Beware the Coming

Market Massacre

Within Months, Trillions of Dollars in American Wealth Will Be Wiped Out...

And 75 Million Americans Will See Their Retirement Dreams Destroyed...


Do you remember what 2008 felt like?

We were in the depths of the Great Recession, which was gripping the American economy by the throat...

399,000 people had already lost their jobs.

The Dow Jones was down by 34% for the year, and it would continue to tumble for months.

And the Fed had dropped rates to rock bottom in a last-gasp Hail Mary play…

It was the darkest time in recent American history.

There were moments there where it felt like the world was falling apart and we'd never see prosperity again.

Since then, we've spent more than a decade trying to forget what it felt like.

But now, it's happening again...

And you'll remember 2019 as the beginning of outright fear and devastation for you, your family, and America. And that fear and devastation will only grow worse throughout a long economic winter.

That is, unless you take urgent action today…

Hello, my name is Christian DeHaemer.

I'm sorry if I've scared you — I truly am. But it's crucial that I bring this urgent warning straight to you, right now, while there's still time to prepare.

You see, a decade from now, economic historians will look back at 2019 as the year of the Market Massacre.

A time of market chaos that will make 2008 and the "tech wreck" of 2000 look like child's play.

How can I be so sure? Because I've seen an omen of crippling financial devastation that will destroy the retirement dreams of 75 million Americans.

It's inside this simple chart:

I'll explain what you're looking at in just a moment. But here's what you need to know for now...

This omen has a 100% hit rate of predicting past crashes and recessions.

No other tool or overpaid economist has more accurately foreseen every period of market chaos over the past 50 years.

And that's precisely why it's so chilling to look at today.

Because right now, it's projecting an imminent crash for the stock market and the American economy.

Again, the omen has been 100% accurate at predicting market crashes.

And now, it's screaming that the next will arrive, fast, within the next few months.

To be clear...

The End of the Bull Market Is Here

In plain English, a financial collapse is on the way that will decimate the retirement hopes of the entire baby boomer generation and millions of other financially responsible Americans.

Many families will be left in shock, asking how bad will it get and when it will end.

But they won't have the answers.

All they'll be able to do is sit back, watch the carnage unfold, and hope that they'll have something left over when the dust settles.

And the closer they are to retirement, the more devastating it will feel.

To be blunt, millions of baby boomers will remember the Market Massacre of 2019 as the deathblow to their retirement dreams.

Frankly, this is a story that we've seen play out time and time again...

Too many Americans suffered through two major market collapses over the last two decades because they hadn't understood what was going on until after the worst had happened.

By the time they knew that they had to protect their portfolios, it was already too late.

If this stirs up memories of 2008 and the other crashes before it, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

And yet this time, it can be different... For you...

You can prepare yourself for the coming massacre right now — today. Before it hits.

You can protect your hard-earned money and retire on your terms, as well off as you already are today — if not much better.

And you could even grow your wealth by taking advantage of the extraordinary opportunities that you'll only find when the market peaks in a spectacular bull market that will end with a bust, like the one we're about to see...

That's exactly the opportunity in front of you today.

Because even if the folks on Capitol Hill could stop the trillions of dollars in wealth destruction that's about to hit America...

Even if they could stop the tsunami of bankruptcies, foreclosures, layoffs, and homelessness...

And even if they could stop the market from tumbling by 50%, 60%, 70%, or more...

They haven't seen, paid attention to, or acknowledged the omen early enough to make a difference.

But you and I are not completely powerless.

We can prepare.

We can protect ourselves and our financial wellbeing.

And we can even profit as the big bust approaches and in its aftermath.

I'll show you how in a moment. But first, let me be clear...

By acting now, we can get ahead of the crisis and stay ahead.

If you've socked away even as little as $25,000 in savings or investments...

If you're retired or hope to do so sometime before 2029...

Or heck, even if you hope to be collecting from Social Security or a pension within the next 10 years...

You must act now to secure your financial future and to protect yourself from the fast-approaching financial devastation.

Please watch this presentation in full to learn...

Why the Imminent Market Massacre Is Unstoppable

Let's look back at that chart:


So, what is it? What does it tell you? I'll explain...

Inside this chart is a key indicator that has accurately predicted the start of every market catastrophe almost to the month. This includes the last two devastating crashes.

I call it "THE OMEN."

And it's simple...

Every time the blue line on this chart dips below zero, that's THE OMEN. That's when a major market nosedive becomes imminent.

I'll share the full details in a moment. But here's all you need to know for now...

The blue line on the chart is a direct way to measure how the Federal Reserve is meddling in the financial markets.

Most people agree that the Fed meddles in the market to try to create economic recoveries. In fact, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke was practically bragging about his meddling in 2009 when he accepted Time magazine's Person of the Year award and had his face plastered on magazine covers across America.

But the Fed meddles the other way, too. It creates market collapses, as you're about to see. And it's always preceded by THE OMEN.

THE OMEN shows up when the Fed's meddling in the markets and economy has triggered the next economic collapse and market crash.

And each time it appears, millions of Americans just like you suffer among the financial carnage.

Of course, Bernanke knew he'd sparked the next OMEN before the housing market crumbled in 2006 and 2007 and also before the stock market fell with it in 2008.

In fact, he even cryptically referred to THE OMEN in March 2006. He admitted that it historically came "in advance of recessions."

But in February 2007, after the housing crisis had started and THE OMEN had clearly predicted a crash, Bernanke said, "We'll see some strengthening in the economy sometime during the middle of the new year."

A bald-faced lie? I'll let you decide...

What matters is that the Federal Reserve had this data and didn't sound the alarm for the innocent Americans who were about to face financial devastation.

In fact, it did the exact opposite. Bernanke told America to have faith in the economy — to have faith in the Fed as the protector of our economic well-being.

But look:

We are rapidly approaching zero again. And we will see THE OMEN within a matter of months. It'll come just in time to ruin your retirement hopes. That is, unless you follow the financial survival plan that I have prepared and am going to share with you shortly.

So, understand this:

  • We can't wait for a warning from current Fed Chairman Jerome Powell to protect ourselves from the coming crisis.
  • Nobody at the Fed really wants you to know what I'm about to tell you.
  • And because every crisis only gives the government an excuse to get bigger and Wall Street a chance to get richer, nobody there will sound the alarm to Main Street U.S.A.

Like last time, they'll wait until after it's happened to do anything about it.

It'll be after a recession hits, after the markets crash, and after millions of Americans have already had their retirement dreams shaken to the core.

Then the Fed will "fix" the problem by funneling your tax dollars into the pockets of its Wall Street cronies.

But thankfully, you'll be able to sidestep it all...

Because I'm here to share the full details on THE OMEN...

To help you see into the future of the imminent economic crisis and to help you prepare.

To be blunt, without this knowledge, your neck will be on the chopping block.

But by the end of this presentation, you'll have the blueprint in your hand to protect yourself, your family, and your financial future...

And maybe even take advantage of the unique opportunities that present themselves when markets start to move — fast...

The Best Way to Understand What THE OMEN Means Today, and It's Not Good, Is to Look at How It Accurately Predicted The Last 2 Major Market Crashes


Of course, I'm not asking you to take me on my word alone. The situation is too urgent and too important to blindly take action or no action at all.

See for yourself... Here's a chart from the dot-com bull and bust of the late 1990s and early 2000s:

The blue line is our measure of the Fed's meddling. And the green line is the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index (TMWX), which measures the value of every stock traded in the U.S.

In March 2000, the blue line dived below zero and triggered THE OMEN. At the same time, the TMWX peaked.

This was the definitive sign that a storm was on the horizon...

And only a month later, in April 2000, the stock market started to crash and would continue to do so for two straight years.

Stocks lost $5 trillion, and the Nasdaq alone collapsed by 78%.

Worse yet, the market didn't recover for almost six years.

Everyday Americans saw their nest eggs cut down by 30%, 40%, even 50%, or more... And many were forced to keep working into their retirements.

Imagine if you'd known about this chart and what it says before the crash. You would've seen THE OMEN. You could've made an informed decision to step back from the market, shelter your savings from the carnage, and protect your nest egg.

That one decision could've been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, just from the losses you didn't take.

You could've sidestepped the carnage, protected your money, and not risked your financial future. You could've even come out ahead through investments that went up when the market went down.

That's the exact opportunity facing you today. And I'll share how in a few minutes...

Now, let me show you the same chart. But this time, you're looking at the 2006 housing crisis and Great Recession:

The blue line is still the Fed's meddling. Although, in this chart, the other line in green is the Case-Shiller Index, which is the most widely followed index of U.S. housing prices.

As you can see, the blue line made a definitive move below zero in November 2006 and triggered THE OMEN — a warning of the devastation to come.

And like clockwork, housing prices in the U.S. immediately began to slide. It stole our hopes, dreams, and practically our wealth from under our feet.

After all, selling stocks when they turn south is easy. But your home? Most of us just had to take it on the chin — if the bank wasn't taking our home from us.

It wasn't until February 2012, almost six years later, that housing prices stopped falling.

And even then, housing prices took another four years to recover to where they were when THE OMEN first appeared and rang the alarm bell. If you'd been relying on your home to fund your retirement, you would have had to wait 10 years longer or take a hit and sacrifice some of your plans.

But it wasn't only housing. We all know what happened to our portfolios. Take a look:

This time, it took a little longer for stocks to peak. But within a year of seeing THE OMEN, stocks started a two-year slide that would become an outright crash.

And even with all the Fed's quantitative easing (QE) programs to pour money into the markets, basically throwing money and cheap credit at an economic recovery, it took another three years for the stock market to recover.

Once again, imagine if you'd had this chart before the crash. You'd have known everything you'd needed to hunker down and protect yourself, even while millions of other Americans were financially ruined.

In a moment, I'm going to show you how to do just that — before the coming Market Massacre. That way, you can stay protected and ride out the crash without taking a knockout blow to your retirement.

Because here's the thing...

THE OMEN Has Accurately Warned of Every Bust Since Before President Reagan Took Office

You've seen with your own eyes that when THE OMEN appears on the chart, trouble is on the way.

In 2000, it took only a month for the stock market to peak and begin its two-year tumble.

In 2007, THE OMEN was sounding the alarm as the housing bubble was peaking. Six months later, stocks began to plummet and take the retirement savings of millions of people with them.

It couldn't be clearer: When THE OMEN arrives, the countdown to when American financial markets will nosedive into the ground begins.

Sometimes, markets peak right away. Other times, it's within a year or so.

But it's not only stocks and housing. THE OMEN is an accurate forecaster for the whole economy.

The same dip below zero has a 100% track record of predicting recessions in the U.S. 12 to 24 months before they register in "official" data.

Even though the official recession data doesn't do much more than tell you that "a tornado hit our economy yesterday," THE OMEN issues accurate warnings before the storm hits.

In fact, you can go back to even before the late President Ronald Reagan moved into the White House, and you'd see how THE OMEN has predicted every single recession. Take a look:

It's undeniable: Every time it appears, the economy starts to stumble.

It showed up in the late 1980s. And by 1991, the Dow had tumbled by 18% over only three months and 1.6 million Americans had lost their jobs.

The same thing happened before the tech wreck. THE OMEN once again appeared. And over the next two years, the Nasdaq would plummet by 78% and wipe out $5 trillion from the markets.

Of course, it foresaw the Great Recession, as well. Just months later, the economy took a turn that would kick 7.8 million Americans out of their jobs and cut the S&P 500 in half.

If you'd seen THE OMEN with your own eyes, understood what it was signaling, and used it to protect yourself ahead of the crash, imagine the pain you'd have avoided and how much further ahead you'd be today.

Don't get me wrong; we can't stop what's coming. It's inevitable. And today, it's imminent.

But we can get prepared for the coming Market Massacre and protect ourselves. I'm going to show you how today...

Now, at this point, all my talk about omens and Market Massacres might have you thinking that I'm some fringe conspiracy theorist who sees images in tea leaves.

But the uncanny accuracy of THE OMEN and its forecasts are drawing attention...

In April 2018, the Wall Street Journal celebrated its "strong track record" and declared this "a leading indicator of recession."

The Financial Times even calls it a "rock star" because of "its uncanny ability to predict recessions"...

And NPR calls it "the recession predictor"...

Whenever we see THE OMEN, recession hits — plain as day. And often, the markets start to crash even before the economy does.

You can call me crazy. You can write me off. You can ignore it. But you're only doing so at your peril...

Now, Here's Why I'm Terrified of What THE OMEN Is Forecasting.

If you're one of the 75 million-plus Americans who hope to be retired by 2029, I think you'll join me in being at least a little anxious about where we're headed...

Take a look:

Our measure of the Fed's meddling peaked close to 3% after the last recession. This meant that the Fed was creating the conditions for the market and economy to expand.

And what do you know? The stock market has only climbed higher since its spring 2009 bottom. The roughly 2%-per-year economic expansion that we've been seeing since the end of the last recession is remarkably close to where our Fed indicator hovered from 2009 through 2015. That's no coincidence.

But the Fed's recent actions have been pushing us toward zero and toward the dreaded OMEN. In 12 months alone, it dropped from 1% to 0.5%. And it keeps on falling...

And for reasons that you're about to learn, I expect we'll cross the zero threshold within a matter of months, at the latest.

Of course, you might be wondering if there's a chance it could reverse.

I'd love to think it would. But if I can just peel back the curtain a bit, I'll tell you that this chart is calculated from the Fed's own interest rate data.

And unless we see an absolute miracle, the latest OMEN could be a matter of weeks — if not days — away.

And as soon as it shows up, buckle up...

Because it'll only be a matter of time before the financial savings and nest eggs of every baby boomer in America will be on the chopping block.

Again, if THE OMEN is correct — and it has a 100% accuracy rate — it'll mean that the markets and economy will begin to collapse within weeks.

The millions who don't take the critical steps to prepare themselves right now are unknowingly putting off retirement for another decade or more. Many may even end up working throughout their golden years as Walmart greeters.

But not you because...

I Will Help You Protect Yourself And Profit During the Coming Crash

Once again, my name is Christian DeHaemer...

I work with Angel Publishing, which is one of the largest independent financial research firms in America. And its goal has always been simple: help everyday folks like you take their slices of the wealth flowing through the U.S.

Of course, that means we find the unconventional moneymaking opportunities — and in the case of today, imminent wealth-destroying events — before the mainstream catches on.

Our team was at the forefront of investing in the renewable energy revolution and the U.S. shale boom. And we were on top of trends in tech stocks that included robotics, nanotech, and biotech...

We've helped investors see what's coming next in technology, energy, and the markets as a whole and also get positioned to profit.

More recently, we were ahead of the curve in profiting from marijuana stocks and cryptocurrencies. We notably took our profits off the table on cryptos before the market collapsed in early 2018.

And importantly, our team has made prescient calls and helped investors protect themselves from the last two major stock market crashes.

That's why our readers regularly write in with kind messages, like this one from Irwin G.:

"I've seen Chris in action before and he knows this business inside out. It's hard to go wrong with [him]."

Today's warning is only the latest in a string of accurate predictions. And these predictions will help you in preserving and growing your wealth.

But where do these predictions come from? Specifically, how did I discover THE OMEN? And what makes me so confident in its predictions?

Here's the quick story...

It starts during my time as an active investor and investment researcher throughout the early '00s.

Like many, I spent a lot of my time searching for the next big winner for my portfolio. And I had a lot of success. I made a lot of money.

But I couldn't help but feel uneasy when the markets started to look weak in 2006...

The dot-com bubble and subsequent devastating crash were still fresh in my mind.

And my gut feeling had always helped me in making money before, so there was no reason that it wouldn't help me in protecting it, too.

That's when I began to look for a telltale sign that the markets were about to nosedive...

I started by looking backward to see why the market crashed and how I could be even better prepared for the next one.

So, while I was helping investors here at Angel Publishing outperform the general market, I spent my nights trying to pin down a thorough, but simple, model for understanding bulls and busts.

In plain English, I wanted to find the definitive signal that could predict when the markets were strong and, more importantly, when they were about to nosedive and wreak havoc on folks like you.

So, I pored over reams of data. I looked at how others had tried, and usually failed, to predict the future of the markets.

Until finally, after too many sleepless nights, I uncovered a simple, but powerful and extremely reliable, indicator. It was something so obvious that every American should have it. Anyone with access to the Federal Reserve's own public data could use it to predict the next crash...

That's what I call THE OMEN today...

And remember, it's 100% accurate at predicting recessions and market tumbles. It goes back as far as Reagan's administration.

By 2008, I'd taken a defensive posture and advised others to do the same. I dug out my own foxhole and fell by only 10%.

While millions suffered massive losses that took years to recover from, it didn't take me long to get back to even. And I was in a position to get much richer in the bull market that followed.

But I looked around and saw how the crash had forced folks I knew and loved to draw down their 401(k) savings just to avoid finding themselves out on the streets. I saw how people lost their homes and had no choice but to work longer because they could no longer retire.

I saw so many hardworking Americans whose finances were effectively cut off at the knees and were forced to take desperate measures to get by.

Heck, I saw too many friends and loved ones who spent months, even years, suffering from the aftermath of the crash.

I kicked myself for not doing more to sound the alarm...

I Made the Decision:
If I Ever Saw THE OMEN Again, I'd Sound the Alarm. This Is Your Alarm!

At that moment, I swore I'd provide everyday folks like you and me with a warning before we faced another imminent financial crisis.

That's why I'm ringing the alarm bells now, even at the threat of THE OMEN to come.

And remember, the so-called "economists" at the Fed, and the self-titled "experts" in Washington, say you can't predict the busts. But you've already seen for yourself that we can predict the busts by looking at the Fed's own charts. And crucially, we can use this information to make the smart financial decisions to protect our retirements...

Here's the Secret Behind THE OMEN And Its Uncanny Accuracy at Predicting An Imminent Market Crash


If you really want to understand how to protect yourself, and even lock in the outsize gains that you'd only find in a tumbling market, you first have to understand what THE OMEN is signaling...

Of course, it won't surprise you. It'll all come down to the banks.

If there's a storm on the horizon, the chances are that it was created by banks' hot air.

But what you really need to understand is how they make their profits.

You see, banks make money by offering loans. And the chart that I've been showing you measures how easy it is for banks to profit by making loans with money that they borrow from the Fed.

When the Fed wants to grow the economy, it makes it easy for banks to profit. It offers plenty of cheap credit and debt to banks. And banks, in turn, do the same for everyone else. They're borrowing money cheaply, compared to what they'd make by lending it out. And they make easy profits on what's called "the spread."

But then, the Fed flips its strategy. It claims it doesn't want the economy to grow too fast. So, the Fed makes it more expensive for banks to borrow money.

While that's happening, it isn't as easy for banks to profit from this game of borrowing from Peter to lend to Paul. Banks then lend less and start to hold more cash. It's a defensive move to ensure that they're not left holding the bag as the economy tightens.

And then, the Fed decides that it wants to trigger a crash.

Now, I don't know if that's what it actually says behind closed doors. In the Fed's speeches and press releases, it uses thick jargon to basically say it's trying to prevent the economy from overheating.

But it effectively makes it far less profitable for banks to make riskier loans. When our indicator goes below zero, and THE OMEN is revealed, something crazy happens. Banks' safest profits come from borrowing from the Fed and lending to Uncle Sam.

So, banks aggressively call in their riskiest loans. Homes are foreclosed on. Cars are repossessed. And all kinds of loans are suddenly shut down with the debtor asked to pay up or show up in bankruptcy court.

And the worst part is this doesn't only punish the debtors. Financially responsible Americans like you and me are also on the chopping block while these forces beyond our control cause markets and the economy to tumble.

This strategy shift by the banks always sends shockwaves throughout the economy.

Banks start to call in loans. Credit dries up. And markets panic.

The same individuals, businesses, and even governments that have borrowed to live high on the hog are suddenly forced to cut spending. Their expendable cash falls off a cliff. And every part of the economy that's thrived, and even depended, on debt collapses.

That's when you have a full-blown, take-no-prisoners credit crisis. This is something that devastates millions of Americans and always takes its nastiest bite from those preparing to retire.

And let me be clear, it doesn't matter whether you're in New York or rural Nebraska — there's no getting away from a credit crisis like this. You can't run; you can't hide.

Investors like you and me need to be prepared.

That's why I urge you to take the protective steps that I'll share with you in just a moment. This way, you'll be able to sidestep the carnage, protect your savings, and maybe even be better off a few years from now than you would've been otherwise.


The Market Massacre of 2019 Will Be the BIGGEST Economic Storm To Ever Hit America

Why? Because America, and the rest of the world, is in deeper debt than ever before...

Booms and busts used to come from business cycles. One sector would get hot. And money would flow in until there's more investment than opportunity. Then prices would go down as money flowed into the next hot sector.

That's the traditional business cycle, a hallmark of free markets, and it doesn't exist anymore.

Today, our economy runs on credit cycles. And expansion only comes from pumping more and more credit into the system.

That's what the Fed's quantitative easing was all about. The only way we got out of the last crisis was through an emergency injection of credit into the American financial system to the tune of trillions of dollars of stimulus.

The Fed took emergency measures to make credit dirt-cheap. They'd known that banks and corporations would use that cheap credit to profit, profit, profit... and that consumers would take on ever more debt to buy, buy, buy.

It's created the "everything bubble."

Every investment — stocks, bonds, real estate, everything — went up in lockstep. After the 2009 bottom, it was hard to do wrong as an investor. As long as you'd had at least some of your retirement savings invested, you were growing your wealth.

But that's all about to change...

The Fed, the architect of this so-called "prosperity," has maxed out its credit. Ever since the '80s, it's been pumping up the American economy by driving interest rates through the floor. This made it cheaper and cheaper to live off more and more debt. But now, it's hit the ground floor and can't go any lower:

To make credit any cheaper, it'd literally have to pay banks to borrow money.

That's a far cry from the double-digit mortgage rates of the '80s.

Because cheaper credit has been its main tool to fight recent crises, it means that the Fed will need interest rates to go up dramatically to have any hope of using the same tool to fight the next crisis.

But as I said, its current course of raising rates will trigger the next crisis within months.

That's the last day of the Fed's last meeting of the year. And it's promised the rate increases that you now know will reveal THE OMEN...

The Fed Is Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place With Interest Rates. But Still, It Gets Worse...

2008 was not a garden-variety credit crisis. The Fed took unprecedented measures to bring us back from the brink.

Because in 2008, it discovered that cheap credit wasn't enough to resuscitate the economy. So, it doubled down with bailouts, direct asset purchases, and other meddling in the markets.

But here's the thing... That, too, has its limits. The Fed essentially had to create money out of thin air to do that. It borrowed from the future to the tune of $3 trillion.

This shows up on its "balance sheet," which sounds rather innocent.

But the bigger its balance sheet, the more risk the Fed faces from market catastrophe.

Today the Fed's balance sheet is so large that it's almost crippling it:

The Fed pushed interest rates to unprecedented lows — scraping zero. It pushed its balance sheet to unprecedented highs: over $4 trillion. That's over four times what it was at the start of the last crisis and about 20% of our entire economy.

And even then, the recovery hasn't been strong enough for the Fed to reset and prepare for the next crash...

Even the Fed's Meager Efforts At Preparing for the Next Crash Are Already Pushing Us Closer

Then what? Then the "everything bull" will turn into the "everything bust."

And every investment that's been being pumped up by decades of cheaper credit will come crashing back down. That includes stocks, bonds, housing — almost every industry in every market. Everything crashes hand in hand. And most investors will struggle to find any type of safe haven.

Investors will rush the proverbial fire doors in a panic. And most will struggle to get out before it's too late.

But not you, if you take the steps that I'm going to share with you in just a moment.

Of course, you might think that 2008 was as bad as it can get. But it wasn't even close. In fact, it was only a preview of what's to come...

Because this time around, the Fed is essentially starting the crisis out empty-handed.

And it's all while Americans, American businesses, and the American government are in far worse shape than we were going into the last crisis...

The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall: America Is More Reliant on Debt Than Ever Before

The Great Recession is likely the worst financial crash you've ever had to endure.

No one could blame you for worrying about whether you'd ever have enough money to retire or if you'd end up working all the way to the grave.

It was so bad that millions of Americans started to worry, and rightly so, about how secure Social Security, Medicare, and their pension programs really were. And they began to wonder whether or not the government would live up to their promises even though you'd already spent decades putting money into the pot.

Simply put, money looked like it was running out.

Now, that was over 10 years ago. And I must tell you, everything's only gotten worse ever since.

The same rotten foundation that brought the markets crashing down around us back then is getting ready to collapse under its own weight again.

Of course, I'm talking about our unprecedented levels of debt. To be blunt, America is buckling under it.

Take a look:

Government debt... all-time highs:

And a quick note: That chart barely scratches the surface.

First, it's because the $20 trillion in debt that it shows only reflects federal debt. If you'd pile on state and local government debt, the number would only balloon.

Second, and far worse, when you add in all the promises that the government has made with entitlements and pensions, you'd be looking at tens of trillions more in debt. By some measures, it's over $100 trillion in debt. That's more than $300,000 in government debt for every man, woman, and child in America.

That alone could trigger a bigger catastrophe than even my most dire warnings suggest. Imagine the day when the U.S. government shows up in bankruptcy court, unable to pay for Social Security and Medicare. What would that do to America?

But the government isn't alone in racking up all this debt.

Corporate debt... all-time highs:

Automotive debt... all-time highs:

Student debt... All. Time. Highs:

Even mortgage debt is hitting new highs, despite actual homeownership rates plummeting ever since the housing crisis:

We've never carried such a large debt burden. And it's about to break the back of our economy and trigger the Market Massacre of 2019.

Even if you forget about all the unfunded obligations that Washington has put us on the hook for, America is still in over $70 trillion worth of debt. That's well over $200,000 per person. To put that $70 trillion into perspective, all the business and government transactions in our entire economy for a whole year — our gross domestic product (GDP) — doesn't even add up to $20 trillion.

Of course, we're not alone, either...

The world has never been so suffocated by so much debt before. Take a look:

That's why this Massacre won't only decimate America but also the globe, too. It's an economic extinction event...

This Next Crisis Could Reshape the Face of the Global Economy — Even the Balance of Power


And if you're not prepared, your hopes of retiring or returning to life as you know it would be crippled when the storm finally makes landfall.

That's why I'm going to give you the exact steps you'll need to take today to keep your retirement dreams.

Because frankly, you don't even need to imagine how painful the coming crash will get. You can just think back to 2008 or even the tech wreck of 2000.

You see, few know it, but the dot-com bubble burst was a direct result of a credit crisis like the one that will strike with the Market Massacre of 2019.

Low interest rates from the Fed made credit easy to get. Cheap and easy credit from banks and Silicon Valley venture capitalists (VC) pumped up any stock that had any ties to the newly flourishing internet. They piled money into any dot-com firm, even if they hadn't booked a single dollar in revenue.

It was madness, and everyone was getting involved. It was even reported that people were quitting their jobs to day trade tech stocks.

There was a lot of money made. But it was lost just as fast, and then some, when credit tightened and the market turned. Just imagine if you could've seen the crash coming... You could've profited from the excesses of the bubble and skipped the losses altogether.

Here's the same chart from 2000 that I showed you earlier:


You can see THE OMEN in early 2000. That's when banks and VCs began to tighten their purse strings.

Credit dried up. And many dot-com stocks began to fail. One company,, went out of business only nine months after its initial price offering (IPO).

The market followed. And by the time it hit rock bottom two years later, the Nasdaq had lost 78% of its value. Of course, the tech wreck was only a preview of what would come in 2008...

The Great Recession was almost a knockout blow for millions of Americans who'd suffered through it. For many, it was the blow that wiped out their dreams of retiring with the same lifestyle they'd enjoyed at the time.

Of course, if you'd seen THE OMEN before the crash, you could've at least figuratively gotten out of town before the storm. It slashed 7.5 million American jobs; stripped $16 trillion from regular folks like you, that's $137,000 per household; and cut the S&P 500 in half.

But look, we now know with 100% certainty that...

2001 Was a Preview to 2008
And 2008 Was a Preview to The Market Massacre of 2019

And to see how bad it could get, look no further than the Asian financial crisis of 1997...

It spread throughout developed economies like Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, and even into Hong Kong and Japan.

You see, after years of easy money, banks and lenders started to call in loans early. And within a matter of months, their economies were in free-fall.

Indonesia and South Korea led the way. Both of their stock markets nosedived by 49% between the start of the crisis in July and Christmas. That's right — the savings and investments of millions were cut in half within only five months.

But this wasn't the most shocking fallout from the crisis...

The tumbling economy forced children out of education and into work. And many even ended up on the street.

The region even saw curfews in major cities, a rise in women being forced into prostitution, and sick folks turning to traditional healers and self-treatment because they could no longer afford health care.

Most Americans couldn't imagine this happening and don't even think it could happen here in the States. But we've already experienced two devastating financial crashes over the past 20 years. And now, we know that an even more dangerous economic storm is just over the horizon.

And look, it may seem like the economy is doing well right now. If you're like me, you've seen your portfolio moving in only one direction for the last few years. And remember, that's because of the "everything bubble."

But the "everything bust" is right around the corner...

The only real reason that our economy looks like it's doing well is because we've been borrowing prosperity from the future.

But as soon as THE OMEN hits, all this debt will become a drag on the banks' books. And that's when the storm will start blowing — HARD! That's when the American economy will go into a full-blown credit crisis.

The banks will start tightening credit to businesses and individuals. Debt will be called in or not refinanced. And then the stage will be set...

Spending will slow. Employment will tank. And markets will fall through the floor.

It'll practically be a blueprint for financial Armageddon.

We've seen it before. And now, you know we're about to see it again. You can see THE OMEN fast approaching:


It could hardly be clearer.

But where does it start? My bet is on corporate debt.

You see, for almost a decade now, corporations have used easy credit to manipulate their stock prices instead of investing in innovation and job creation.

As the Financial Times says: "Cheap borrowing has funded dividends, stock buybacks, and M&A."

So, even though everything looks great on the surface — and everyone's getting very rich — these companies are drowning in debt. And now, their years of excess are catching up to them.

The debt that should have been funneled into research and economic expansion will only get heavier and heavier.

Until we see THE OMEN. And that'll be when the weight of the debt will become impossible to bear. And it'll usher in the coming Market Massacre.

Of course, it could start elsewhere, like a so-call "black swan" event like a terrorist attack, trouble in some smaller European economy, or something else completely.

But no matter where it starts, corporate debt will be what pours the gasoline on a small house fire that'll quickly engulf the entire neighborhood.

Either way, investors like you and me need to be prepared. You need to protect your portfolio and retirement nest egg before we see THE OMEN and before the coming economic storm hits hard.

Because with virtually every significant kind of debt at all-time highs, the coming collapse will be the most painful yet.

And the devastation will last well beyond 2019...

Many — in fact, I'd say most — of the 75 million baby boomers who want to retire before 2029 will have their lives turned upside down. They'll be forced to turn to family for help. Some will even have to move in with their children. And there's no telling when, or even if, they'll be able to recover to the same financial health and lifestyle that they enjoy today.

Worse yet, they'll suffer through this collapse while some of their friends and neighbors come out unscathed because they saw it coming.

Thankfully, because you're hearing this now, you'll get to make the decision while there's still time to prepare. But I won't lie to you: This is the most important decision you'll have to make over the next 12 months.

You can choose to ignore the steps that I'll give you in a moment. And you can choose to be caught dangerously exposed when the financial storm hits.

Or you can keep watching this presentation and discover exactly how to ride out the crash in one piece, save your retirement, and even be better off than you are today...

I Can Help You Prepare for the Coming Massacre So You Won't Have to Sacrifice Your Retirement or Quality of Life

If you want to be prepared, here's how...

Once again, I lost only 10% of my portfolio in 2008 while the broader market tumbled by 50%. And when the recovery came, I got much richer.

And it was all because I saw THE OMEN and knew that I had to take urgent action to protect my wealth.

But that was a decade ago. Since then, I've tweaked and optimized my investing strategy for both good and bad times. And it'll not only help protect your wealth but also multiply it, too.

I knew it was only a matter of time before we'd face another financial crisis. So, I've dedicated the past 10 years to ensuring that I'll have a clear plan of action to protect my money and get ahead when it happens.

And now that the next bust is imminent, I want to share my plan with you...

I call it the "3 'P' Action Plan."

It's specifically designed to help you lock up your retirement savings and portfolio in your own "fortress." This way, your money will be untouched by the coming storm — no matter how bad it gets.

Better yet, it'll help you scoop up both the bull and bust opportunities that we'll be seeing over the coming months. And it'll help get you out safely with a handsome profit.

So, what are these three "Ps"?

"P" No. 1: Prepare

The first "P" is prepare.

It means knowing that a market collapse on par with, and likely much worse than, the tech wreck and the Great Recession is coming — starting with the Market Massacre of 2019. In fact, it means knowing precisely when you'll need to start trimming your portfolio...

Because it's one thing to know when the markets are about to nosedive into the abyss. It's another to pull your portfolio back from the brink of destruction. And yes, your portfolio will be decimated if you've seen the data that I've shown you today and still don't act on it.

You'll need to know the stocks and other investments to dump immediately.

Because even though the broad market could lose 30%, 50%, and even 70% of its value within a matter of months, there will be some stocks that will do much worse and some that will do better.

Take the official window of the Great Recession, from 2007 to 2009, for example...

If you'd cleared your portfolio of every mediocre and questionable stock before the crash and stuck with quality companies like McDonald's and Walmart instead, your wealth would be exactly where it was before the crash. That's before the S&P 500 plummeted by 36%.

You'd be better off because of the losses that you didn't take. And you would've been ready to get much richer over the following 10-year bull market.

In fact, by dumping certain stocks and holding onto high-quality investments, you could've even grown your savings while every one of your neighbors saw their retirement nest egg dwindling.

While the market had lost over a third of its value, you could've been up by 53% in Dollar Tree, 45% in AutoZone, and 36% in Panera Bread.

Right now, there are many stocks that look great from the outside but are rotten to the core. And they'll be the first to tumble when the economic storm hits.

They're not the first stocks you'd think of, either, like General Electric or Tesla. They're found in many investors' portfolios. And that could include yours.

Now, I'm not going to reveal which companies you need to drop — right now, today — in this presentation. Instead, I've put them in the "Prepare" section of a free urgent investor dossier that I've created to help folks like you in navigating the coming economic storm.

It's called: "Market Massacre: Survive and Prosper From the Most Devastating Market of Your Lifetime." And you'll get your free copy of this dossier in just a moment...

But right now, I need to be clear...

The first "P," prepare, will help you to understand what's going on. More importantly, it'll show you which popular stocks you'll need to eliminate from your portfolio before the crash. And it'll help you be much better off by letting you sidestep the carnage that millions of other Americans will be forced to suffer. But that'll only be the beginning...

You'll fare best if you're more proactive. So, let's move on to the second "P"...

"P" No. 2: Protect

It's to protect your wealth, but that doesn't mean liquidating all your stocks and sitting on the sidelines.

We fully expect THE OMEN and the resulting massacre to arrive within months. But you won't want to be sitting on the sideline for months, not making any money at all until the storm hits.

You'll want to be growing your wealth right up until it arrives.

You'll stay 100% protected with investments that are shielded from the whims and emotions of Wall Street traders and America's retail investors.

You see, in an "everything bull" like we're living through today, almost everything moves in lockstep with the market. But there are investments that zig when the market zags — that go up when the market goes down.

Why? Because they have real value that frightened investors look for in choppy waters.

You can touch them, unlike Google. And they'll always be needed, no matter what the market looks like — unlike the trinkets that people buy from Amazon.

In a nutshell, you'll only be invested in real-world physical goods — or the companies that make them — that you can touch and hold...

Not Facebook, not IBM, and not Twitter.

I'm talking about zinc, lead, timber, and agricultural products.

But it's not only commodities like these, either...

Companies that provide vital services to modern-day society are rock-solid recession-proof investments, as well. We'll be looking to profit from payment processors, infrastructure operators, and a handful of other overlooked stocks.

Not to mention gold, silver, and platinum. In fact, I've already issued an early copy of this urgent investment dossier to my readers. And we're already seeing incredible returns...

We're up by 201% on a silver producer, 151% on a gold miner, and 242% on another silver firm:

That's along with a 70% winner on a lumber play and a 90% gain from a payment processor:

Now, I won't tell you the ticker symbols here. You'll get them when you claim your free copy of "Market Massacre: Survive and Prosper From the Most Devastating Crash of Your Lifetime." But here's what I can say: They're still in the open portfolio because they've got a lot of room to run as we get closer to the imminent market collapse. And they'll have even more room when other investors start to pile into safe investments.

Not only that, but there are also new and unseen investment recommendations inside the dossier that are still on the ground floor and ready to help in growing your wealth.

Of course, you could also choose to go it alone and prepare your portfolio by yourself. You'd need to read through stacks of papers, look at fundamental financial data, quality of the products, the team behind them, and much more. And even then, you may have missed something crucial that would make or break the investment.

Or you can claim your free copy of the "Market Massacre" dossier, where I've already selected the specific, robust stocks that you'll need to be in.

I'll show you how to access this report in a moment. But right now, we need to look at the third, and most exciting, "P"...

"P" No. 3: Profit

This is where we take advantage of the real profit opportunities in the market during volatile times. Here's what I mean...

Ninety percent of your portfolio will be secure and protected in safe stocks that the mainstream will pile into for safety when the storm arrives. But the remaining 10% will be in the most lucrative opportunities that could double, triple, or quadruple your money — even before the bust.

You see, as the massacre approaches, there'll be some last-minute opportunities on the market to collect huge profits from. And that's because every bull has to froth over before it turns into a bust. We'll be there to profit as it does. And once the good times are over, we'll shift our focus to profiting as the market goes down, as well.

In fact, there's no telling how high, and how fast, your investments could move in a chaotic market.

I can tell you from experience: These kinds of gains are what produce a legacy of wealth that your family will enjoy for generations to come.

And it's because they're incredible profit opportunities that are driven by unstoppable trends.

They're the stocks behind cutting-edge, world-changing technology. They're the firms with strangleholds on critical minerals with huge demand. They're the companies that governments funnel money into — in ever-increasing amounts.

The bottom line is that plays like these have the potential to be staggeringly profitable for you and me. In fact, it isn't unusual to multiply your money by 10 times, 20 times, or even 30 times through them. I'll prove it...

Remember the early copy of "Market Massacre: Survive and Prosper From the Most Devastating Market Crash of Your Lifetime" that I mentioned?

Well, that same copy contained profit opportunities that are paying down homes, cars, and even boats.

We're talking enough to turn $10,000 into $262,800. That's more than a quarter of a million dollars. Take a look:

Once again, I can't tell you exactly what this investment is. But you'll find out as soon as you read through the urgent investor dossier that I've prepared for you. That's along with these plays that still have ample room to run

That's a 1,040% gain, which would have been good enough to grow a $10,000 investment into $114,000:

Here's a 528% gain that my readers are sitting on right now. Although most other investors would sell, we're waiting for it to get even bigger:

And this is a 163% gain that we made from the soaring demand of one of the world's rarest and most important metals:

In fact, I've just added three new plays to the urgent investment dossier that could repeat the staggering gains you've just seen.

Once again, the specific investment plays that you'll need to make to book gains as high as 2,528% throughout the coming choppy waters are inside your free copy of "Market Massacre: Survive and Prosper From the Most Devastating Crash of Your Lifetime."

This dossier contains everything you'll need to prepare for, protect against, and profit from the financial crash that's about to strike America. You'll get a front-row seat to the late-stage bull market opportunities hiding in the market. And you'll get even richer when you profit from the upcoming volatile bust.

Put simply, the American economy is about to have its own Hurricane Katrina. It'll be devastating. And any American — your neighbors, friends, and even family — could have everything they've built since 2008 destroyed.

But you won't...

You'll be safely positioned to make it through the storm unscathed. And you'll come out better on the other side. You'll be able to take control of the chaos to build a brighter future from the bust.

And it'll all be because you had the urgent "Market Massacre" dossier in your hands...

For Today Only, You Can Get Your Copy With No Obligation and No Risk Whatsoever


All I ask is that you take out a trial run of Bull and Bust Report — without risking a cent.

Bull and Bust Report is the only place you'll get my guidance throughout the Market Massacre of 2019 — to safety and profit opportunities in the market.

That's what's most important for you. In fact, it's crucial now that we're at the end of this economic cycle. To be blunt, most other investors won't even see the crash coming. And that's why they'll be left holding the bag and crippled when it does.

Instead of digging out their own foxholes, they'll be first in line when the Market Massacre strikes. They'll scramble to hold onto everything they've worked so hard to create. And when the dust settles, they'll have no choice but to push their retirement plans out another five, 10, and even 15 years...

Instead of enjoying their golden years playing golf, visiting friends and family, taking a road trip across the country, they'll still be working their nine-to-fives. And that'll only be if they're lucky. Most might not even have a job to go back to after the impending economic collapse.

But you'll know what's coming and how to play it because you'll be a member of my Bull and Bust Report...

But that's only one benefit of subscribing...

Members also enjoy more tailored, targeted, and time-limited opportunities for the smaller bull markets and even mini-manias that always happen as part of the market's bigger bull-and-bust trend.

For example, I guided my readers to a 1,065% gain from Bitcoin in the recent cryptocurrency craze:

That would have been enough to turn $10,000 into $116,500. Just imagine what that would have meant for your retirement savings. That trade, and the many more that we'll tally up together later, could have transformed the next few decades of your life.

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That's not hyperbole, either. I've seen firsthand how Bull and Bust Report has transformed the lives of everyday Americans like you...

Steve S., a CPA in Pittsburgh, wrote in to say:

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We recently covered a range of situations, like...

  • Rising global oil prices, and how to tap into the Saudi's cash.
  • The collapse of the U.S. and global economy. And the investments that will protect your wealth.
  • Rising gas prices, and how to take advantage of China's unquenchable thirst for liquid natural gas (LNG).
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  • And much, much more...

Of course, you'll also be kept up to date on the imminent crash and, critically, the steps you'll be taking to minimize your risk while you're maximizing your profits.

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In short...

Bull and Bust Report Is Your Personal Guide to Riding Out the Coming Market Massacre Unscathed And Coming Out of It Richer Than You Are Today

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Now, Let Me Give You More Resources To Protect Yourself and Your Wealth And Also Profit During the Coming Crash

It's crucial to prepare for the crash ahead. It'll be devastating for those who don't. So, along with your subscription to Bull and Bust and the "Market Massacre" dossier, here are two more bonus reports that you'll get for simply agreeing to a 30-day test-drive of my newsletter...

Bonus Report No. 1: "The Anti-Crash Asset With 4X Profit Potential."

If I'm right about the coming market crash, and all the signs say I am, it'll be devastating to millions of Americans.

But even in the middle of a crisis, there are still investments that do well.

And not just well. There are plays that can help you come out on the other side far richer and closer to retirement than you are today.

You see, there's a certain type of investment that gains from market chaos...

I'm not talking about trading the VIX, precious metals like gold and silver, or any kind of short sell.

I mean stocks and assets that steadily rise in good times but sharply shoot even higher when the market panics.

In fact, there's no clearer proof than what this investment did the last two times that the S&P 500 tumbled by 50%:

Every dollar you put into this asset in 2000 would be worth almost $4 after the 2008 crisis — without a single down year.

Better yet, this happens because of human nature. There are no algorithms, no investment models, and no government meddling to worry about.

It's simply a result of investors diving into their foxholes when the market finally begins to crash.

And here's the thing: With the scale of the coming crash, this asset will become even more precious to investors looking for safety. And that means it only stands to churn out faster profits for those who invested ahead of the trend.

That's why now, just before the market turns, is the perfect time to get into this play — because investors will start to pile in when the market turns. But by then, it'll be too late.

I've prepared a special report that explains exactly what it is and how to get in before the market collapse. It's called, "The Anti-Crash Asset With 4X Profit Potential." And it'll be in your hands as soon as you take out your trial run of Bull and Bust.

Now, here's another way to make big profits in the coming chaos, starting today...


Bonus Report No. 2: "The Duty-Free Portfolio: Profit From Trump's Trade War"

You can never ignore current events, especially when you're standing on a cliff's edge.

That's why I've been keeping a close eye on President Donald Trump's trade war.

There's practically an escalation with every tweet, which sends ripple effects throughout the market. This is having an impact on hundreds of billions of dollars in trade. And that, in turn, is creating opportunities for investors.

I've identified five stocks that stand to deliver a windfall of wealth as the trade war heats up and stand to hand you even more profits as the economy crashes after THE OMEN.

Some of these are thinly traded stocks. And even modest coverage could cause big moves upward in the stocks. I can only share them with a small number of investors, so I don't want to say too much and give them away. But I expect at least one of them to reach tenbagger status — fast...

Starting before the coming Market Massacre.

You get the full details inside, "The Duty-Free Portfolio: Profit From Trump's Trade War"...

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