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Dear Reader,

Do yourself a favor and mark June 14th down on your calendar.

You could very well remember it as the day that your life changed forever.

Because on that day, something is happening that will unleash nearly $1.5 BILLION in new wealth...

And send a tiny group of stocks soaring for historic 1,000% gains in just a few months.

How do I know these stocks will explode by June 14th?

Because what's about to happen has already happened dozens of times before, thanks to a patented trading algorithm known as the "S-50 Trigger."

The S-50 Trigger works similarly to Google's artificial intelligence (AI) program, which can accurately predict chess moves to win every game.

Only, instead of chess moves, the S-50 Trigger analyzes social, economic, and political patterns that will directly affect a select group of stocks.

It alerts you to a very specific type of event that will cause these stocks to soar before it happens.

I know, it sounds too good to be true...

So, let me show you how it works...

Within the next few minutes, you'll see for yourself that the S-50 Trigger is the real deal and can help you to pull in a steady stream of double-, triple-, and even quadruple-digit gains on a regular basis.

Take Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) for instance...

On November 1, 2016, the S-50 Trigger alerted me to a series of events that had a 91% chance of sending Tesla shares to the moon.

After cross-referencing the S-50's alert with my own set of data points, I realized that something big was about to happen. So, I alerted my readers to buy Tesla.

And boy, did we clean up...

Take a look:

The S-50 Trigger also alerted us to a big move on Carmanah Technologies Corporation (TSX: CMH).

On December 1, 2013, the S-50 Trigger alerted me to yet another series of events that had an 87% chance of sending Carmanah shares soaring.

So, I cross-referenced the S-50's alert with my own set of data points and discovered that a major event was about to play out. And I immediately sent a buy alert to my readers to buy Carmanah.

And we crushed it...

Look for yourself:

Those are just two examples of the massive gains that we've pulled off by using the S-50 Trigger.

The S-50 Trigger can be used for pretty much any industry: energy, finance, and tech. But over the past two years, we've had our biggest successes by using it to get rich from the rapid development of the legal cannabis market.

Take Aphria (TSX: APH), for instance...

It's a Canadian cannabis producer that had been very successful in raising large amounts of cash.

The S-50 Trigger actually compiles this kind of data to determine the strength of each company's cash position. And this is only one of the dozens of data points that it constantly analyzes.

Because of Aphria's strong cash position, it was the company that was most likely to get the biggest boost from the legalization legislation that, back in 2017, was still being worked out.

The S-50 Trigger also compiles and analyzes legislation proceedings to determine when and if certain legislation will pass.

Around late-May 2017, the S-50 Trigger alerted us to the potential time frame in which Ontario's government would be proposing its retail and distribution model of legalized recreational cannabis.

That time frame was August 29, 2017, to September 12, 2017.

When the S-50 Trigger alerted us to this time frame, Aphria had been trading for around $5.40 a share.

And on September 8th, right inside the window that the S-50 Trigger alerted us to, Ontario's government proposed its new retail and distribution model for legalized recreational cannabis.

Here's how that worked out:

About six months after the S-50 Trigger alerted us to Aphria, its stock gained 256.8%.

And Aphria wasn't the only cannabis producer that the S-50 Trigger alerted us to...

Much like Aphria, Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED) also held a large cash position and was primed to benefit from legalization legislation. And thanks to the S-50 Trigger, we loaded up the boat with shares of Canopy Growth, too.

Here's how that worked out:

And that, my friend, is how the S-50 Trigger is making us rich.

As you may know, cannabis is still illegal on the federal level in the U.S.

But individual states have been legalizing cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes for years.

And every time a new state legalizes pot, a select group of stocks gets a major shot of steroids and delivers gains of 408%, 844%, and even as much as 1,119%.

But the key to getting in on this action is to know which stocks to buy before those new state laws get approved and implemented.

And this is what the S-50 Trigger does for you.

The S-50 Trigger analyzes every new development in each state and triangulates those developments with proprietary data to determine which state is the most likely to legalize and on what specific date.

This in-house data is compiled from my own research. It includes things like insider buying and selling, competitive market analysis, pending government contracts, and pending licensing approvals. Plus, it includes the information that I uncover during personal site visits to producers, legislators, and multimillion-dollar fund managers who are getting rich from the legal cannabis market.

Basically, it's compiled by the stuff you couldn't possibly know unless you were in the field and meeting with major players.

It's how guys like Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates do it. And it's how I do it, too.

The S-50 Trigger then analyzes all these inputs and, with amazing accuracy, tells us which stocks to buy, when to buy them, and at what price.

You don't have to take my word for it...

It's already happened time and time again.

It happened when Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed Amendment 64 into law on December 10, 2012, which legalized cannabis for recreational use statewide.

Thanks to the S-50 Trigger, We Knew That This Amendment Would Be Signed Into Law Months Before It Happened


Our algorithm identified that:

  • 19 different Angel investors, fund managers, and investment groups were increasing their investments in the cannabis space a full three months before the law was approved.
  • State congressional aides and interns were drafting new legalization documentation before recreational cannabis was actually legalized.
  • Colorado-based dispensaries that had already been selling medical cannabis were rapidly increasing their inventory and inventory space three months before the legalization of recreational cannabis was approved.
  • Months before legalization kicked in, state finance personnel began the process of incorporating new tax regimes and expenditures based on new tax revenue that would be generated from the sale of recreational cannabis.

And it also identified two specific cannabis-related stocks that had been the most likely to increase in value based on the approval of legalization in Colorado.

And most importantly, of all the potential dates for the bill to be signed into law, the S-50 Trigger indicated that there was more than a 90% chance that it would happen on December 10, 2012.

And that's the exact date that it happened.

On December 10, 2012, the bill to legalize recreational cannabis in Colorado became law.

And before it happened, you could've used the S-50 Trigger to buy the two companies that it identified.

The first company was one called Aerogrow International (OTC: AERO).

From December 3, 2012, to March 5, 2014, it ran from $0.75 a share to $9.60, delivering a gain of 1,180%:

Folks who got in on this one turned every $10,000 invested into $128,000.

You could've also picked up shares of Agritek Holdings (OTC: AGTK).

This one ran from only $0.04 to $1.20 a share for a gain of 2,899%.

That would have turned a $5,000 investment into a whopping $149,950 in profits:

And this isn't dumb luck or a one-time event, either. The S-50 Trigger has been right on the money, time and time again, for years.

The S-50 Trigger also alerted us to a big event that would happen on July 23, 2013.

And sure enough, this was the actual date that Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a bill into law that made the sale of recreational pot legal throughout the state.

Because we knew ahead of time that July 23, 2013, was the date it would all go down, you could have started buying the select group of stocks that the S-50 Trigger suggested before the news broke and other investors started piling in.

Using the S-50 Trigger, you could have picked up shares of a company called Cannabis Sativa (OTC: CBDS), which had been actively doing deals with Oregon dispensaries.

Before July 23, 2013, CBDS had been trading for only $0.51 a share. But just seven months later, you could have unloaded your position for $11 a share — a massive gain of 2,056%.

And that would've turned a $5,000 grubstake into a windfall of more than $105,000:

Now, before we go any further, let me ask you...

What would you do with profits like these?

You could buy a cherry red Tesla Model S equipped with the autopilot feature...


Maybe take a private cruise through the Mediterranean on a private yacht...


Or pay off your mortgage.

That, my friend, is the power of the S-50 Trigger algorithm.

And by using it, I've been able to lead people just like you to gains of 670%, 1,866%, 2,238%, and more!

As far as I know, you won't be able to find a resource like this anywhere else in the world.

My team and I have spent tens of thousands of hours on research and travel. And we've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on developing this proprietary system. The S-50 Trigger is amazingly accurate and has delivered a steady stream of huge winners.

In fact, the S-50 Trigger alerted us to a string of massive gains on November 8, 2016.

This was the date when a handful of states, including Maine, Massachusetts, California, and Nevada, passed legislation to allow the recreational use of marijuana.

And with the S-50 Trigger, we'd known that this legislation was coming. So, we'd loaded up the boat with cannabis stocks months before the votes on these measures were even cast.

Once legislation did pass, here's what happened to these legal cannabis stocks within just weeks:

  • mCig, a cannabis equipment-maker headquartered in Nevada, jumped 359%.
  • Novus Acquisition & Development Corp. jumped 384%.
  • Cannabics Pharmaceuticals shot up 488%.
  • WEED, Inc. rocketed 670%.
  • OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. jumped 2,100%.

All these windfalls can be directly tied to buying these stocks before legalization was approved.

We've been making a fortune again and again by using the S-50 Trigger.

And now, it's your turn. Because the S-50 Trigger has officially alerted us to a group of stocks that are primed for massive gains.

A new event that will be taking place in a market is so big that it could actually rival the value of Colorado's $2 BILLION cannabis economy.

And it could send this small group of stocks into the stratosphere. 

But before I give you the details on this huge opportunity and how to get on board right now, please allow me to introduce myself...

My Name Is Jeff Siegel


I'm a senior investment analyst and lead researcher at Angel Publishing — one of the world's largest independent investment research advisories, headquartered in Baltimore.

jeff on fox

You may have seen me speaking on Fox News, CNBC, or Bloomberg.

Or maybe you've read my top-selling book Making Money on Green Chip Stocks.

I've been showing people how to create and protect their wealth for over 20 years.

And I started covering pot stocks long before the mainstream ever did.

It's why I've been invited to speak at the High Times Cannabis Cup and many other investment conferences across the globe.

The end of marijuana's prohibition has been igniting the biggest gold rushes of our lifetime, and it's not too late to get your piece of the pie...

With legalization happening on a greater scale than ever before, the time to get in is NOW.

Today, recreational cannabis is legal in eight states and in D.C.

And by 2020, it could be 100% legal in all 50 states.

My readers are already sitting on huge triple- and quadruple-digit winners in the marijuana investing space, thanks to the S-50 Trigger.

We're talking gains in excess of:

  • 102.7%
  • 206.9%
  • 230.4%
  • 279.2%
  • 675%
  • 897.5%
  • 1,115.2%
  • 1,866.8%
  • 2,238.7%

These nine stocks alone could have made you combined gains of more than 7,612.4%.

And I'm confident that these will continue going much, much higher.

But that's just a sample of the triple- and quadruple-digit winners that I've been guiding my readers to in the legal marijuana sector.

Recently, an investor stopped me at a conference I was speaking at to tell me that my advice had helped him make over $400,000.

What would you do with a $400,000 windfall?

You could buy a summer home in the Virgin Islands...


You could put your kids or grandkids through college...


Hell, you could fly first class to Japan just to get sushi.


I'm not telling you this to brag but, rather, to show you that when it comes to identifying and seizing opportunities in the marijuana markets, nothing compares to the track record of the S-50 Trigger.

Indeed, the movement to legalize cannabis is spreading like wildfire.

And here's the thing: This isn't only limited to states in the U.S.

As you may already know, pot is being legalized internationally in places like Canada, Uruguay, Portugal, and Germany. And that means there will be even more opportunities all over the world for you to profit from...

For instance, when Canada announced its plan for full-scale legalization back in April 2017, we'd already been loading up on several Canadian pot companies for months in anticipation of the historic event.

And we watched our shares catapult for home run gains, like:

  • A whopping 1,866% gain on the "Amazon of Cannabis."
  • A 1,115% gain on a producer of organic cannabis.
  • 711% gain on a company that produces cannabis oil.
  • 256% gain on a producer of a specialized strain of medical marijuana.
  • And a hemp-based medicine company that soared 93% within just three weeks.

But don't worry if you missed out on these profits — there are plenty of explosive opportunities for cannabis profits on the horizon.

I know this because the S-50 Trigger has already identified the states that are the most likely to legalize next. And more importantly, it's identified which cannabis stocks will deliver the biggest gains as a result.

According to the most recent S-50 Trigger data analysis, the next big opportunity to profit from the legalization wave is now upon us.

This is the date that Michigan's new cannabis legalization law is expected to go into effect.

You see, on November 6, 2018, the good people of Michigan voted to legalize the recreational use of cannabis.

Michigan already had a medical cannabis program in place, which saw sales of $425 million in 2018. It should also be noted that Michigan has the country's second-largest patient base. But with recreational legalization now approved, Michigan is expected to reach maturity with sales of about $2 billion by 2023.

Michigan is an incredibly lucrative market.

It's so lucrative, in fact, that some insiders have indicated that the state of Michigan will fast-track the regulations necessary to get new retail stores up and running because there's a lot of tax revenue at stake here.

And lawmakers are eager to get that cash into their coffers.

Now, the summer legislative session is expected to end on June 14th, or sooner. And that means lawmakers want the new legal cannabis market up and running before they take their summer breaks.

In fact, my contacts in Detroit and Lansing have informed me that regulators actually began to create new regulatory and tax documents before legalization was even approved in November.

Make no mistake, this is happening. And you better believe we're staking our claim now — before summer begins and the rest of the trend chasers come running.

I'll show you how to play this big opportunity for maximum profits in just a moment — plus, several more emerging opportunities that the S-50 Trigger has uncovered.

But there's something that you have to understand if you want to make some real money in the cannabis space...

Most Pot Stocks Are Duds


Yes, we've seen our pot stocks go absolutely ballistic in the wake of recent historic legislation.

For example, when Colorado passed America's first legalization bill in 2014, it opened the floodgates to all types of investment opportunities.

With stocks like:

  • Cannabis Science (OTC: CBIS) surging 870% within three months.
  • Neutra Corp. (OTC: NTRR) soaring 2,500% in just over two weeks.
  • United Cannabis Corporation (OTC: CNAB) jumping 11,900% within three months.

These are only a few of the big winners. And the people who'd built a position early made a fortune.

Only a handful of folks did. And some of my readers were among the lucky few.

The truth is, far more stocks went nowhere. I see too many investors assuming that all pot stocks will go up — they won't.

You shouldn't just blindly buy any stock that has "cannabis" or "weed" in its name.

But unfortunately, it's what most investors do.

Then, guess what...

When it's revealed that these companies are being mismanaged — that they're burning through cash or are nothing but con games...

Everyday investors lose their shirts.

And the founders cash out before anyone figures it out — with no one getting rich but them.

Unfortunately, I've seen this happen over and over again during my 20 years in the markets.

And the marijuana market is no exception.

Take CV Sciences (OTC: CVSI), formerly known as CannaVest Corp., for example...

It rocketed from $2 a share in 2012 to a high of $161 in 2014.

No stock at the time was flying higher than CannaVest, which briefly hit a market valuation of $3 billion.

One of the company's board members even became the first pot stock "billionaire."

But when the CEO publicly admitted that it had grossly overstated the value of the company's assets, the stock price fell faster than Wile E. Coyote tethered to an anvil.

The company was even charged with fraud by the SEC.

CV Sciences saw nearly all its money instantly vanish while shares plunged 99% to a price of $0.23.

I don't want that to be you. And that's why you MUST have access to solid, quantitative evidence that allows you to avoid dogs like CV Sciences and focus only on the legitimate pot stocks that are delivering triple- and quadruple-digit gains.

The S-50 Trigger helps you to avoid the losers while focusing on the winners by using 50 select data points. Plus, I'm conducting research every single day.

Unlike most analysts who spend most of their time sitting behind fancy desks, sipping overpriced lattes, I'm out in the field, investigating each and every opportunity I find. I make sure that these companies are properly licensed, check their books, and ensure that every claim they make can be verified.

There's no other way to do it.

Of course, you have to understand that the information and analysis provided by the S-50 Trigger isn't something you'll find in the mainstream media.

In fact, the mainstream media usually only reports on the big winners in the cannabis space after we've already locked in our profits.

So, needless to say, I don't chase headlines...

I don't cast my lot with whatever the media spits out or whatever the market thinks is "hot."

Instead, I rely on my boots-on-the-ground investigative processes and, of course, my patented the S-50 Trigger that alerts me to what's "hot" months before the mainstream media catches on.

It's what has allowed us to make so much money in the legal cannabis game over the past few years. And it's already leading us to even bigger profits this year.

There's no other way to do it.

The fact that there's no market on the planet that's growing faster or is more lucrative than cannabis, means there's no room for error.

Last year, sales from the North American cannabis industry clocked in at around $6.7 billion.

By 2021, sales are expected to exceed $21 billion.

That's more money than the NFL pulls in every year!

It's bigger and has faster market growth than what we saw back in the early days of the internet. And it's bigger than anything else you can get into today.

You simply can't afford to miss this once-in-a-generation opportunity.

The bottom line is that you have a chance to capture your share of the new wealth that's being created in the legal marijuana market. And it's not too late to get a piece of this action. But you don't want to miss the next wave, because we're talking about as much as $200 billion from recreational cannabis in the U.S. alone.

Thanks to the S-50 Trigger, I already know which states will officially launch their new legal markets, and when they'll do it. I also already know the marijuana companies that are in line for the biggest gains along the way.

Now, June 14th is the next big day... that's when Michigan's new cannabis legalization law is expected to go into effect. 

And there is a fortune to be made between now and then.

The truth is, 2019 is already looking like it will be our most profitable year ever!

And if you decide to accept this invitation to try the S-50 Trigger, it could be yours, too. Here's why...

The state of California legalized recreational marijuana in 2018.

California is the fifth-largest economy in the entire world.

The market for recreational cannabis is bigger in California than in any other state. Its new recreational marijuana economy is valued at $7 billion a year!

And that's just to start...

  • New Jersey is on track to approve full-scale legalization in early 2019.
  • The state of Florida is expected to massively expand its medical cannabis market within the next six months.
  • And of course, the recreational cannabis market in Michigan will be fully approved and operational by June 14th.

The opportunities are popping up like weeds... 

And the S-50 Trigger has already pinpointed every single one of them for 2019.

I've written a special report that highlights these companies, and I'd like to give you a copy of it today. I'd also like to give you instant access to an interactive map that is updated daily by the S-50 Trigger algorithm. It highlights potential legalization dates and the companies in each state that are primed for the biggest gains this year.

The report, called "The S-50 Trigger: Your Guide to the Most Explosive Pot Stock Gains of 2019," tells you everything you'll need to know in order to make a boatload of cash from the legal marijuana market, like why Michigan is on the cusp of something big.

And the S-50 Trigger has already identified the three stocks that will likely benefit the most from legalization in Michigan. In my special report, you get the names of those stocks and my full analysis on them.

I'll tell you how to get immediate access to this report in just a moment. But before I do, I want to tell you about some of the other top opportunities that the S-50 Trigger has identified in other industries.

Take a look at some of the winners that we've landed over the years, thanks to the S-50 Trigger:

  • Vivint Solar — 70.8%
  • U.S. Geothermal — 215.7%
  • Vestas Wind Systems — 490%
  • First Solar — 566.2%
  • Chipotle — 707.2%
  • Whole Foods Market — 780%

Granted, though not all of my picks are guaranteed to go this high, my readers have still had the chance to see many impressive triple-digit gains.

Take a look...

Jeff, Yes, Thanks! Loaded up my boat, well at least for my size portfolio, 5000 shares @ avg of $1. So $5K is now $20K.

— Peter H.

Hi Jeff, My entry point was $0.99, so my score is 332%. Very Good! And thanks.

— Rene L.

Jeff: Thank you so much for your publication. Over the last year I have bought UGTH on four different occasions parlaying my gains into where we are today. My gain thus far is almost 300% on my total investment. Keep up the great work and thank you so much.

— Mary L.

Up 163%! My deepest and darkest regret... I didn't mortgage the house! Thanks for the work!

— Mike P.

Of course, those gains are still peanuts compared to what we've been pulling in from the legal cannabis space.

You've already seen some of the triple- and quadruple-digit gains that we've landed in the legal cannabis space. And mark my words, there's plenty more to come between now and June 14th — when Michigan will officially launch its legal recreational cannabis market.

The S-50 Trigger narrowed the selection of cannabis companies in Michigan with the greatest potential upside. And I actually have a printout of those companies sitting on my desk right now. You can get a list of those names, too.

But remember, this doesn't stop with just Michigan — or even with the U.S...

The S-50 Trigger operates on a global scale. It's how I know that Germany is close to legalization right now.

You see, German government officials, including the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel, are nearing an agreement to completely legalize marijuana. And once that happens, Germany will become the hub for cannabis production and distribution for all of Europe.

The S-50 alerted us to this development last fall and highlighted the company that had recently acquired all the permits to ship cannabis from Canada to Germany.

This wasn't something being reported in the news, because, quite frankly, it's not particularly exciting.

But for us, it's an integral part of our strategy to profit from the future legalization of cannabis in Germany.

The company is called Aurora Cannabis. And when the S-50 Trigger gave the buy signal, we loaded up the boat and paid $3 a share.

Eleven days later, it closed out for higher than $6 a share.

And by January 2018, it was trading for more than $13 a share.

Take a look:

That's the power of the S-50 Trigger!

Now, given the kinds of results that I've shown you today — gains in excess of 203%, 677%, and 1,788% — you can probably imagine that there are plenty of people who would pay a small fortune to get access to my proprietary S-50 Trigger algorithm.

In fact, I personally know people who'd take out a second — or third — mortgage on their home in order to get their hands on this thing.

But I've made it much easier than that — much, much easier...

Instead of keeping access to the S-50 Trigger to myself or attaching some huge price tag to it, I want to make it easy for you to get on board before our next trigger alert. That's why I've made it available to you today at the low price of only $99.

Accept my invitation today, and you'll have immediate access to the S-50 Trigger's interactive map and the report that I mentioned earlier, "The S-50 Trigger: Your Guide to the Most Explosive Pot Stock Gains of 2019," which is a $499 value.

But that's not all...

You'll also get a free one-year membership to my private investment community Green Chip Stocks, a $1,200 value. This is where I post every new development that the S-50 Trigger uncovers. And there are a lot...

In fact, members of Green Chip Stocks get at least one update per week and at least one new investment opportunity per month.

Sometimes, these opportunities come in the form of buy alerts for any number of legal marijuana stocks. Here are a few of our winners:

  • MariMed — 108.96%
  • Mettrum Health Corp. — 328.11%
  • THC Biomed International — 675%
  • OrganiGram Holdings — 897.5%
  • Aphria — 916.8%
  • Canopy Growth Corporation — 2,003.7%

Again, the Power of the S-50 Trigger Is Undeniable



Now, to ensure fairness to our members who have been with us for years and to members of my staff who work 12-hour days to make sure that every opportunity we present will make you money, our special briefing, “The S-50 Trigger: Your Guide to the Most Explosive Pot Stock Gains of 2019,” is not refundable.

The bottom line is that I'm only interested in working with serious investors who are committed to wealth creation. Anything less is of no value to our community.

Of course, as long as you're a member of our community, and your free membership allows you all the benefits of membership, you can contact me with any questions. My staff and I would be happy to work with you to ensure that you get the full value of your membership.

As a member, you'll also be able to join me for our private member-only dinners, our annual members-only summit, and our members-only research trips.

One of our most successful trips was a recent two-day junket in Denver where we went behind the scenes of the legal marijuana industry.

We sat in boardrooms with millionaire CEOs, toured "off-limits" research labs, and even capped off our first day with a members-only dinner where we dined on braised grass-fed beef short ribs, Moroccan chicken, and a wonderful selection of organic biodynamic wines.

And by the way, this was all free of charge — just one of the many benefits of a membership in our community.

I wouldn't expect anything less from any private investment group that I belong to, so I don't expect anything less for you.

So, if you're a serious investor who's interested in the types of exclusive benefits that I've shared...

If you want to get on board for the next round of double-, triple-, and quadruple-digit gains like we've talked about...

Then I urge you to accept this invitation now, so you can get in on the handful of stocks that will soar between now and June 14th, thanks to Michigan's big move.

The S-50 Trigger has been right time and time again. And it's already identified a select group of stocks as the next big winners.

If you don't own any of the stocks that are set to soar once the legal cannabis market in Michigan goes live, you could miss out on our next 897%, 1,112%, even 2,238% gain.

There's still time to get on board, but you must act quickly.

Make no mistake: A $1.5 billion opportunity will be unleashed within a matter of months. And the only way to get a piece of it is to stake your claim right now, before the news breaks.

Click here to get your copy of "The S-50 Trigger: Your Guide to the Most Explosive Pot Stock Gains of 2019" right now.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth,

Jeff Siegel Signature

Jeff Siegel
Investment Director, Green Chip Stocks