Dear Reader,

If I seem secretive about what I’m going to share with you, it’s because I’m going out on a limb by telling you this...

Currently, one of the biggest piles of money in the world is being quietly distributed through a network of ordinary residents: businessmen, college students, soccer moms... you name it.

I don’t know who their contacts are, but they’ve been profiting hand over fist for the past 36 months... and now it’s your turn.

How do I know this? Who are these people?

They’re a group that represents the newest wave of global enterprise: "legal drug dealing."

I recently entered their closely-knit group undercover to find out exactly how they’ve been making more money than most people ever see in a lifetime.

Over the next few minutes, you’ll be exposed to highly sensitive information... information that could help you grow rich beyond your wildest dreams.

So if a five-year retirement plan isn’t what
you’re looking for, please walk away
from this presentation right now

But if it is, you’re in for quite a ride.

I’ll tell you right now: There’s nothing illegal about this whatsoever.

You don’t have to handle any product... you don’t have to make any contacts... and you don’t have to travel anywhere at all.

Still, I know not everyone will listen. Some people won’t be comfortable with becoming "legal drug dealers." But that’s fine by me. It means more action for those of us who are.

As famous American entrepreneur Robert Arnott once said, "In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable."

So I’m fine with letting the buy-and-holders have their way. It gives folks like you and me the chance to claim a bigger piece of the underground $40-billion-per-year cash empire that’s currently operating right under the government’s nose.

There are several parties that would NOT be happy with this information hitting the "mainstream."

They’ve been profiting for years now, and they most definitely don’t want you getting a piece of the action.

It’s one of the most underground moneymaking opportunities I’ve ever revealed publicly, and it involves getting your piece of the money pile that’s currently being disbursed very quietly among a small group of people.

Not only will I show you how to unlock this ocean of wealth today, but I’ll also show you how some legal drug dealers have already been able to capture enough to pay them $16,000 per month.

Elite access to the world's
most "hush-hush" pile of cash

Now, earning a consistent stream of wealth from the stock market isn’t easy...

Even if you make the "perfect" trade, it’s hard to follow up with something equally as profitable. Trying to do that time and time again is nearly impossible... and it can be downright frustrating.

And listening to the hogwash that spews from brokers and Wall Street "experts" usually ends up costing you more in fees than you earn from your investments.

Then, while you’re scrambling to recoup your losses, they’re spending the money you paid them... and they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

If the "game" sounds rigged, that’s because it is.

They don’t want you seeing where the real money is flowing... the underground streams of revenue that people are tapping into on a daily basis to build legacies of wealth.

Well, that’s where I come in.

I’m going to be your personal guide, and along the way, I’m going to introduce you to what is arguably the biggest undercurrent of money currently changing hands in the world today.

And not only will I reveal where this pile of cash is currently "hidden," but I’m also going to show you how to claim your share of it.

My message today is all about making money... the money you’ve been denied access to until today. I want you to be able to retire in the next five years... I want you to build a legacy of wealth...

And I want you to do it playing by a different set of rules.

How I discovered this vast reservoir of wealth...
and how my background will gain you access to
profits unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed

You see, I wasn’t born into a family with the last name of Rockefeller... or Vanderbilt... or Jobs... or Gates.

I didn’t grow up as a "spoiled" child... I wasn’t handed a brand-new car on my 16th birthday... and I wasn’t "gifted" a six-figure job on Wall Street through contacts made at Yale reunion dinners.

However, I was lucky enough to work alongside some of the top investment minds in the world when I landed a gig in the world of finance in 1994 — and watched carefully as millions of dollars changed hands on a regular basis.

The guys I was working with had chateaus in France... getaway homes in Nicaragua... coastline mansions in Florida... If money could buy it, there was a pretty good shot they had it.

It was awesome for a while... but then I realized something didn’t feel right.

I was from a home where you earned your keep and worked hard. I wasn’t ever just handed something because I wanted it.

So while these guys seemed to have a great lifestyle, I watched as they stepped on the "little guy" to make an extra buck. They didn’t care about their clients... they didn’t worry that someone might lose their home based on their advice... and it didn’t bother them that some folks were paying for their services while working into their 80s.

After the initial sense of awe I felt, I quickly realized this wasn’t what I wanted to be doing... So I moved on.

But that didn’t stop me from using my credentials and contacts to unearth the source of the world’s most massive storehouse of cash... and the people who’ve been tapping into it over the past three years.

And I’m not exaggerating in the least...

I walked through a
revolving door of profit...

And ran out with the information that could
turn YOU into a millionaire

Now, this isn’t your "standard" investment opportunity. In fact, as I’ve mentioned already, I’m recruiting folks who can think outside the box and are willing to jump on the bandwagon of profits a small group of people have been collecting for three years already.

In short, I’m looking for people willing to become "legal drug dealers."

It’s been going on for years. There’s nothing illegal or unethical about this.

In fact, the federal government has been sitting by idly, watching it happen.

There’s nothing they can do to stop it.

With the national debt climbing by the second, the government will "green-light" just about anything these days in the hopes of creating new monetary resources.

But what they probably didn’t see coming was the enormous pile of wealth it would also create for ordinary residents all over the globe.

Now they can only sit on their hands while a practice once reserved for shady drug lords makes citizens of all countries filthy rich.

They won’t tell you about it. But I will.

I want you to understand this incredibly simple way of siphoning cash from one of the largest money reservoirs in history.

It could very well be the key to locking down financial security for the rest of your life... and possibly retiring within the next five years if you play your cards right.

In 2012 the floodgates opened, and

"legal drug dealers" watched as
pennies turned into dollars

Within a year, every $5k had turned into
$1.7 million
... Now, I’m going to show
you how to do the same

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, the enormous cash hoard you’ll know how to tap into by the end of this presentation is currently valued at $40 billion...

And that’s an annual figure. Each and every year, $40 billion changes hands, much of it falling into the hands of "legal drug dealers" all over the world.

When the practice first took off in 2012, "legal drug dealers" watched as mind-boggling sums of cash came up for grabs. All they had to do was claim it. They didn’t have to know anything about investing... they didn’t have to learn anything... and they didn’t have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to get started.

All that was required of them was that they know how to tap into the system legally... and the money was theirs to withdraw.


Have you ever made money like that?

When you break it down, that’s enough to pay you $16,000 per month for the next eight years.

That’s "retire-now" money. That’s live-like-a-king-for-the-rest-of-your-life money.

And all that cash? It changed hands in less than a year. Imagine making nearly 2 million bucks in that time. Most people will never make that over the course of their entire lives.

Thing is, I want this information in the hands of those who will use it to rake in enormous profits by skimming money that most other people will never have access to.

I hope you’re the right person to do this. I think you are. That’s why I’m sharing this information with you today.

The next deal is about to go down...

When massive cash deposits change hands
this time around, do you want to be on the
inside? Or the outside?

So where is this stockpile of cash? And why exactly could it make you rich in the coming months?

I’ll tell you, but you need to know this: What you’re about to see might be shocking.


I encourage you to think outside the box and wipe your memory clear of anything you might have heard about this moneymaking practice in the past.

The reason ordinary folks across the world are getting rich is... the drug trade. Or more specifically, the 100% legal medical marijuana trade.

It’s an absolutely enormous market — currently worth $40 billion per year — and it sees over 11 million transactions per day.

That’s 7,600 transactions every single second.

Yet most ordinary folks around the world aren’t part of it?

That’s because it’s being dominated by private equity funds, professional traders, and high-level insiders.

Think about it... 7,600 trades per second as $40 billion per year changes hands, and yet it’s been largely "hidden" by corporate interests.

They’re getting filthy rich while you’re treading water... or possibly even losing money.

Maybe they know something you don’t...

There's one little-known way
to cash in today...

And even Wall Street doesn’t
see it coming

For the past three years, the "legal drug dealer" feeding frenzy has happened for a very good reason: because it’s ultra-lucrative.

Well, it’s high time you claimed your share, too.


But I’m not suggesting we jump into the pool with high-level VC funds, CEOs, or Wall Street traders here.

We’re going to sidestep them entirely. We’re going to cut them out of the equation and claim our cash from an untapped resource that even top-level experts haven’t dipped into yet.

Don’t think there’s no room for you to get rich here just because the big dogs have been dominating the market for so long.

We’re going to ignore them and get rich right behind their backs while the federal government watches us do it... legally.

Remember that $1.7 million figure I showed you earlier? The nearly two million bucks "legal drug dealers" had the chance to cash in on recently?

Well, the cash pile I’m telling you about today stands to be worth at least that much.

That would mean $1.7 million will be up for grabs.

And I’m not talking $1.7 million to be shared by everyone. No, I mean $1.7 million for each person that jumps on the bandwagon today and rides the legal marijuana game from the bottom up.

That’s right... $1.7 million per person.

It’s a mind-boggling amount of cash. And while that’s a "perfect storm" result, it’s entirely possible. I know because it’s already happened.

Canada's dirty little secret...

Could mean a fast-track retirement
for savvy Americans

One of the most lucrative "legal drug deals" in history could have put $1.7 million in your pocket... had you known about it.

Only the money wouldn’t have transferred into your account from the U.S... It would have come from Canada.

As I mentioned, that $1.7 million "drug deal" went down in Toronto.

And today, Canada’s newest pipeline of cash is being run out of a city 2,700 miles away: Vancouver.

"Legal drug dealers" have taken note, and they’ve been popping up all over the city...


Everywhere you see an indicator, you’re looking at the location of a "legal drug dealer"... a practice that’s increased six-fold in Vancouver over the past two years.


What these "dealers" know (and most other people don’t) is that this is the newest profit hotbed in the world.

Cash will be flowing out of Vancouver in HUGE amounts... and it has the potential to rival ANY moneymaking opportunity you’ve seen to date.

You don’t have to be a Canadian resident, either.  You can live anywhere and still catch a huge payday. All you have to do is be willing to "deal drugs legally."

What would you even do with an
extra $16,000 per month?

Buy a mansion? Retire?

To put that figure in perspective...

  • You could pay off a Rolls Royce Phantom in 18 months
  • You could pay off a million-dollar mansion in five years
  • You could pay off a $1.5 million yacht in seven

It’s insane.

Of course, if you’re a bit more pragmatic, that’s enough cash to live on for the rest of your life. And then some.

That’s how it feels to be rich. To be one of "them." That’s why they keep all of their most lucrative secrets under lock and key while they feed you the scraps.

Once secrets like this get out, it means less for them and more for you.

That’s why it’s going to feel so good to go behind their backs and strike while the iron is hot... while they’re missing out for once.

Would you rather choose from 5,000
publicly traded companies and hope...

Or get in on one "legal drug deal" and
make the score of a lifetime?

Currently, there are around 5,000 publicly traded companies. And that’s just U.S.-listed companies. So good luck making the right choice.

Or you can sit back in your armchair and not choose at all... and STILL get paid.

When it comes to investing, very rarely will you find a "sure thing." But this is as close as anything I’ve ever come across.


So you can do hours upon hours of research and pore over balance sheets... OR you can become a "legal drug dealer" today and have a one-in-one shot at making money.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.

It’s what the "fat cats" do. You can bet your bank account they don’t look at the market like you do. They always know where they’re putting their money... and it’s not in opportunities that are going to lose them a single cent.

Today, you have the chance to do the same.

You can finally stick it to the
high-level elite...

And here's why.

I told you earlier how, despite my modest upbringing, I was able to get a job in the financial world and begin building a reliable stable of in-the-know contacts.

However, what I didn’t mention is how grueling my schedule was.

I was putting in insane hours each week. I was slugging espresso at 9 p.m. just to catch a "second wind," and I was traveling hundreds of miles from home on the regular.

As a young kid trying to carve his niche in the world, it was fine. But once I got married and wanted to start a family, the cutthroat schedule I’d been keeping wouldn’t cut it.

Combined with the no-mercy execs I was rubbing shoulders with, I just couldn’t take it.

So I decided to take a different tack. I was going to do what they were doing... only I was going to do it before they did it.

I’d already made the contacts... I’d already learned their secrets... and I’d already learned how to play the game.

The next step, I decided, was to share that information with the rank-and-file investors who never get a peek at the "inside."

Long story short, these days my schedule consists of working when I want to... taking care of my family... and spending time with my wife.

And while I won’t reveal my financial circumstances, I can safely say I make more today than I ever did in the cutthroat corporate world I left behind.

The best part is I do it on my own terms.

And "legally dealing drugs" is just one of the ways I’ve uncovered to make money... to stick it to the high-level elite and beat them at their own game.

I’ll be happy to share some of my other "dirty secrets" with you, but today’s profit opportunity is far and away the timeliest. It requires the most immediate action and stands to pay out three to four times more than anything else currently available.

What is $16,000 per month
worth to you?

So, how much would you expect to pay for classified "retire-in-five-years" information like this?

I know it’s hard to put a price on complete financial and personal freedom.

Imagine being able to support your loved ones AND have the time to enjoy being with them. Imagine jetting off on vacation whenever you feel like it... not when your boss feels like it. Imagine earning a life-changing pile of cash from the peace and privacy of your own home without having to set foot in an office cubicle ever again.


All of those things, though? They’re what today’s opportunity gives you the chance to finally obtain.

And you can do this in minutes per week from your own home for as long as you'd like. As long as drugs are around — and they have been since the beginning of time — you can sit back and relax while tapping into the vast underground pile of wealth that pays out billions every single year.

It’s what investment banks, company executives, and in-the-know insiders are doing to make huge chunks of cash... so why shouldn’t you?

And with my guidance, you don’t need ANY stock market experience whatsoever. You don’t need to have any inside connections, and you don’t need a ton of time (if you can spare a couple hours to read my in-depth e-book and take action from your home, you can take advantage of this situation without needing anything else).

Oh, and if I didn’t mention it already, you don’t need a ton of capital to start with. Just a few hundred dollars will get you up and running your own "legal drug operation."

Just $100 into one of these deals last year
could have turned into $35,500...

Had you known about it.

Now, if you’re still with me, I’m glad you’re up for this... that you actually have what it takes to "deal drugs legally."

Just follow what I have to tell you, and you’ll be in on what could be the most profitable opportunity you’ve ever taken part in.

I’d like to take you along for an electric profit ride, and I’m going to give you every tool you need in order to get started.

I’ve been in the finance game for more than two decades now, and I know exactly what it takes to get even the most novice investors up and running.

The first step you need to take is to read my e-book on this opportunity.


It’s an in-depth look at exactly how "legal drug dealing" works, why it stands to pay out "retire-early" type cash, and what you need to get your foot in the door.

The e-book is called: "How to Become a Legal Drug Dealer: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Rich in the Legal Cannabis Market."

I’ve spent a long time researching this matter, and I’ve put together what I believe to be the most profitable opportunity I’ve ever revealed publicly.

In this e-book, you’ll learn about...

  • An under-the-radar tech firm that’s all but cornered the $10 billion cannabis testing market
  • A cultivator of organic cannabis that analysts are now saying could be a $100 million business
  • A high-end marijuana edibles company run by former Apple execs
  • How Philip Morris has quietly entered into the cannabis space
  • 46 cannabis companies you can legally invest in right now

The bottom line is that I’ve done all the legwork so that you can sit back and relax, work at your own pace, and make money on your own terms.

I’ve made it as clear and simple to understand as possible. At this point, I’m pretty sure a fifth-grader could follow my instructions and make a killing.

And if you’re thinking I’ll drop a simple e-book in your lap and walk away, think again.

I’m going to walk you through this entire situation from beginning to end. I want to make sure you have THE best possible chance to get rich, and I’m going to be by your side the whole time.

That said, let me take a moment to answer some questions you might have at this point...

Legal Drug Dealing Q&A


With the amount of money flowing, there’s no possible way I’d miss out on it. And because the amount of cash is so staggering, there’s no way I’d be able to collect it all myself. If I could, I would.

Short answer? Because it doesn’t matter how many people know about this.

So I’m sharing this opportunity so YOU have the chance to make money alongside me and claim your own substantial share of this underground current of cash.

I make money, you make money. Everyone makes out like bandits.

Put simply, there’s no downside whatsoever to my sharing this information with you today. It doesn’t cut into my own profits, and it won’t cut into yours if a few other folks jump on the bandwagon, too.


I’m not in the habit of risking my hard-earned cash, and I wouldn’t suggest you do so either. That’s for the brokers out there who recommend stocks in order to make money while you’re losing it. I don’t play that game, and I don’t expect you to.

Of course, there’s naturally going to be some amount of risk with ANY investment. So while I can’t sit here and say this is completely risk-free, I CAN say this is pretty much as close as it gets.

gcs-legal-question3Yes. It can.

You’ve already seen several people (actual people) who’ve gotten rich doing just what I’ve been telling you about.

There’s no reason you can’t join them starting today.

Plus, if you get the information and don’t agree with me, that’s fine. This opportunity simply isn’t for everyone. That’s why I’ve made this a no-lose situation for you today. Take a look at my ironclad guarantee later on, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Also, you can always get the e-book and watch what happens. Once you see how "legal drug dealing" works and how much money people are making, you can jump in at any time. Naturally, like I say, "the early bird catches the worm," but there will be plenty of cash to go around even if you wait a few weeks.

It’s 100% as easy as I say. If it sounds difficult, that’s only because it’s an opportunity you don’t see every day.

But when I say you can take advantage of this without any prior market knowledge or technical savvy, I’m being absolutely straightforward.

Once you get started, I have a feeling you’ll understand how fun this can actually be. Of course, I’ve never seen anyone get upset at watching money roll in.


Without a doubt. Like I say, I won’t leave you hanging on this. I’m going to guide you through everything, and I want to make sure you have all the support you need... That’s why I’ve already put together a team of people ready to offer you unlimited personal support.

"I'm so confident you'll make money...
You can CALL me if you don't."

Have a question along the way? Simply call the number I’ll personally give you, and there will be someone ready to give you all the support you need.

It doesn’t matter what the question is. My team will be here, ready to assist in every way possible. I’ve already counseled and trained them on this opportunity, so there won’t be a question they can’t answer.

Think of them as your personal lifeline should anything arise that you can’t solve on your own. Of course, as embarrassingly easy as this opportunity is, I don’t think this will be an issue. But I wanted to make sure I covered every base here.

Unlimited support isn’t the only benefit you’ll receive, either...

Your Personal, Secret Passkey

Any time you like, you’ll be able to access my full-scale, members-only website that contains everything you need to know about this opportunity.

I wanted to create a permanent log of any information I come across so you can access it at any time.

Keep in mind, this website is NOT publicly accessible. I will send you a unique passkey so that you have permission to log on.

And when I do, please keep this passkey close to your chest, as it will be your connection to any urgent real-time updates I post.

Make Your Move...

And the Profits are Automated!

Now, forget anything you’ve ever seen in movies or read in books...

The type of "drug dealing" I’m talking about today doesn’t require you to handle any product or make any "drops."

Instead, you make one simple transaction, and the rest of the process is completely automated.

You don’t have to do anything beyond a single transaction.

Imagine coming home from work at the end of the month to find an extra $16,000 in your account. Pretty good feeling, huh?

Better yet, what if after a year or so, you find yourself spending more time on the golf course, on vacation, or relaxing on the beach while money continues to pile up? Sounds pretty good, right?

This isn’t an exaggeration. The "legal drug dealing" market is an absolute basket of cash just waiting for you to start skimming your share.

So what kind of transaction do you have to make, and how do you make it? I’ll walk you through everything. I’ll show you, from start to finish, exactly what it takes to start getting rich in the "legal drug dealing" game.

I'll repeat my earlier question...

How much would you expect to pay for classified "retire-in-five-years" information like this? For a lifetime of income that requires no real work to earn? To pull in what could amount to $16,000 per month when all is said and done?

I personally know people who’d take out a second (or third) mortgage on their home in order to get their hands on information like this.

But I made it much easier than that. Much, much easier.

Instead of keeping this opportunity to myself or attaching some huge price tag to it, I’ve made it available to you today at the low price of just $49.

For that low price, you’ll have access to the e-book I mentioned earlier: "How to Become a Legal Drug Dealer: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Rich in the Legal Cannabis Market." But that’s not all...

You’ll also receive access to the personal support team I put together for you and a free one-month membership to my private investment community, Green Chip Stocks (a $167 value), where I post every update and opportunity I come across. And there are a lot.

In fact, members of Green Chip Stocks get at least one update per week, and at least one new investment opportunity from me per month.

Sometimes these opportunities come in the form of buy alerts for any number of legal marijuana stocks. Here are just a few of our winners from 2016...

Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED) — 204.7%


THC Biomed (OTCBB: THCBF) — up 825% 


OrganiGram (TSX-V: OGI) — up 141.7%


Mettrum Health (TSX-V: MT) — up 287.5%


Aphria, Inc. (TSX-V: APH) — up 303.2%


And those are all gains that we enjoyed inside of a single year!

Plus, in addition to opportunities to pull in triple-digit gains from public companies operating in the legal marijuana space, you’ll also get access to private deals through my Green Chip Ventures V.I.P. Service.   I personally negotiate with dozens of different companies that most investors will never even know about.  You'll get an entire month of this service absolutely free.

I’m talking about marijuana testing companies... marijuana accessory distribution companies... and marijuana edibles companies that make everything from infused chocolate bars to sublingual sprays.

But it doesn’t stop there.

While most of the money we’re making today comes from the legal marijuana space, members also get dozens of opportunities to invest in private companies that aren’t in the legal marijuana space. Some of our most recent have included...

A private solar company working with Uber, Etsy, and Cisco.

A specialty coffee distributor that has deals with Whole Foods and Twitter.

An organic hard cider company that currently has access to a market valued at about $5 billion

This, my friend, is the kind of investing we focus on: Where we can get the biggest bang for our buck. And make no mistake, being a member of Green Chip Ventures gets you access to these kinds of deals on a very regular basis.

In fact, in 2016, my readers had the opportunity to take part in more than 20 private deals that have given them access to early-stage, pre-IPO companies.

Take Emblem Corp. (TSX-V: EMC), for instance.

In May 2016, I negotiated an incredible deal with Emblem's management.

The company was set to go public at the end of the year, but I was able to get our members shares of the company before it went public — and at a huge discount.

The deal I negotiated got us shares at $0.50 apiece. 

When it finally went public in December 2016, it debuted at $2.99. That gave us a gain of 498% the second it went public.

But it gets better.

A month later, the stock crossed $4.00 a share, putting our total gain at 706%.

This is how real money is made.

And by the way, those private deals are in addition to the individual stocks that we’ve made a fortune from.

Of course, you must understand that in order to provide these kinds of deals, particularly in the very secretive world of legal marijuana, I spend a lot of time, effort, and money finding and properly vetting all of our private deals and stock opportunities.

This is a long and arduous process that doesn't come cheap, yet it's necessary. So as you can understand, the last thing I want is for someone to join our community only to quickly gain access to our legal marijuana investment secrets or any one of our private deals, then jump ship.

It's not fair to our members who have been with us for years, and it's not fair to my staff, who work 12-hour days to ensure that every opportunity we present is going to make you money. That’s why our special e-book, "How to Become a Legal Drug Dealer: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Rich in the Legal Cannabis Market," is not refundable.


The bottom line is that I’m only interested in working with serious investors who are committed to wealth creation. Anything less is of no value to our community.

Of course, as long as you’re a member of our community (and your free 30-day membership allows you all the benefits of membership), you can contact me with any questions and my staff and I will be happy to work with you in order to make sure you get the full value of your membership.  And by the way, your membership can continue beyond the first 30 days with our monthly sustaining membership program (a $99 value), that allows you access to every stock pick and private deal I share beyond your free 30-day membership.

I wouldn’t expect anything less from any private investment group I belong to, so I don’t expect anything less for you.

So if you’re ready to learn how to become a legal drug dealer, and potentially make thousands of dollars per week by capitalizing on the insanely profitable cannabis market, click here now.

The moment I hear from you, I’ll send you a link to our 77-page e-book, "How to Become a Legal Drug Dealer: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Rich in the Legal Cannabis Market."  You'll get an entire year of my investment newsletter, Green Chip Stocks, at no additional charge.  Plus a free 30-day membership to my Green Chip Ventures V.I.P. service.  I’ll also send you a link that’ll take you directly to our members-only website where you’ll be able to access every update and private deal I share with our exclusive group.

But in order to get your free 30-day membership, you have to act now.

I’m limiting this free 30-day membership bonus to the first 100 people who accept this offer.

Yours in wealth,

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Jeff Siegel
Investment Director, Green Chip Stocks

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