Tiny Texas Driller Announces New $185 Billion Oil Discovery in the “Secret Permian”

Its $2 stock could be worth $2,500 per share
(and no, that’s not a typo)


Pay close attention because this little-known $2 oil stock will be one for the ages.

The company is developing a major play on the edge of Texas’s Permian Oil Basin.

I’ve been tracking them for a couple of years. I told my subscribers to get in recently. And in just a couple months’ run, their shares have already delivered more than 200% gains...

These profits are just the beginning...

And they’ll be huge — for reasons you’ll soon see.

In fact, I’ll lay out the proof for you in this special briefing that this $2 stock could soar as high as $2,500 per share, making you 1,200 times your money — fast. And no, that’s not a typo.

I just sat in on a conference call with senior management.

What this company’s geologist revealed on the call — and independent oil industry analysts confirmed — was breathtaking.

You see there have long been rumors that this company’s 100,000 acres of land could hold one billion barrels of oil.

That’s $50 BILLION worth at today’s prices — huge for a company with a current market cap of under $150 million.

And yet, conventional drilling, the standard in oil wells until the last few years, had struggled to make this land pay.

So the land had been ignored for decades.

In fact, it wasn’t even treated like oil land.

It was priced cheaper than dirt...

Even though it’s on the edge of the famed Texas Permian Basin, considered the most valuable oil land in the United States.

And yet...

A small team of seasoned Texas geologists believed there was even more oil there than anyone thought...

Not only that, they knew everything had changed in oil tech since this land was last drilled decades ago.

Most conventional plays in the neighboring Permian Basins had basically run dry after production peaked in the 1970s.

But thanks to fracking technology, those Permian plays are now producing more oil than ever.

In fact, production across the entire Permian has soared over the last 10 years, from under a million barrels per day to more than 3.5 million barrels...

And it’s not just production that’s up.

As all of this new tech is being used on the old rocks, there have been massive updates in the amount of oil reserves that are considered “recoverable” across the Permian Basin.

Maybe you saw the headline in December 2018...

“America’s Oil and Gas Reserves Double with Massive New Permian Discovery.”

— Forbes

Here’s the truth behind this headline...

The oil industry’s geologists have known for years this oil was in the rocks. It was just a question of how much you could get out.

Then in December, the United States Geological Survey confirmed it.

  • Thanks to new fracking technology, rocks that had run dry are productive again.
  • And oil deposits that were never productive using other extraction methods are suddenly viable.

Now we’re looking at over 46 billion barrels of oil across the entire Permian, 280 trillion cubic feet of gas, plus another 20 billion barrels of liquid natural gas.

That’s enough oil in this little corner of Texas to supply the entire United States oil demand for more than six years, and gas demand for many more.

But even those massive numbers will soon be revised upward.

There are billions of barrels of recoverable oil that haven’t even been counted yet.

Because expert geologists — like the one behind our $2 stock — are using that same new tech to analyze other rocks in the Permian area...

Including this area I think of as the “Secret Permian.”

If you look at a map of this company’s property, it’s just outside the “official” Permian.

But to a geologist — someone who studies the rocks — our company’s land is part of the Permian.

The rocks are the same Permian rocks. They were formed from the same algae blooms, in the same Permian Sea, 275 million years ago.

And yet, this "Secret Permian" has been ignored until now.

But like so many other shale plays in the Permian Basin...

The oil is there —
and the new tech can finally extract it...


That brings us back to our little company that thought it could be sitting on top of at least a billion barrels of oil, which I believe is about to make investors as much as 1,200 times our money.

This company’s lead geologist is a 30-year veteran of the Permian, with multiple discoveries to his name.

He knew these rocks. He knew the geology.

He knew the company’s 100,000 acres were likely sitting on top of the same oil-filled shale as some of the other massive Permian deposits.

And he knew that by using today’s tech, he and his team could prove whether those billion barrels were there — and just how much would be recoverable.

So they started drilling.

And throughout 2018, the news came out in trickles.

Wells were drilled.

Samples were pulled.

And the team was optimistic.

In fact, through every announcement, they restated their belief that they were sitting on a potential billion-barrel oil play.

And every time one of these announcements came out, their stock price would jump by double digits.

Yet none of that even gave a clue of what would come next.

The latest news is so much bigger. As I listened in on this last conference call, I could practically hear investors’ jaws dropping all across the country.

The billion-barrel rumor massively understated how much oil is there for the taking...

I don’t want to get lost in all the details that would only make sense to someone with significant training in petrophysics and geology.

But I do want to emphasize that on the call, there was a whole pile of cross-section charts like this one...

These show the results of their drilling analysis. And hidden in these charts is some very good news.

Our company’s 100,000 acres are indeed full of the same kind of shale rock formations as you find in the main Permian Basin.

And like the Permian, there’s a ton of oil there.

Then came the punchline of the call — and it was no joke...

On the back of all this proof, they revealed there’s actually 3.7 billion barrels of recoverable oil.

Nearly four times as much oil as they’d predicted...

And that’s assuming a conservative 11% recovery rate, using modern drilling and extraction technology.

This changes everything...

Investors had been looking at this company as if they might be sitting on $50 billion worth of oil.

And yet, the “might be” was the most important part, and justifiably so, in the eyes of the market.

Other drillers had tried making the land pay — and failed.

Even that little seed of doubt was enough to keep most hopeful energy investors on Wall Street away — and the price of the stock suppressed.

Big money on Wall Street always pays more for a proven deposit.

But that’s good news for us. My readers already saw 200% gains because they bought at sale prices. And even now, at less than $2, you can grab a stake for a tiny fraction of what a billion-barrel play is actually worth, much less 3.7 billion barrels.

And still — before this call, I was confident in the team and the play.

I know this team has a track record of success in the Permian.

They know the shale — the rock formations under the land.

Plus, they understand the newest technology — and exactly how much oil it can unlock from that Permian shale.

That’s why I was confident in recommending my readers get in ahead of the call — and how we already grabbed those 200% gains.

But now there’s even more upside...

The big $50 billion “maybe” just turned into a $185 billion “YES!”

What does that really mean for you?

Well, as I write this, you can still scoop up shares for less than $2, and the company’s market cap is less than $150 million. That will not last long, I assure you.

This stock is going to shoot much higher. The only question is “How high?”

If this company’s market value were to climb to match that $185 billion worth of oil, the shares would be worth $2,569.44 each.

That’d be a whopping 128,372% gain...

More than 1,200 times your money...

Enough to turn even a $500 stake into more than $640,000.

Every $1,000 invested would grow to more than $1.25 million.

If you think this sounds extraordinary, I agree. And, realistically, it might not happen. They could be bought out for many times their current share price before the stock reaches these levels. Or the stock price could soar, just not that high.

Either way, we’re looking at a huge 1,200-times-your-money upside...

All the oil under their feet is pure pressure pushing share prices higher...

I’ve just doubled down on my recommendation for this stock and told my readers to make sure they grab any more shares they want to buy — fast...

Before the next announcement — and before the next leg up.

Even before the call announcing the $185 billion oil discovery, our company already had more wells and drilling in the works.

And with every announcement of oil coming out of the ground, I expect their share prices to climb higher.

Not only that, with any murmur of a potential takeover bid, our profits could go absolutely ballistic to the upside.

There are so many catalysts at this point that it’s hard to pinpoint which one will spark the biggest profit windfall.

That’s why every day and every penny matters in terms of your potential profits.

I know — because I’ve seen this before.

This is NOT the first time I’ve been on the forefront of the next great American oil play.

Here’s my story — and why you’ll want to listen to what I say about the new "Secret Permian"...


My name is Keith Kohl.

Keith Kohl Editor of the Energy Investor

And among other accomplishments, I was one of the earliest analysts to recommend profit opportunities in the Bakken shale boom.

For the last decade and some change, this is what I’ve done. I’ve directed my readers to opportunities a lot like this tiny Texas oil company.

I have many of America’s best geologists and oil company executives on speed dial.

I do the research so my readers don’t have to. And I make explicit, easy-to-follow recommendations so they can profit.

I track industry news. I speak with insiders. I go visit projects. I see what’s investable — and what’s not.

And then, I make recommendations like I’m making today.

Here’s my strange story that led to big profits from Bakken oil...

In 2007, I was on a road trip for a little boots-on-the-ground research.

I was headed to Alberta, Canada, to check out the booming oil sands, when I stopped in North Dakota on the way.

At this point, almost nobody knew what the heck the Bakken was. But I’d had a few tiny items on my radar suggesting I needed to at least stop through the area and ask around.

You could say my "Spidey senses" were tingling.

I checked into my hotel and found a little saloon to grab a beer and wind down from a long day on the road.

As I got talking to the bartender in his smalltown bar, the topic turned to the reason for my road trip: oil.

I asked if he’d had many energy folks coming through. “Yeah, we have.”

I asked where they were headed. “Out West,” he told me — meaning western North Dakota.

He confirmed my hunch. Oil was about to start flowing again from North Dakota’s forgotten oil fields.

So after visiting Canada’s oil sands, I dug deeper into new opportunities in the Bakken.

Like the Permian, the Bakken had its share of conventional oil booms — then busts when those wells ran dry.

But thanks to new fracking technology, I knew we were about to see a brand-new Bakken boom and all the profit opportunities that would come with it.

I found the companies proving how much oil they could pull out of the ground with new fracking tech. I found the best opportunities in small explorers and producers about to ramp up production.

And I started recommending Bakken stocks to my readers, knowing they were about to take off.

And just months later, we’d made ourselves a small fortune.

"Bought the wife a new car!"

“Keith, I’d like you to know exactly how much I’ve appreciated your Bakken coverage over the years. I sold my position in February, for 216% gains.

Then I sold one-third of my position in another pick of yours a few months later for another 361% gain (and bought the wife a new car), and then I sold the other two-thirds a couple of months later for long term gains of 743%.

Now holding a large position in your newest pick with unrealized gains of 365%. Thanks again.”

— Sly M.

"230% in less than a year"

“Your insight has been great: My stock is up about 230% in less than a year.”

— R. Manning

"... Up 252%, 165%, and 101%"

“Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the hard work you do in finding great companies for your readers. Currently, I’m up 252%, 165%, and 101%. You’ve made a believer out of me.”

— Kris Mills

And yet I don’t think anything in the Bakken holds a candle to what we’re going to see from the "Secret Permian."

Good news: This "Secret Permian" play is so much bigger...

Here’s what you need to understand about the Permian. It’s what makes it so massive. And it’s why you can have 3.7 billion barrels of oil sitting under a relatively tiny 100,000 acres.

In most places where you find oil, there’s one deposit, at one depth.

But in this Permian rock, you can have layer-upon-layer of oil-rich shale — all accessible from a single drill hole.


It’s like 17 Bakkens stacked on top of each other.

There’s nothing like it in the world.

And even though the Permian is treated like one big oil field, it’s actually a whole mix of separate oil and gas fields.

This is because of how the oil and gas formed.

The Permian Sea that covered this area 275 million years ago was full of life and constantly changing.

Algae would grow, die, and settle to low spots on the seafloor. Then the seafloor would shift, and it would happen again.

These layers of organic matter would break down over hundreds of millions of years and convert to oil and gas...

Leaving pockets of especially oil-rich soil.

These are called basins — and each basin can contain multiple shale formations at different depths.

The two big Permian basins are Midland and Delaware, and they are full of smaller shale formations with names like Wolfcamp, Wolfbone, Wolfberry, Bone Spring, Penn, and Delaware...

Big plays in these main shale formations have gotten most of the focus so far in the recent Permian boom.

And rightly so — just the portion of the Wolfcamp formation in the Midland Basin was confirmed to have over 20 billion barrels of oil.

And yet, there are sections of the Permian that formed at the exact same time, other low spots on the seafloor, where organic matter settled.

This is what I call the "Secret Permian" — simply because the hills hadn’t yet revealed their secrets.

For a smart geologist — who knows the area and where to look — there’s the potential to discover brand new shale formations and oil fields.

That is exactly what’s happened under our company’s 100,000-acre play.

Multiple active drilling programs continue to prove the oil in the ground — thanks to one man...


You can call him our secret weapon...

You see this company’s geologist — a partner in the company — is no stranger to the Permian.

In fact, he has a 30-year history in the area, with a pile of successes under his belt developing oil and gas plays, discovering some of the Permian’s biggest deposits, and selling deals to some of the biggest, most cash-rich players in the Texas oil industry.

He worked with Clayton Williams Energy. They went on a 10-month, 15-times run right before Noble Energy bought them for $3.2 billion. That’s right — 15 times your money in under a year.

He worked with Rosetta Resources, which Noble also snagged in 2015 for $2.1 billion.

This same geologist worked on projects with Energen Corporation, which Diamondback bought out last year for $9.2 billion.

He worked with Cimarex Energy, a company whose shares went up by 864%...

And he worked with Occidental, who delivered 2,198% gains to shareholders...

That one play was worth nearly 23 times your money, enough to turn every $1,000 invested into $22,983 — and every $22,983 into more than $528,000.

But I believe this is his biggest play yet.

He’s been called “prolific.”

In fact, he was one of the key geologists to identify and then prove the potential of the Wolfbone shale in the bigger Delaware Basin.

Basically, he said, “I think there’s a ton of oil there.” He was right. And now the USGS has confirmed that the Delaware Basin has at least 46.3 billion barrels of oil for the taking.

That’s over $2.3 trillion worth of oil.

He’s no stranger to uncovering these Texas oil riches.

And his history of discovering new shale formations in the Permian was part of what drew me to this company in the first place.

He knew the geology. He knew the technology it would take to make it pay. And he’d used his expertise to pinpoint a 100,000-acre opportunity next door to these other big basins, with tremendous upside if he was right.

So after 30 years’ experience making these discoveries for others, he decided to form his own exploration company.

He put together a team.

They secured exclusive drilling rights to this 100,000-acre play.

They started drilling in 2018.

And as drill results have come out, they’ve once again proven that our geologist knows his stuff...

And now YOU can profit from his next success...

Let me just underscore this. Until weeks ago — even as my readers grabbed 200% windfall gains — this company had a big question mark hanging over their belief that they were sitting on a billion barrels of oil.

Then on this call, they revealed the proof there’s 3.7 billion barrels sitting there.

That’s $185 billion worth of oil — controlled by a $150 million company.

That’s $2,500 worth of oil for every $2 share you can buy today.

Not only that, our geologist and his team were so confident in their findings that they invited on a third-party expert to analyze all this data.

This was an industry insider with 42 years of experience, including 25 years with Halliburton.

He did an independent analysis and had the opportunity to confirm or deny their findings. And he confirmed this incredible discovery.

On the call, he confirmed...

  • They’re seeing multiple “pay zones” — the same “layer cake” phenomenon common throughout the Permian...
  • The pay zones are showing thousands of feet of thickness of oil-soaked shale rock, matching the geology of some of the other high-producing Permian deposits...
  • New data is suggesting some of the areas are what oil experts call “over-pressurized,” making the oil even easier to pull out of the ground.

And the biggest news, of course, was the major upgrade from 1 billion barrels to 3.7 billion barrels of recoverable oil under their feet.

The profits are signed and sealed — and if you grab their $2 stock today, you can have them delivered into your account.

The only question left in this story is, “How high is high?”

Here’s the kind of profit to expect when a tiny oil company takes off...

I’ve followed and invested in small energy exploration and production companies for years — in the Permian and beyond.

And when we see a situation like what has just happened with this $150 million Texas company and their $185 billion barrels of oil, look out above because their stock price can absolutely soar.

Just look to Earthstone Energy as an example.

This is another Texas oil stock, with its Permian operations in the nearby Midland Basin.

Nobody was paying any attention to it when the stock traded down at just $0.20 per share.

But their team believes in a “growth through drill bit” strategy, and they picked up some acres and started drilling.

As the market finally caught on to their potential, their stock soared all the way up to $33.50 a share...

That’s a 16,650% gain — more than 167 times your money.

If you’d scooped up 2,500 shares when they were trading at just $0.20 per share, it would have been a small $500 investment.

When all was said and done, you could’ve sold those same shares for a whopping $83,750.

A $10,000 stake would’ve made you a millionaire and then some — growing to $1,675,000.

And just think — our Texas company could have as much as seven times even that extraordinary upside.

You can make big money, fast...


These are the kind of profits available if you know which small oil and gas companies have big projects in the works.

They drill some holes, prove the oil under their feet, and their stock price takes off and rewards investors with huge gains...

Take Gulfport Energy.

This is another company with operations in West Texas that’s come up in my research.

In early 2009, their stock was dirt-cheap, just $1.56 per share.

By 2014, it had soared all the way up to $75.19.

Here’s what that looked like for shareholders...

A $1,000 investment in Gulfport at the beginning of that run would’ve turned into $48,199.

That’s a 4,720% gain, big enough that a $5,000 stake would’ve grown all the way to more than $240,000 — nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

It’s not too hard to come up with ideas for what to do with that kind of cash.

You could cash in gains of a few hundred to a few thousand percent — again and again...

How would you like a relatively small gain of just 774% — more than eight times your money?

That’s what you could’ve grabbed recently if you’d picked up Texas oil company Diamondback when their shares were trading for just under $16.

You would’ve seen your shares climb from $16, past $25, $50, $100 — all the way up to $139.60...

If you’d joined other Diamondback shareholders in this run, you would’ve seen a $1,000 stake climb all the way up to $8,741.

Put $5,000 in — and you’d be sitting on a nice little $43,707 by the end of the run.

You could’ve also grabbed another big payday from Concho Resources — another small Texas oil company.

They went on a whopper of a run, with share prices soaring from $12.53 to $161.48...

Even a small $500 stake in Concho during this run would have grown to $6,444.

And that $6,444 could’ve grown to $83,043.

This is the kind of tremendous upside you’re tapping into with these little Texas oil stocks.

And frankly, I don’t think any of these companies hold a candle to what we have going on with this little $2 Texas company and their $185 billion discovery.

I’ll give you the full recommendation in a moment, including a link to listen to the call with their executives.

But first, I want to make sure you know what to listen for because there was one more announcement they made — and it was a big one...

This could mean an even faster payday...

Here’s the thing.

There are a ton of deals going on in the Permian right now.

For example, Occidental Petroleum just bought Anadarko Petroleum — another Permian player — for $55 billion in cash and stock.

Concho bought RSP Permian for $9.5 billion.

Marathon bought Andeavor for $23.3 billion.

Money is flowing fast.

And on the call with company management, they said they have a dozen separate appointments lined up with companies that may be interested in buying out their $185 billion worth of oil.

This means we don’t have to wait for oil to come out of the ground to start enjoying our share of the profits.

Insiders hold 27% of the shares of this company. They’ve got skin in the game.

Not only that, they know where their strengths lie.

This is a team of geologists, explorers, and oil industry entrepreneurs.

They’re not trying to build a huge operation.

They want to look at rocks, decide which have oil, prove their hypothesis, and cash out.

And so they’ve put their 100,000-acre, $185 billion oil play on the market. And if they announce they have a buyer, the share price will soar.

This payday is likely less than 12 months away...

The clock is ticking.

It can easily take six months to a year for even a quick acquisition of a public company.

A bigger company sees the potential. They seek to scoop up all that oil at the best price they can get. Even before the deal is announced and goes to shareholders for a vote, meetings have to happen, agreements have to be made, and then everything has to clear compliance and due diligence.

In the meantime, the share price can keep climbing.

And the takeover bid often comes as icing on the cake — with a big overnight spike in the stock price.

The question is: What’s the profit potential in a takeover bid?

Depending on how quickly it happens, our $2 stock could go for less than $2,500 per share.

But for these faster profits, we’re still looking at some pretty big multiples...

For example, when Noble spent $3.8 billion to scoop up Rosetta Resources for its Permian drilling operations, they paid $84,000 per acre, according to a deal analysis by Citi.

That would make our tiny Texas company’s shares worth more than $116 on land value alone.

But the oil is far more important than the land.

And many deals are valued at upwards of $25 per barrel of oil, according to that same Citi analysis.

So let’s imagine what happens if a major oil producer comes in with a lowball offer, just to be conservative. Let’s say they value the 3.7 billion barrels of oil at a tiny $10 per barrel in a takeover bid...

That would make each share worth more than $510.

And remember: As of this writing, you can still grab shares for under $2 a pop.

We’re talking about the potential for 255 times your money on a takeover timeline that could be as little as 12 months away.

Every $1,000 could grow to $255,000 in 12 months...


And remember, this is on the low side of what we could see in under 12 months.

It assumes a fast takeover at an ultra-cheap $10 per barrel of oil.

And it assumes that happens before the stock has a chance to take off for 128,000% growth, as this company’s $150 million value skyrockets to match their $185 billion in oil.

Personally, I’d be happy to wait if it means even bigger profits.

But you don’t want to wait to grab a stake in this company, which I imagine has become a gnawing question for you at this point.

Good news...

I’ll send you a link to instantly download my full recommendation...

I’ve written up my full recommendation for this tiny Texas company that could make you more than 1,200 times your money thanks to this 3.7 billion-barrel discovery in the "Secret Permian."


And yes, this even includes the link to a recording of the conference call with the team, so you can listen in for yourself.

It’s all in an alert I’ve titled "Secret Permian Profits: Every $2 Share Could Grow to $2,500."

And I want to send you the link to download it immediately.

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I like to think of this as giving you a $1,000 stake in this $2 "Secret Permian" stock...

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And how much could you cash out with?

Well, if we see the takeover bid I laid out above send shares soaring by 255 times, that $1,000 stake could grow to a fat $255,000, even within your first year of membership.

And what if the full potential of this $185 billion oil discovery plays out in the share price? Well, your $1,000 savings today could grow into more than $1.9 million in profits in your brokerage account.

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We already saw more than 200% upside in two months on this stock, but that’s just getting started.

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There will be news coming out constantly.

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After all, I just encouraged members to double down right before the call announcing their $185 billion discovery.

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Good investing,

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Keith Kohl
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