Cannabis Pre-IPO Explosion 2019

We’re getting into the market’s best pot stocks BEFORE they go public...

And we’re seeing life-changing gains as high as 1,948% after they hit the open market...

Here’s your chance to get into the next deal before it disappears...

"I'm now $130,000 richer because of your inside connections"

— Mark L.


Dear Reader,

Hi. My name is Jeff Siegel.

And today I'm going to introduce you to a side of the cannabis investing space you've never seen before.

It's an arena where many of America's biggest fortunes are created.

And it's why my elite circle of readers are making a killing on these unique cannabis plays.

In short, my readers and I are getting in to the market’s most explosive pot stocks BEFORE shares hit the open market... BEFORE the masses can buy it... BEFORE a huge run-up in price...

And then we’re banking massive, life-changing windfalls AFTER they go public.

Let me give you an actual example...

You’ve probably heard of a company called The Green Organic Dutchman.

Today, it’s the largest licensed producer of organic cannabis in Canada. It's one of the most popular pot stocks in the world.

But thanks to my inside connections in the cannabis space, I was able to get my readers into shares of the stock BEFORE it went public... and at a highly discounted price.

In fact, with this pre-IPO pot deal I personally negotiated with The Green Organic Dutchman, we were able to receive shares for just $0.50 apiece!

Then the company went public on May 2, 2018.

So what happened?

The Green Organic Dutchman turned out to be the largest IPO ever in the cannabis space, valued at $2.2 billion!

The stock went public at $3.65 a share.

So at IPO, our shares were already up 630%.

And since it's debut on the market, shares of the Green Organic Dutchman have traded as high as $10.24.

That's a gain of 1,948%.

Which turns every $10,000 you invest into $204,800 profits.

Think about how a windfall like that could impact your life...

Meanwhile, the folks who bought shares after The Green Organic Dutchman’s IPO would've only seen gains as high as 180%.

In short, we paid far less for our shares of The Green Organic Dutchman than most folks paid. We paid just $0.50.

And we saw 10 TIMES higher gains than folks who bought shares after the IPO.

When you invest in cannabis this way, the rewards can be exponentially bigger than just buying the stock on the open market.

And this wasn’t just a one-time thing, either.

Have you ever heard of a company called Emblem Cannabis?

It’s one of Canada’s largest producers of medical marijuana.

It's run by the former big pharma executive who created OxyContin, the blockbuster drug that's made over $4 billion in sales worldwide.

But I uncovered it before it started getting lots of media attention.

And I negotiated an incredible deal with Emblem’s management team — one that gave my readers an opportunity to buy shares of Emblem — BEFORE it went public — for $0.50 a share.

Then on December 1, Emblem’s stock debuted on the market for $2.99 a share.

That’s a 398% gain that we were sitting on the second it went public... before most investors even had the chance to buy a single share.

In short, a $20,000 investment in this pre-IPO pot deal would have made you $99,600 profits.

Meanwhile, those investors who bought shares at Emblem’s IPO would be down 16%.

Here’s my point...

If you want to make BIG money in the cannabis space, and I mean really big money, then this is by far the best way to do it.

I’m talking about getting in at a ridiculously low price BEFORE the stock goes public...

BEFORE the big boys on Wall Street can buy it...

BEFORE the investing masses can touch it...

And then cashing out for a huge windfall after it hits the open market.

Hardly any other investment creates more wealth.

Most people never hear about these pre-IPO pot deals. This is a side of the cannabis industry 99.9% of investors have never seen before... and will never see.

So they don't ever get the chance to take advantage of them.

But because of the high-level contacts I’ve made in the marijuana space over the past 10 years, I’m able to get us into these elite private cannabis companies.

And I'm able to get us into shares at prices far below what other folks have to pay for them.

If you're ready to explore an entire new world of rich cannabis opportunities, you can join me and a small group of investors making massive, life-altering returns on these pre-IPO deals. 

This is essentially your chance to invest like a venture capitalist. 

These investments get you into shares before everyone else... and at an extremely discounted price.

That’s why my readers and I are RAKING in profits hand over fist...

In fact, we’ve made money on EVERY pre-IPO pot play we’ve gotten into that's gone public


You heard that right... we’ve had all winners on these deals.

And each one has soared for triple-digit profits or higher.

I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone else in the entire industry that has an UNDEFEATED track record.

Let me show you another winning deal...

Have you ever heard of a company called Plus Products?

They make cannabis edibles in California.

In just three years, they've gone from just a tiny producer to the best seller of edibles in the entire state.

I would say that 99% of investors didn't even know this stock existed.

And I gave my readers an opportunity to buy shares of Plus Products for $1.20 a share — BEFORE it went public. And before the masses could pile into the shares.

The stock debuted on the market on October 29, 2018 — for $3.50 a share.

At IPO, our shares were already up 191%.

And the stock kept rocketing...

Since its market debut, shares of Plus Products have traded as high as $7.97.

That's a gain of 564%.

Which turns a $20,000 investment in this pre-IPO pot deal into $132,800 profits.

That’s life-changing money.

That's buy a foreign sports car money.

Meanwhile, those folks who bought shares after the stock went public would have only made 127%.

But you could've seen over FOUR TIMES bigger gains by simply getting in BEFORE the stock went public!

Do you see how lucrative this type of cannabis investment is?

These pre-IPO pot plays get you in early, at a discount, before everyone else.

So you can ride them into the stratosphere for huge gains.

These are deals that most folks in the investing world will NEVER get the chance to take part in.

Each deal is only available to a limited number of investors. And each one is only open for a limited amount of time.

But my select group of readers get the chance to bank huge windfalls from them, over and over again.

And there are several more explosive pot pre-IPO opportunities becoming available...

Including one in the medical marijuana space with the potential to soar 1,000% or more in the coming months.

It could be one of the most promising deals I've ever found. 

But here’s the thing...

jeff on fox

The only way to get in on these exclusive deals is to either already be connected to the insiders or know somebody who can get you connected.

Well, that’s exactly where I can help you.

I’ve been in the investment research business for over 25 years.

You may have seen me speaking on Fox News, CNBC, or Bloomberg.

Or maybe you’ve read my top-selling book Making Money on Green Chip Stocks.

I’ve been showing regular folks from all walks of life how to capture massive gains from the legal marijuana space...

And I've been doing it longer than anyone else I know of in this industry.

I’ve been on the inside since day one.

For instance, three years ago, before legalization in Canada was even a possibility...

I absolutely begged my readers to buy shares of a small canadian firm called Canopy Growth Corporation.

I told them that it was going to be the biggest cannabis player not just in Canada, but in the entire world.

And that's EXACTLY what it is today — the world's largest marijuana firm worth $14.8 billion.

But at the time of my recommendation, it was just a TINY penny stock.

It was off the radar of EVERYONE.

But not us.

We paid $1.60 a share for Canopy Growth Corporation.

And in the months following my recommendation, the stock began to explode higher.

Canada legalized marijuana on October 17, 2018.

And just a week later, we unloaded those shares of Canopy Growth on the open market for $49.85.

That's good for a gain of 3,015%.

Those readers who took advantage of my recommendation made an absolute fortune.

If you put $10,000 in Canopy Growth Corporation when I first made the recommendation, you would’ve cashed out with $315,500.

And if you tripled that initial investment, you'd have made almost $1 million.

In fact, one of my readers told me that he turned a $40,000 stake in Canopy into over $1,200,000.

What would you do with $1.2 million?

Buy a boat for leisurely summer cruises? Or maybe you’re the type to buy a beach house in Florida and a new Tesla to go with it.

You could buy all of that and still have enough left over to fund a generous nest eggs for your kids.

And that was just the beginning of our epic profit run...

There was also the trade I recommended on a pot company by the name of Aphria.

Today it's one of the more well-known cannabis companies in the industry.

In fact, big-name brokerage houses like Vanguard and BlackRock have both made huge investments in this company.

But I guarantee few firms on Wall Street were paying attention to Aphria back when it was just a penny stock on a small Canadian exchange…

Once again, my readers had the chance to get there first, when shares were trading at only $1.32.

Over the next 30 months, Aphria exploded and we got out at $14.40.

That's a gain of 1,174%.

Then there was also the trade that I recommended on Organigram Holdings.

I uncovered this gem back before all the "Johnny-come-lately's" began piling in.

At the time of my recommendation, it was trading for only $0.40 per share.

When I told my readers to sell:

That was in October 2018, which was after the stock shot up by 1,185%.

That's three of the biggest names in the marijuana industry — all discovered before their huge explosions in price.

All told, from just these three pot plays alone, you could have banked gains of 5,374%.

That's enough to turn every $1,500 stake into $82,110... every $5,000 into $273,700... or every $10,000 into $547,400.

Just think about what that kind of wealth could do for your life...

And that's still just a small sample of the winners I've uncovered in the legal cannabis markets.

This is why I've gotten a stack of notes like these from my readers...

  • “Jeff, I just secured a $120,000 gain in 30 days. You rock!!! Let’s keep making $$$$$.” — Matt H., Burlington, Vermont
  • “You are a rock star when it comes to the knowledge you have regarding the cannabis market! I’m so thankful I found you to help guide me through this exciting time.” — Barbara T., Tucson, Arizona
  • “I would like to thank you for your advice surrounding the marijuana boom. I’ve followed your tips for two years now and I’ve made a lot of money.” — Craig J., Abilene, Texas

And I’m not trying to brag here...

I simply point out these gains because I want you to know that unlike all the self-proclaimed pot “gurus” out there, I know how to really pull in massive profits from these explosive marijuana companies.

Few people have put as much time into this industry as I have. Or made the kind of contacts that I have. It gives me the undisputed edge.

It’s why I get invited to speak at the High Times Cannabis Cup and several other elite investment conferences around the globe.


I’m not an “arm chair” analyst.

I don’t sit in my office and stare at a computer screen like most folks out there do.

I’m constantly on the road visiting start-up companies in the marijuana space.


I’m meeting their CEOs and management teams.

I’m touring their facilities... their farms... grow rooms... and dispensaries.

I talk to the company’s lab technicians, the grow masters, the budtenders...

And I grill them.

Because whether it's a small grower who thinks they're the next Canopy... or it's a cannabis tech firm that's invented a new vape pen... or it's a company focused on the medicinal side of cannabis...

I want to know every single thing about their product BEFORE we invest a single cent into them...

I examine their partnerships, deals, and supply chains.

I inspect every single corner of their entire operation.

And, to be blunt, most of the firms I encounter have no chance.

This exhaustive process that I put each company through is why we make money on every single pre-IPO pot play I recommend.

I only choose the best ones.

Those that make the cut, as you well know, tend to rapidly turn into blockbusters... 

But my biggest secret weapon for making money in this space is the elite network of contacts I’ve developed over the past 25 years.

From family offices and investment bankers to angel investors and political insiders...

My rolodex provides a gateway to the kind of access that is only obtainable by America's richest 1%. 

It opens up opportunities you simply won't find anywhere else on the planet. 

I’ve met some of the biggest and most prestigious players in the marijuana industry, including the former 55th president of Mexico, Vicente Fox.


Here I am interviewing Mexico's former president about his medical cannabis company.

He's on the board of directors of a medical cannabis company that operates in Latin America.

Most people can’t make a phone call and schedule a sit-down with someone as connected as him.

I can and I did.

And by talking to him, I was able to gain valuable insight into his company that can't be found on a balance sheet, press release, or earnings call.

So I recommended his company's stock to my readers at $1.32 a share.


Just five months later, the stock more than doubled.

I told my readers to sell the shares for gains of 108%.

Look, I want to be crystal clear here...

Making money in the fast-moving legal marijuana space is all about making connections with people. PERIOD.

It’s by making these high-level industry contacts that I’m able to get my readers into the market’s best pot stocks BEFORE they hit the open market.

And then make a killing when they go public.

It's simple. Yet it's something that 99% of investors never get the chance to take part in.

But my readers DO. And they get to reap the rewards of this insanely lucrative cannabis investing niche, over and over again.

As reader Mark L. told me, “I’m now $130,000 richer because of your insider connections.”

This is your chance to do the same.

Just imagine how much better your life could be if you were making more than three, five, even ten times your money on a single investment.

This is your chance to buy pot stocks from a position of privilege — the same way that venture capitalists do.

Thousands of companies are financed every year through pre-IPO investment deals just like these.

Finding the best opportunities is where my 25 years of experience comes in.

I know how to tap into these outstanding deals.

And I personally negotiate with these cannabis companies to give us shares for the lowest price possible.

Which are followed up by triple-digit gains or more...

For instance, I was able to get my readers in early on a company called Captiva Verde.

I guarantee that not one in 50,000 investors has ever heard of this company.

It's a small grower of organic spinach, lettuce, kale and other greens in the southwestern United States.

But they're also growing another crop that's even more valuable — MARIJUANA.

Captiva's management team is well-connected to land developers in Mexico. And they recently acquired land for growing Cannabis there. 

Mexico has announced that it will make recreational cannabis 100% legal this year.

So Captiva Verde has a first mover advantage in this massive $5 billion cannabis market.

Even better, this company is still off everyone's radar.

And I negotiated a deal with Captiva Verde that allowed my readers to buy shares BEFORE the company went public — for just 5 cents a share.

The stock went public on October 10, 2018 at a price of 10 cents a share.

So at IPO, our shares were already up 100%.

And since its public debut, shares of Captiva Verde have traded as high as 30 cents.

That's a gain of 500%.

Good enough to turn every $10,000 into $60,000.

Meanwhile, the folks who bought Captiva Verde after its IPO would've only seen gains of up to 200%.

But we made over 2 times BIGGER gains by getting in BEFORE it went public.

Incredible, isn't it?

This gives us the ultimate investing advantage.

The world's most famous investors buy shares this way all the time — guys like Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Bill Gates.

Here's another example of this powerful cannabis fortune builder...

I found a little-known company called PharmaCielo.

It’s a producer of cannabis oil (also known as CBD).

You've probably heard of CBD by now. It's literally everywhere.

Even chains like CVS Pharmacies, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens are getting in on the action.

In fact, 23 million Americans already use CBD in some form.

With a bottle of CBD selling between $20 and $150, it is hands down the fastest growing marijuana product in America.

In 2015, CBD sales were $108 million. Next year, they're set to hit $1.1 billion.

That's 820% growth in six years.

And by 2025, sales of CBD are expected to hit $16 billion!

No product on the planet — not even smartphones — has infiltrated the market as quickly as CBD oil has.

It's opened up a whole new playing field for cannabis investors.

The company I found that produces CBD oil has built what is arguably the largest greenhouse this side of the Atlantic, spanning 69-acres.

But it's not based in Canada or America.

Their operations are located in the country of Colombia.

The company was granted Colombia’s first ever license to export medical marijuana.

It gives them the potential to become the world’s leading global exporter of cannabis oil.

And I was able to negotiate a deal to get my readers into the company for $2 a share — before it went public. And before anyone else was talking about them.

On January 22, 2019, PharmaCielo made their public debut on the market at $5.85.

The moment it went public, our shares were already up 192%.

Just a week later, the shares were trading at $8.97.

That's when I instructed my readers to sell for a gain of 348%.

A $20,000 investment in this pre-IPO pot play would be worth $89,600 profits.

Meanwhile, those folks who bought shares at the IPO would be down 22% on the stock.

Are you beginning to see just how massively profitable these pre-IPO pot deals are?

They’re the absolute cream of the crop of the pot stock universe.

They’re truly the stuff fortunes are made of...

It’s easy, too. It’s just like buying regular shares of stock.

The only real difference is you’re getting into these pot opportunities before the huge money is made.

Do I expect every deal we get in to go our way? Of course not.

But the overwhelming majority of our investments will start with the simple fact that you’re getting shares for a special price that’s way below what most folks have to pay for them.

I'm proud to say we've made money on all of the deals we've gotten into that have gone public. BIG money.

The profits from just one of these pre-IPO pot deals could literally pay for your entire retirement.

Just take a look at some of the massive winners we've seen:

  • You could've seen as much as 1,948% on The Green Organic Dutchman
  • You could've seen gains as high as 564% on Plus Products
  • You could've seen gains of up to 500% on Captiva Verde
  • You could've banked 348% on PharmaCielo
  • You could have made 398% on Emblem Cannabis

That's the fortune-building power of these exclusive investments.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more to come. And the gains are going to be even bigger than anything we've seen yet.


One word: America.

The Next Marijuana Millionaire Maker


Last year, Canada completely legalized recreational marijuana.

And in doing so, it became the world's largest legal marijuana market.

But Canada is no longer the hotbed of activity for the cannabis space.

That title now belongs to the United States — the largest emerging cannabis market in the entire world.

And I predict that the federal ban on cannabis in America will be lifted by 2021.

In the United States, we’re now seeing a repeat of what we saw play out in Canada.

Here are some of the huge winners we locked in on pot stocks after Canada legalized cannabis in October 2018:

  • 3,015% on Canopy Growth
  • 1,174% on Aphria Inc.
  • 1,185% on OrganiGram Holdings

The profits have been incredible. And life-changing.

But with the US cannabis market on the cusp of being legalized on a federal level, the gains stand to be even crazier.

It’s going to blow the Canadian market out of the water. And hand investors explosive profits.

Forbes magazine reports that by 2022, the Canadian medical and recreational markets combined will pull in a total of $5.4 billion.

But in the United States, the recreational market ALONE will generate $15.7 billion by 2022.

That's three times bigger than Canada's entire cannabis market.

By 2025, the U.S. cannabis market will be worth a whopping $100 billion in sales.

That beats out sales of coffee in America.

The demand for cannabis has gone parabolic.

Every single day, new estimates roll out pushing industry projections higher and higher.

And most of these projections are conservative and still off by a mile.

THIS is the fastest growing industry in America right now.

And that means there is a LOT of money to be made.

There has never been a better time to be a cannabis investor than right now. The market is red hot. And ripe for HUGE returns.

We’re seeing cannabis market activity heat up not only here in the U.S., but around the world.

This marijuana boom has gone global

All together, 19 countries have legalized marijuana in some form.

With the legalization of cannabis happening on every continent, the entire industry is set for an epic explosion.

For example...

In 2018, six nations in Europe announced new marijuana legislation.

In fact, with a market of more than 742 million people, Europe is poised to become the largest medical cannabis market in the world.

It’s estimated to be worth $148 billion by 2028. And will likely be the world’s largest market within five years.

European insurance companies in Italy, Denmark, and Germany are now covering cannabis prescriptions.

It’s a recipe for MASSIVE profits.

And since some of the cannabis companies with heavy exposure to Europe are largely being ignored right now, I’m happy to get us early positions in them...

BEFORE they go public.

BEFORE the Wall Street banks can scoop up shares.

And BEFORE the masses can pile into them.

Because THAT is how the big money is really made.

Just imagine what it's like to sit back and watch a cannabis IPO take off — bringing you wave after wave of profits.

I know, because I've done it before...

Remember, I got my readers into shares of a cannabis oil producer in Colombia before its IPO.

And we sold our stake after it went public for 348% gains.

Meanwhile, those investors who got in AFTER the IPO would have lost 22%.

I also got my readers into shares of the #1 selling brand of cannabis edibles in California before its IPO.

And you could've seen gains as high as 564%.

That's over 4 TIMES bigger gains than folks who bought after the IPO.

I also got my readers into shares of the largest producer of organic cannabis in Canada before its IPO.

And you could've seen gains as high as 1,948%.

That's over 10 TIMES bigger gains than folks who bought shares after the stock went public.

In fact, we’ve made money on EVERY single pre-IPO pot play we've gotten into that's gone public.


That’s a claim that I don’t think anyone else in the industry can hold a candle to.

I only recommend these deals to you after I’ve vetted the company’s entire operation - which means a lot of meetings, conference calls, and interviews with the CEOs and executives of these firms.

I can truly say this is one-of-a-kind research.

Nobody I know of is producing this level of research for the cannabis industry.

And I’m putting the finishing touches on my next pre-IPO deal.

It’s one that I believe has 1,000% (or more) upside!

The key is knowing how to get in early BEFORE the stock goes public. BEFORE everyone else has the chance to buy shares.

That's where the biggest gains are made.

But here’s the thing...

If you want in, then you’ll need to act quickly.

This pre-IPO deal will only remain open to investors for a limited time.

I’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to get involved in the deal before 99% of investors.

It’s all detailed in the report that I’ve written up for you called:

“Pre-IPO Pot: How to Get into the Best Pot Stocks Before They Go Public”

In it, you'll discover how to get exclusive access to my next private pot deal which will include:

  • The terms of the deal
  • The company's current share price and valuation
  • An analysis of the company's competition
  • The company's revenue and valuation projections
  • Why this firm's management team has the ability to make the company successful
  • And what must happen for the company to return 10, 50, or 100 times our money...

Plus, you'll receive details on how to directly contact the company in order to buy shares at a discount that’s just for you.

This information is simply too valuable to share here in this presentation. But you'll get the full details inside this report!

Even better, this report is yours for FREE.

All I ask in return is that you take a risk-free trial membership of my exclusive investment community called Private Intel.

And let me be perfectly clear...

Private Intel is NOT an investment newsletter.

This is a community of like-minded investors who are tired of being left out of the market’s biggest deals.

You see, until recently, ordinary investors had no hope of cashing in on pre-IPO pot deals like the ones I’ve showed you.

Typically, these kinds of deals were reserved for mega-rich CEOs, company founders, and venture capitalists.

But because of the connections I’ve built in this space, I’m able to give my readers backroom access to the market’s most promising pot companies BEFORE they go public. BEFORE the big gains are made.

And that’s only the beginning...

You see, I’ve designed this community in a way that allows all of us to take part in these wealth-creation opportunities... from uncovering new startups to closing the actual deals.

So, for instance, a few times a year, members of our community are invited to join me on research trips to visit some of these explosive pot companies we’re targeting.

We sit in boardrooms with millionaire CEOs, tour “off-limits” research labs, and go behind the scenes at dispensaries.

And we cap off each day with a members-only dinner.

Here we are dining on braised short ribs, Moroccan chicken, and a selection of organic wines.

And by the way, it’s all free of charge.

It’s just one of the many benefits that come along with membership to Private Intel.

Even better, on these trips, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to personally sit down and speak with the CEOs and board members of some of the companies we’re targeting.

You’ll get to ask them questions.

And whether or not you invest, you’ll get to put them in your rolodex.

Remember, with these pre-IPO deals, you’re getting shares directly from the company.

That’s why they’re able to give us shares for just cents on the dollar — far below what other investors have to pay.

Because for young cannabis companies like these, it can be a costly hassle to raise capital by offering shares through the public exchanges.

Wall Street is an expensive middleman, and many companies find it’s much easier to sell shares directly to investors.

And I put you into direct contact with the company for shares.

We also hold an annual members’ meeting, typically at a high-end resort, where we mingle with CEOs and executives of new cannabis companies, the investing elite, and the occasional celebrity.

And all of our members have direct access to my staff and me.

That’s right, members of Private Intel can contact me with any comments or questions — day or night — using my private email address.

And it doesn’t stop there...

With over 25 years in the industry, I’ve built a massive network of contacts.

And I personally negotiate deals with dozens of different companies that most investors will never even know about.

While most of the money we’re making today comes from the legal marijuana space, members also receive opportunities to invest in private companies in other lucrative market sectors.

Some of our most recent winners have included...

  • 340% gains on a producer of organic spinach, kale, lettuce, and other greens
  • 143% gains on a maker of hemp oil for use in medical cannabis industries
  • 102% profits on a solar lighting technology company

As a member of Private Intel, you’ll get access to deals like these every single month.

It’s that easy.

I find the deals... negotiate the terms... and then I make sure my readers are given ample warning so they can get in on time.

This is how fortunes are made.

And it’s why members of Private Intel have been crushing it with these pre-IPO pot plays.

Private Intel members could have bagged the following gains:

  • 690% on The Green Organic Dutchman
  • 675% on THC Biomed
  • 514% on Plus Products
  • 406% on HEXO Corp.
  • 348% on PharmaCielo
  • 340% on Captiva Verde
  • 195% on MPX Bioceutical
  • 152% on Emblem Corp.
  • 151% on Emerald Health Therapeutics
  • 113% on True Leaf Medicine
  • 103% on RavenQuest Biomed

If you’d put $15,000 into each of those plays, you’d be sitting on well over $560,000 in gains.

Enough to pay off your mortgage, shore up your retirement, or even buy a nice boat.  

And with the cannabis industry growing faster than any other market out there, we’re just heating up.

Simply put, these private cannabis plays are where the action’s at.

And you can be right in the middle of all that action.

You’ll even be able to meet and chat with the CEOs and executives of these small, promising pot firms face-to-face.

Investors regularly spend $10,000, $15,000, or as much as $30,000 a year for this kind of access.

But since my goal is to expose these deals to folks who’ve never had a shot at making a few million themselves, I’ll never charge anywhere near that.

That being said, this community is NOT for everybody.

In fact, the majority of these pre-IPO pot deals are only available to accredited investors, and nearly all require investment minimums of at least $1,000.

So if you’re looking for a safe place to sock away $500, this isn’t the group for you. And truth be told, if you can’t afford the membership fee, you probably won’t be able to take part in these private pot plays, anyway.

Understand, I don’t say this to dissuade you. But I want to be perfectly honest, too.

This community is only for folks who are ready to join the big leagues and stake their claims to the kind of private deals that have long been available only to the wealthy elite...

The same types of deals that guys like Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates take part in.  

And it should be understood that, as a Private Intel member, you’ll never be treated as a “regular” retail investor. I don’t sugarcoat anything, and I treat members of our community no different than the millionaire CEOs I do business with on a regular basis.

After all, you’re becoming a member of an exclusive private community, no different than any other exclusive, high-end country club where wealthy elites mingle amongst each other on the golf course and at charity events.

The only difference here is that I don’t care about golf or silent auctions.

I’m laser-focused on one thing: making you rich.

As I’ve showed you, I’ve had a track record of all winners on these private pot plays...

The investors who’ve participated in Private Intel since the beginning have been able to build a fortune on this incredible performance.

Now’s your chance to see what it’s like to make these kinds of exclusive deals.

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Remember, you could've seen gains as high as 1,948% from this pre-IPO pot deal I made with The Green Organic Dutchman.

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The success of investors like Kyle is the entire reason I created my Private Intel service...

Our performance over the past three years has been wildly profitable — and the marijuana boom has really only just begun.

Those gains we've banked so far are just a taste of what’s to come.

The cannabis sector is growing faster than any other industry in the world. It’s projected to grow from $10.8 billion to over $1 trillion.

And as more and more states legalize, thousands of entrepreneurs launch new startups.

But only a small number of these deals have the potential to be blockbuster, multi-billion dollar companies.

I'm going to make sure I get those top-tier deals in front of a select group of our readers.

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These kinds of deals are the only way to turn a small stake into potentially millions of dollars.

Here’s What You’ll Receive as a Private Intel Member


Private Intel offers unique features you can’t find anywhere else...

  • All My Valuable Research — I typically find 12 or more lucrative pre-IPO opportunities a year. It’s about quality, not quantity, so I only recommend an investment if it meets my strict requirements.
  • Breaking News Updates — I’ll send you an alert the moment there’s a significant new development for one of your pre-IPO plays. You can relax, because I’ll make sure you never miss any important news.
  • Exclusive 24/7 Website — You’ll receive a private login to the Private Intel website, where you’ll find everything I write in one convenient place: all my articles, weekly updates, investment reports, and my real-time portfolio that tracks all of our private deals.
  • Invitation to Special Research Trips — You’ll have the opportunity to join me on special trips to visit the headquarters of some of the explosive companies we’re targeting.
  • Face-to-Face Meetings with CEOs and Board Members — You’ll be able to receive a face-to-face introduction to the CEOs and executive board members of these promising companies.
  • Invitation to Private Intel’s Annual Members MeetingYou’ll be invited to attend our annual members meeting, held typically at a high-end resort, where you can mingle with CEOs, the investing elite, and the occasional celebrity.
  • My Personal Email Address — You’ll receive my personal email address so you can contact me directly with your questions or comments anytime, day or night.
  • Incredible Performance — We’ve made 152%, 195%, 340%, 348%, 514%, even 690%... all in the last three years. I’m willing to guarantee that you’ll have the chance to see 300% gains on the first pre-IPO deal you participate in that goes public.
  • "Pre-IPO Pot: How to Get into the Best Pot Stocks Before They Go Public" — This report tells you how to access the new pre-IPO pot deal I’ve been working on... it’s one of the most lucrative opportunities I’ve seen so far. 

The Value of a Handshake

Let me ask you this...

If I could bring you to an exclusive meeting with the CEO of a small, promising cannabis firm for a face-to-face introduction...

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As Private Intel member Gary R. says:

“The way you treat your members is truly in a class by itself. During the last 20 years, I’ve subscribed to 30+ different investment newsletters. Your service is by leaps and bounds the best I have ever seen! The constant dialogue, advice, and effort you put in to all of your subscribers is truly amazing. The fee that you charge for Private Intel is worth every penny! I will be canceling all my other subscriptions. Thank you!”

I am also willing to guarantee your success...

I promise you’ll have the chance to see a minimum of 300% gains on the first pre-IPO deal you participate in that goes public.

So, now you have a decision to make...

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Because while I’ve opened up membership to the public, I am limiting our membership to just 400 people.

If I make Private Intel available to more than that, I simply won’t have the time to answer everyone’s emails and ensure all of our members can join in on our special research trips.

To your wealth,

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Jeff Siegel
Investment Director, Private Intel

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