Earth...

All wiped out faster than you could empty your inbox!

It’s not science fiction. The technology I’m talking about is very real, incredibly powerful, and unlike most “stuck in the lab” miracle breakthroughs...

It’s not 50 years away from treating patients — it’s already here.

Several Nobel Prize winners are calling it...

The Holy Grail of modern medicine.

And scientists from MIT, Harvard, and UC Berkeley are currently using it to...

Delete disease all the way down at the cellular level.

They’re describing it as “transformational” and a...

“Society-altering technology.”

CNN says it will...

“Spare millions from pain and suffering.”

NBC News reports that it...

“Could Change Life on Earth.”

Science Magazine named the tech its...

“Breakthrough of the Year.”

Bloomberg went even further, calling it...

“The discovery of the century.”

It promises not just the end of cancer but also...

The elimination of heart disease.

The eradication of Alzheimer’s.

The deactivation of diabetes.

A cure for all 6,000 known genetic disorders.

A cure for viruses like HIV and hepatitis.

It might even give us the Holy Grail of medical science...

A cure for aging.

And get this...

Within the next 12 months, this medical marvel will begin hitting the market.

We’re about to kick off the biggest land grab in biotech history.

And the winners won’t be measured in millions or even billions because...

Over $6.5 Trillion Is at Stake

At this point, the question isn’t “what can this technology really do?”

We’ve already seen it erase genetic disorders from human embryos, kill cancer’s “command center,” delete HIV from living cells, and force superbugs to commit suicide.

Oh, and all of that was just the last year.

No, the real question that you should be asking is: What can’t it do?

More importantly...

How much will it be worth?

The U.S. spends $173 billion every year on cancer treatment.

Heart disease costs an additional $200 billion.

Diabetes comes in at $245 billion.

Then there’s the most expensive disease in America: Alzheimer’s.

When you factor in the cost of caring for victims, it’s a $259 billion enterprise.

That’s nearly $1 trillion per year for four diseases.

And that number doesn’t even scratch the surface...

Not only could this technology delete all four costs in the blink of an eye, but it also stands to revolutionize every sector of the $6.5 trillion global health industry.

That’s why Bill Gates invested $35 million in it alongside Google in 2015. And it’s why he doubled his investment just one year later.

Sean Parker from Facebook is investing, too.

Today, the list of backers reads like a who’s who of Silicon Valley.

It’s not hard to guess why.

The winners in this burgeoning new industry will be...

The next Bayer, Pfizer, Merck, and Johnson & Johnson.

And every dollar you invest in it today could return 100 fold starting very soon.

And when I say very soon, I mean it...

As of February 15, 2017, The Countdown to Profit Has Begun!


Normally a blue-sky technology like this takes decades to escape the lab. Your children might grow old waiting for your investment to one day pay off.

This opportunity is totally different...

You see, the technology I’m talking about isn’t new.

It was discovered all the way back in 1993.

It should be saving lives in hospitals today. The only reason that it isn’t is because of a legal fight between two of the world’s top universities over who owns the basic patents.

Investors have been pouring millions into the technology for over 30 years...

But it was legally impossible to commercialize any of their breakthroughs.

And here’s the thing...

As of February 15, 2017, the patent war was finally over. Dozens of startups around the world are now free to bring this medical miracle to market.

Potential applications are Earth shattering...

In 2015, scientists used it to deactivate HIV in living patients.

They can now eliminate up to 96% of the virus.

Before long, we’ll have a real cure.

The World Health Organization (WHO) once called antibiotic resistance a “global threat.”

Yet, in 2014, scientists used this technique to switch it off...

Giving doctors a new silver bullet for a crisis that once threatened to kill 300 million people.

Before you know it, we’ll be seeing radical new therapies for...

Cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes...

Not to mention over 6,000 genetic disorders!

And financial markets are already paying attention.

One startup gained 130% in its first month of trading!

Another was up 308% within a matter of months.

And I believe the lion’s share of the profits are still to come.

With the right stocks, you could be looking at a Rockefeller-sized payday.

Every $10,000 you invest could turn into an $88,000 windfall!

When you watch this short presentation to the end, you’ll have the actionable information that you’ll need for securing a positive outcome for you and your family...

  • I show you how scientists are hacking our genetic code, literally deleting diseases from our DNA with $30 worth of basic materials.

  • You’ll discover why genetic editing is about to become as easy as cut, copy, and paste and also what that will mean for the health of your family.

  • I reveal how the worst illnesses of modern life are about to be eradicated, disrupting every corner of the $6.5 trillion health industry.


  • You’ll hear the facts on three tiny companies driving the revolution, each of which has the potential to be the next $100 billion success story.

But before I can do any of that, you need to hear about...

The Software of Life

I’m talking about DNA: The source code for every life form — from the tiniest bacteria to a 150-ton blue whale. It controls everything that makes you... you.

And, when I say it's a code, I mean it.

Computer code is written with 1s and 0s that look like this...


It powers our entire digital age.

DNA works exactly the same way.

Only, instead of 1s and 0s, the code of life is a sequence of four letters: A, C, G, and T.

These repeat — in different combinations — over and over like this...


Every cell in your body contains a code exactly like that.

Yours is over 2.9 billion letters long.

This code is divided into sections called genes.

Each gene is a single line of code in your genetic software.

One might give you blue eyes, another might make you go bald, and others control everything from intelligence to your taste for foods like cilantro. Altogether...

They control who and what you are.

And here’s the thing, due to your genetic programming...

Illness Is Hardwired Into Your Body!

Humanity is genetically blessed in many ways: We’re smarter than anything else on Earth and are born with opposable thumbs, so we can make and use tools.

And believe it or not...

We’re also the best endurance runners on the planet.

Over a long enough distance, we can outrun dogs, horses, and even cheetahs.

But for every dozen good genes...

We have a handful of genetic landmines lurking in our DNA.

Maybe you’ve heard of BRCA1 and BRCA2. If you or any of the women in your life carry it, they are much more likely to die from breast cancer.

Another gene ABO puts you at risk for carcinoma and pancreatic cancer.

And sometimes, it’s not the gene that causes the problem.

A single defect in the MYH7 gene is a major cause of heart disease.

Broken code for the Kir6.2 gene can give you type 2 diabetes. And tiny errors in the HFE gene are known to trigger hereditary hemochromatosis.

Those examples are just the start...

There are over 6,000 known genetic diseases.

Most are caused by an error in a single gene.

And a whopping 95% of them don’t have any proven therapies.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be born with one, it’s a guaranteed life sentence!

Many of these conditions are extremely rare. But others like muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, and inherited blindness affect millions of people around the world.

All of these devastating conditions and more are coded into your DNA.

But if we could simply reprogram the code of life...

Deleting the bad or broken genes that make us sick...

We could permanently end diseases in the blink of an eye.

Every single health crisis we face would be wiped out overnight.

And better yet for investors...

We’d replace all that pain and misery with mountains of cold, hard cash.

A breakthrough like that wouldn’t be worth millions or billions...

It would generate multitrillions in wealth!

And that's why...

We've Been Trying to Pull It Off For Over 12,000 Years

It all started with the domestication of plants and animals through artificial selection.

We turned wolves into the 339 breeds of dog that we have today.

We took wild grains and fruit and invented agriculture.

Within a few thousand years, techniques like grafting, hybridization, and selective breeding spread to every civilization on Earth.

For centuries, man struggled to master nature.

Then in 1944, we discovered DNA.

By the 1960s, scientists were bombarding plants with radiation in an attempt to produce random beneficial mutations in their genetic codes.

Nobody wanted to eat atomic tomatoes.

But the technology advanced quickly.

In the 1970s, we discovered how to insert snippets of DNA directly into cells. For the first time, we could edit the source code of life in living creatures.

We created the first genetically modified mouse, the first synthetic insulin, and the first crops designed to resist pests and thrive in drought-like conditions.

In the 1980s, genetic editing became big business.

Companies like Genentech were surging to multibillion-dollar valuations.

By 1994, you could buy genetically modified food in your grocery store.

The Flavr Savr tomato did much better than its atomic cousin.

There have even been experiments with editing our own genetic codes.

And while all of that is pretty astonishing on its own...

There was still an enormous catch.

Up until recently, gene editing required sophisticated labs, years of experience, and many thousands of dollars — with no guarantee of success.

But all of that is set to change thanks to the work of a handful of elite scientists at MIT, Harvard, and UC Berkeley. Because we’ve now unlocked...

The Holy Grail of Genetic Engineering


Scientific American says, "The technology can delete, repair or replace genes, and is faster, easier, cheaper and... more precise than other gene-editing techniques.”

Today, if you want to hack the source code of life...

You won’t need a billion-dollar facility with specialized equipment.

All it would take is a basic lab with $30 worth of shelf chemicals and enzymes.

You won’t have to spend years toiling away on a single experiment.

Now, scientists are getting results within a matter of weeks.

And it won’t cost millions of dollars to do it.

This technology makes gene editing over 150 times cheaper!

Nature writes: “Unlike other gene-editing methods, it is cheap, quick and easy to use.”

The Economist explains: “It is now easy to edit the genomes of plants, animals and humans.”

Famed technologist Vivek Wadhwa reports: “Hundreds, if not thousands, of labs are now experimenting with [it.]"

The potential of this technology is game-changing.

With the ability to rewrite the code of life, we could cure all genetic disease. We could have the power to eliminate cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease.

Industries worth over $6.5 trillion would be disrupted overnight.

We might even solve the greatest medical mystery of all time: human aging.

This is why Cambridge geneticist Aubrey de Grey says, “The first person to live to be 1,000 years old is certainly alive today.”

And it’s why Bill Gates and Google — not to mention dozens of the top venture capitalists in New York and Silicon Valley — are pouring millions into this technology.

And it's all thanks to this incredible breakthrough...

Rewriting Our Entire Genetic Code Is as Easy As... Cut, Copy, and Paste!

Your DNA is made up of 2.9 billion characters of code.

Code that looks a lot like this: GTATTACGAA...

We can now edit that entire code as easily as you’d use search and replace in Microsoft Word.

This new technique is incredibly precise — It doesn’t make mistakes. It only activates with a 100% match and never deletes the wrong bit of code.

As long as we give it the right gene to target, it has a near-perfect success rate.

What diseases could we cure this way?

According to one UC Berkeley scientist: “Absolutely everything!”

The code for BRCA1 and BRAC2?


No more breast cancer!

Every trace of the ABO gene?

Snipped out.

Say goodbye to carcinoma!

Mutations in MYH7, Kir6.2, and HFE?

Not to mention 6,000 other single-gene diseases?

Eliminated permanently.

There go heart disease and diabetes!

Plus, thousands of other conditions with no known treatment...

And as I’ll show you in a minute, the consequences are staggering.

The end of cancer.

The elimination of heart disease.

The eradication of Alzheimer’s.

The death of diabetes.

A cure for all known viruses.

A cure for antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

And even a cure for aging could be within our reach.

Bloomberg writes: “The stakes are sky-high. Billions of dollars in revenue. Control over entire industries yet to be born. And, perhaps, the future of human evolution.”

Every nook and cranny of the $6.5 trillion global health industry will be disrupted. And according to Scientific American...

The Genetic Gold Rush Has Already Begun!

Since 2012, two of the most prestigious universities in America have been locked in a bloody war over the core gene-hacking technology.

It started when two scientists at the University of California, Berkeley showed how the technique could be used to “rewrite” genetic code in a test tube.

Meanwhile, a competing team at MIT and Harvard was busy publishing a study proving that you could also use it in living animals and people.

Both teams claimed to own the “discovery of the century.”

Whoever won would earn a fortune. Wired reports: “Royalties could be worth billions of dollars, and the resulting products could be worth billions more.”

For five long years, they fought a no-holds-barred legal war.

So, anyone looking to commercialize the technology was forced to wait.

Then on February 15, 2017, the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) picked a winner.

Since then, it’s like a switch has been flipped, and...

Now, the Race Is On!


Dozens of gene-editing startups are bringing therapies to market.

Big Pharma is spinning up billions in research and development (R&D) in a desperate bid to catch up.

Over $6.5 trillion in global health spending is at stake for the winners.

There's no doubt in my mind that the coming revolution will give us...

Our next Bayer, Pfizer, Merck, and Johnson & Johnson.

In fact, I’ve already identified three tiny stocks that are set to soar starting this year.

Each one could turn a grubstake of $500 into a comfortable retirement.

In a moment, I’ll tell you about these companies...

What they’re working on, and how you could invest.

But before I do, I want to tell you about...

The Cure for Cancer

Every year, 600,000 Americans fall victim to the big C. Treatment can cost up to $65,000 per month, and by 2020, it will be a $173 billion annual drain on our economy.

So, imagine if we could literally...

Delete the “cancer code” from your body.

And with this gene-editing breakthrough, we can. Very soon, we’ll have the power to find, fix, and replace genes that predispose you to the disease.

And we’ll even “reprogram” your immune system...

Turning it into a masterful cancer hunter!

This isn’t a blue-sky prediction, either.

Scientists in the U.S. have already used it in halting cancer growth.

New Scientist magazine reports that there are, as we speak, a dozen trials planned in China targeting "breast, prostate, bladder, oesophageal, kidney, colorectal, and Epstein-Barr virus-associated cancers.”

And one of those trials is being funded by Sean Parker of Facebook.

It’s part of a $250 million investment he’s made to "solve cancer.” And with this technology rapidly reaching maturity, we’re finally on pace to do just that!

We’ll also have...

The Cure for Heart Disease

It’s been the leading killer of Americans for decades. At over 800,000 dead, it could wipe out a city the size of Seattle every year — at a cost of $555 billion.

Imagine if we could eradicate heart disease for good...

All with a single line of genetic code.

Scientists found it 10 years ago in Texas — a single gene allowing you to eat as many burgers as you like while still having low fat, low cholesterol, and...

Next to no risk of a heart attack.

With the technology that I’ve just described...

Downloading that gene into your DNA will soon be an outpatient procedure!

And when I say soon, I mean it.

You won’t be waiting 20 years for it to hit the market.

Scientific American reports that scientists were already using this technique to install the heart-health gene into living cells — two years ago!

A single shot led to a 40% decrease in cholesterol.

Even industry giants are getting in on the action...

Bayer AG, the pharmaceutical giant, recently announced a $300 million joint venture with a startup to use this technology and eliminate heart disease.

A cure would be worth tens of billions per year.

And we won’t stop there. We’ll also unlock...

The Cure for Diabetes

One in every three Americans is prediabetic. If you’re even slightly overweight, your odds of having the disease explodes. Globally, it costs $825 billion every single year.

Imagine if we could deactivate all diabetes at its genetic root.

Thanks to gene hacking, it’s already happening...

In 2016, researchers at Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC) in Sweden used the new technique to “turn off” genes that are known to play a role in diabetes.

Earlier this year, University of Chicago researchers used it to permanently eliminate the need for insulin shots.

And if synthetic insulin could turn Genentech into a $100 billion company...

Just imagine how much a bonafide cure would be worth.

We'll also discover...

The Cure for Alzheimer’s

It’s one of the cruelest diseases known to man.

It robs its victims of everything that makes them who they are.

Over 5.5 million Americans live with it today.

The scary thing? It can be caused by an error in a single character of your genetic code. Of 2.9 billion letters, just one could doom you to a life of dementia.

Very soon, thanks to this gene-editing breakthrough...

We’ll have the ability to delete the Alzheimer’s error.

Researchers at Harvard can already wipe it from 75% of the cells in your body.

It’s only a matter of time before we’re looking at a real cure.

And it’s just the beginning.

In a little over half a decade, we might even have...

The Cure for Aging

Yes, it sounds far-fetched, but according to George Church, a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, we’re only five or six years away from pulling it off!

Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have already successfully reversed the aging of mouse and human cells in the lab.

Church also says, thanks to this astonishing genetic breakthrough, we’ll soon live in a world where “everyone takes gene therapy — not just curing rare diseases like cystic fibrosis, but diseases that everyone has, like aging.”

It’s why in 2014, Google invested $1.5 billion in a company looking to “solve” death.

And it's why Cambridge geneticist Aubrey de Grey says, “The first person to live to be 1,000 years old is certainly alive today.”

Before long, life extension will be an outpatient procedure.

So, I think you’ll believe me when I say...

We've NEVER Seen an Investment Opportunity Like This!

One prominent biologist is on the record saying, "You’ve got Fortune 50 companies fighting with start-ups fighting with universities. That almost never happens. But with this... everybody wants in."

That’s because the “Holy Grail of Gene Editing” isn’t just one invention, like...



Or even the computer.

It’s a lot more like the internet, which didn’t give us just ONE world-dominating company but instead dozens, like...

eBay, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Baidu, Uber, Airbnb, and Alibaba.

According to Cisco Systems, the internet will soon be worth $19 trillion per year.

And I’m predicting that this Holy Grail will be even bigger...

With potentially thousands of multibillion-dollar applications.

Startups will annihilate heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

We’re talking nearly a trillion dollars in disruption from four conditions. And that's ignoring the 6,000 other genetic disorders new companies will line up to fix...

One to cure cystic fibrosis, another to cure sickle cell anemia...

And still others to eliminate viruses and drug-resistant bacteria.

The investor frenzy will dwarf the '90s internet boom.

And it’s why I firmly believe that...

We're Already Minting The World’s First Trillionaires


They aren’t on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley boardrooms. You’ve never read about them in Forbes or Bloomberg. And it won’t be Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos...

Even though both would love to gobble up this new industry.

These future trillionaires are working in tiny labs with very little fanfare. But the therapies they’re set to launch will be worth hundreds of billions per year.

And when their medicines hit the market, they’ll quickly become household names...

Like Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs.

And they’ll rake in the kind of robber baron wealth that pays for islands, estates, and even legacy donations to universities, hospitals, and major art galleries.

Investors who come along for the ride stand to get phenomenally rich.

Unfortunately, most ordinary Americans won’t hear about any of these opportunities until it’s far too late to buy even a single share of stock.

And that’s why you’re so lucky to have found my presentation today.

Thanks to months of research and industry connections, I’ve identified...

The Last 4 Stocks You'll Ever Need to Buy

Stock No. 1: The Royalty Play

This company emerged victorious in the battle over who owns the core patents. It stands to earn billions in royalties from hundreds of other companies in the space.

Shares are up 58% since the February 2017 announcement.

And that’s only the beginning. As this technology is rapidly reaching commercial maturity, we're expecting its revenue to explode. Our ultimate profit target: 482%.

Stock No. 2: Picks and Shovels

Not every genetic gold rush fortune will come from curing a disease. Some companies, like this little-known one, are cashing in by providing the tools.

And the beautiful thing about this stock?

It’s already in the money. It had $282 million in revenue last year. And we're expecting those numbers to grow exponentially. Our ultimate profit target: 612%.

Stock No. 3: Ending Genetic Disease

This company is looking to do the impossible: It's out to cure many of the 10,000 genetic disorders that currently plague millions of folks around the world.

Tackling these illnesses any other way would be totally uneconomical.

But with the gene-editing breakthrough that I’ve shared with you today, it’s finally realistic to permanently end the suffering of those inflicted with them. Our ultimate profit target: 590%.

Stock No. 4: The AIDS Killer

Globally, 35 million people have died of HIV and AIDS. And another 37 million live with it. It’s one of the worst health crises on the planet — with no solution in sight.

But this company is entering phase one with a functional cure.

I don’t have to tell you what that might be worth. Our ultimate profit target: 1,112%.

If we’re right, and we have every reason to believe that we are, a mere $1,000 invested in each of these stocks would deliver a stunning $31,900 windfall.

And you won’t have to wait forever for your investment to pay off...

We'll Rake in Profits at Every Step of the Revolution

Here’s something that most investors don’t know about the biotech industry: A company doesn’t need to get its drug to market in order to reward its investors.

Some of the biggest gains come years or even decades before full FDA approval.

Take MyoKardia (NASDAQ: MYOK). On August 6th, it had a $540 million market cap.

Then on August 7th, it announced its positive phase-two results for a new heart therapy.

Forty-eight hours later, the stock rocketed 113% to $36.70 per share.

That’s a $1.28 billion market cap!

But their drug won’t be in front of patients anytime soon.

It happens all the time.

And it’ll play out the exact same way for the genetic gold rush.

And when our four stocks hit their full potential...

You could be looking at profits in excess of 788%.

A life-changing $88,000 on every $10,000 you invested.

That’s why the time to bet on the genetic gold rush is now!

To prepare you for the coming revolution, I’ve put together a FREE special report called...

"The End of Disease: The Last Investment You'll Ever Need to Make"


Inside you'll find all the details on the last four stocks you’ll ever need to buy, including...

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  • Thorough company profiles based on firsthand analysis, including information that you won’t find on CNBC, in Forbes, or even in industry journals.

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  • Details of these companies' assets, holdings, and upcoming dates for company reports.

You get all of this, absolutely FREE, so you can get into position now.

All I ask is that you...

Give My Advisory Research Service A Test Drive

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And as extraordinarily excited as my subscribers are now...

When they cash in their genetic gold rush profits starting this year...

They’ll be like teenagers at a Beatles concert in 1967!

Because the fact is that we’ve never seen an investment scenario like this...

The end of cancer.

The elimination of heart disease.

The eradication of Alzheimer’s.

The deactivation of diabetes.

It might even give us the Holy Grail of medical science...

The cure for aging.

Investors who get in early will become richer than King Midas.

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A mere $10,000 invested in each of those stocks would have paid more than $260,000

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It’s about a guy named Ronald G. Wayne.

If you’ve never heard of him, know that he was almost the eighth wealthiest man on Earth — right behind Oracle’s Larry Ellison. I say almost because, today, he’s not even a millionaire.

And it's because he was the victim of one of history’s greatest missed opportunities.

In 1976, he was one of three cofounders of a little company called Apple Computer. Yes, that Apple Computer. If he’d held his stock, it would be worth $40 billion today.

The problem? He didn’t believe, so he sold early.

Ronald earned a total of $800 from his Apple position.

The opportunity available to you today is a lot like that.

Each of the four stocks that we’ve picked to lead the genetic gold rush has the potential to change the world and line our pockets in the process.

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If you want in on the "discovery of the century," you must act fast...

The world’s top universities are scaling up their labs for this technology:

  • Harvard has an entire body of scientists specifically dedicated to it.

  • MIT is already ground zero for more than 10 Holy Grail breakthroughs.

  • UC Berkeley has an entire lab solely set up for it.

  • The Max Planck Society in Berlin has jumped in with a host of the world's leading biologists and geneticists.

  • Umeå University in Sweden has already collaborated on some of the most important genetic gold rush breakthroughs to date.

  • Duke University is pioneering research on cures for several prominent genetic disorders.

And as of February 15th, the patent fight for the core technology is over.

Since then, dozens of companies have announced patents on new therapies:

  • One gene-editing stock was up 67% within only a few months.
  • Another was up 117% in the blink of an eye.
  • Yet another was up 130% in its first month of trading.
  • And another has shot up 308%.

The train is leaving the station!

Fortunately, I believe that the massive gains are still ahead of us.

Every single one of these stocks is still considered a small cap.

This means that there's still time for you to get in on the ground floor.

But you need to take action immediately.

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