How to Get “Kennedy Rich” from the End of Pot Prohibition

Each of these three stocks could make you a millionaire


Hi, my name is Jeff Siegel.  

And ever since I started recommending pot stocks to my readers in 2015, we’ve made a small fortune.

What kind of a fortune? Let me share a few details...

I helped readers double their money on Aurora Cannabis in just 14 days.  

And double it again on Aleafia Health in 15 days.  

And again on Canopy Growth in 35 days.

In fact, readers who followed my explicit buy and sell recommendations have made double their money (or better) 11 times over in the last three years from simply buying and selling stocks — no options or other risky trading tools required.

That’s 11 times you could’ve put $5,000 in and pulled at least $10,000 out.

And there’s more...

Because on two separate legal marijuana stocks, I’ve also helped readers make 12 times their money twice...

That means every $1,000 grew to more than $12,000.  

Every $2,000 turned into more than $24,000.

Every $20,000 into nearly a quarter million.

And yet, we’ve made even more.

Following my simple buy and sell advice, you could’ve cashed out with over 30 times your money on a single pot stock play.

If you put $5,000 in, you would’ve walked away with over $150,000.  

Even just a $35,000 portfolio would’ve grown to more than $1 million — from just this one stock.

And here’s some better news...

Your next shot at becoming a millionaire starts right now...

Keep reading for the full details.

Because we have three more even bigger profit opportunities about to hit.

You see, pot prohibition is nearly at its end — pot will be fully legal in the United States in under three years.

And because of this nonstop march toward full federal legalization, you have at least three more windfall profit opportunities.

I’m going to tell you about three NEW marijuana stocks you can buy today...

Three stocks I believe will beat our already astounding gains as pot becomes 100% legal in America...  

Three stocks that won’t merely deliver another round of the 1,174%, 1,185%, or even 3,016% gains we already have in the books but even more.

That means you have three more shots at making more than 30 times your money in the next three years...

Three more shots at becoming a millionaire, and then some, with the right marijuana stocks.

It all comes down to one simple idea: 

When laws and government policies change, you can get really rich...

This has been true since the earliest days of America — up through today’s marijuana laws.

George Washington was more than a great president and military general.  

He was also a real estate speculator.  

And when our government decided to move the nation’s capital to just up the Potomac River from his Virginia estate, his thousands of acres of land shot up in value.

That one government decision helped him become the richest American of his time.

Cornelius Vanderbilt, one of the richest men in history, started his fortune thanks to a change in steamboat law.  

In 1820, he went to the Supreme Court to fight a state-sponsored monopoly on steamboat navigation — and won.

That was the beginning of his transportation empire — and what would become, in today’s money, a $185 billion fortune.

But, my favorite story of getting rich fast comes from the repeal of Prohibition in America — and the beginnings of the Kennedy family dynasty.

Here’s why this story is so important today...

The end of pot prohibition is giving us our own shot at these riches...

I’ll get back to the Kennedy story in a moment because it’s the perfect blueprint for making you a millionaire three times over from the three best marijuana stocks you can buy today.

Here’s what you need to understand first: 

I see this as the biggest opportunity of our lifetimes. A no-brainer opportunity for everyday Americans to grab their share of riches from one massive change in a U.S. law.

What kind of riches are up for grabs?

Well, we just grabbed gains of 1,174%, 1,185%, and 3,016% using this blueprint to profit from Canada’s legalization.  

That’s 30 times your money in booked gains for investors just like you, who read a presentation just like this one.

And we’re just getting started...   

Because I expect that when the U.S. government moves to end marijuana prohibition, we’ve got a shot at gains that dwarf even those outstanding profits.

After all, the U.S. marijuana market will be 10 times the size of Canada’s according to the Financial Post.

And I’m about to share with you not one but three more shots at making yourself a millionaire off America’s massive marijuana market following this simple, proven blueprint for profiting from the end of prohibition...

Our blueprint comes from Joe Kennedy — and how he launched the family dynasty...

On September 26, 1933, Colorado became the 24th state to ratify the amendment to repeal the prohibition of alcohol in the United States.

Twelve more states needed to ratify the amendment for Prohibition to officially end.

But Joseph P. Kennedy was already aboard the S.S. Europa, on his way from New York to London.

With Kennedy was James Roosevelt, firstborn son of FDR.

It may have looked like a pleasure cruise, but these boys meant business.

In London, they met with England’s Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald and two of his successors: Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill.

But more importantly, they had lunch with the director of The Distillers Company conglomerate — makers of Europe’s favorite brands of gin and scotch.

No doubt, traveling with the son of the sitting U.S. President helped Kennedy’s business interests.

Because by the time he got back to the states, Joe Kennedy had an exclusive contract to import three of The Distillers Company’s biggest brands — Gordon’s Gin and Dewar’s and Haig & Haig Scotches.

Not only that, Kennedy had used his Washington connections to snag a “medicinal liquor permit.”

This let him skirt Prohibition laws and start importing immediately — even before Prohibition’s repeal.

This was the perfect setup for windfall profits...

Kennedy’s company, Somerset Importers, set up shop in Linden, New Jersey, a suburb of New York City.

And with Prohibition still in full effect, they sailed ships full of gin and scotch right through New York Harbor.

They bottled and stored the liquor, and waited.

It didn’t take long, though.

On December 5, 1933, Utah provided the last-needed ratification of Prohibition’s repeal.

Liquor was legal again — and Somerset was in business.

And because he acted before the end of prohibition, Joseph P. Kennedy — the patriarch of the Kennedy family dynasty — started raking it in from day one.

The estimated $16 million Kennedy made from the end of Prohibition would be worth over $300 million today.

This windfall wealth put them in the lap of luxury.

And this plan to profit off the end of prohibition played a critical role in creating the Kennedy riches and political influence.

Today, 85 years later, we’re looking at the next big Kennedy-style profit opportunity.

And it might just make you a millionaire...

Now is your shot at massive profits from the end of pot prohibition...


It’s no secret that marijuana is well on its way to being legal in the United States.

  • Thirty-three states have already legalized medicinal marijuana.
  • Ten states plus Washington, D.C. have fully legalized pot for recreational purposes.
  • And another 14 states have decriminalized possession and use.

Every major candidate for the 2020 presidential election supports some level of legalization or decriminalization.

At the very least, they support some level of medicinal marijuana and states’ rights to make their own decision about the rest.

In fact, Trump and the Republicans could easily pull a coup on the Democrats by making marijuana legal in the run-up to the 2020 election and take one of the left’s major talking points off the table.

Pot prohibition today is about where liquor prohibition was in the early 1930s — on its last legs.

And because of the rolling repeal of pot prohibition already underway across the United States, you, too, have an opportunity today to do exactly what Joseph Kennedy did then: grab windfall profits as prohibition ends.

Even better, you don’t have to secure an import contract, permit, ships, or a warehouse like he did.

A standard brokerage account that lets you buy stock is all you need. And you could see your net worth soar to well over a million dollars in the next few months with this one move...

I can show you how to grab these profits because that’s exactly what we did when Canada legalized...

In June 2015, I issued an important alert...

I told my readers it was time to get in. Canada was on the road to legalization and we had an opportunity to buy in ahead of the mainstream for some massive profits.

I’d identified a Canadian company that followed what I call the "Kennedy Blueprint."

They were one of the 19 companies that had a permit to grow and sell medicinal marijuana.

They were perfectly positioned to profit, both from the legalization of medical marijuana and from the end of broader pot prohibition.

The company was OrganiGram Holdings.

We got in at $0.40 per share, just before the stock took off like a rocket. By the time we cashed out, shares were at $5.14. 

My readers were able to grab a whopping 1,185% gain from that one stock — more than 12 times your money...

Enough to turn every $1,000 invested into $12,850 — or every $5,000 into more than $64,000.

That was just the start of our profit windfalls...

OrganiGram, and the 1,185% profits it produced, was my first of many Canadian marijuana recommendations following the Kennedy Blueprint...

On February 24, 2016, a Canadian federal court struck down restrictions on medical marijuana use.

On that same day, I rushed an alert to my readers, telling them to buy another marijuana producer that had been on my radar — Aphria.

I knew their cannabis oils and flowers would suddenly see much higher demand with brand new protections across Canada for their legal sale.

We grabbed shares at just $1.13 a pop.

Shortly after, Aphria struck a major deal to supply medical marijuana to the biggest chain of pharmacies in Canada.

And their shares quickly climbed to $14.40. 

That would’ve handed you a 1,174% gain.

If you had put down a $5,000 stake on my recommendation, you would’ve walked away with $63,000.  

Every $10,000 invested would’ve grown to more than $127,000.

And yet, you can grab even bigger profits...

Around that time, I’d also caught wind of a small Canadian pot startup that was aggressively expanding operations.

This company set up shop to grow medical marijuana in an abandoned Hershey's chocolate factory in a small town in Ontario, Canada.

They were the first legal marijuana company to trade on a major North American stock exchange.  

While others traded on the smaller Canadian Venture Exchange and via Over The Counter listings, this company had listed on the Toronto TSX-V. I knew this meant a ton of investor money could flow into their stock.  

Additionally, they were growing sales and starting to dominate the Canadian medical marijuana market.

Not only that, they were about to become the first Canadian company to export cannabis to Europe.

Almost nobody knew who they were back then, but you’ve probably heard of them by now.

Their name is Canopy Growth and they’re the world’s biggest marijuana company. And we were among the earliest investors.

I was closely tracking them from the very beginning, waiting for the perfect time to get in.

When their shares were at $1.60, I sent an urgent alert to my readers to jump in. And we made a killing.

This stock went on a tear, and we watched our shares soar to $49.85. 

That’s where I told my readers to cash out to celebrate our astonishing 3,016% win.

That’s enough to turn even a small $1,000 stake into more than $31,000.

Even just $5,000 invested would’ve grown to more than $155,000.

And if you’ve ever heard of those folks who retired rich from just one stock, this is the kind of win that proves it can happen...  

Because starting with as little as $35,000, you could’ve seen your money grow to more than $1 million.

All it takes is one pot stock to make you a millionaire...

And you’re about to get THREE — three more pot stocks to buy today, each of which could hand you a million-dollar windfall and help you retire rich.

You’ve seen the kind of big profits my readers scored using the Kennedy Blueprint on the end of Canada’s pot prohibition...

  • 1,174% on OrganiGram
  • 1,185% on Aphria
  • 3,016% on Canopy Growth

And remember: Readers who followed me into these recommendations also had 11 other opportunities on top of those big winners to at least double their money...

Companies like Aleafia, Aurora, Mettrum Health, MariMed, and others...

And yet, we have a much bigger opportunity right around the corner.

All you have to do is get in now ahead of the coming U.S. full legalization.

The end of U.S. pot prohibition is giving us three shots at 3,000%+ gains...

Here’s the thing: Big pension funds, institutional investors, and the more conservative money on Wall Street doesn’t have the “all clear” to pile into pot stocks yet.

They see the potential, and they’re licking their chops.

But until the federal government legalizes, they’re sitting on the sidelines. Out of the game. Benched.

This is exactly what we saw in Canada — and how we made so much money, so fast, following the Kennedy Blueprint.

While mainstream investors kept their distance, we piled in.

And then when the big money investors got the official “OK” in the form of legalization...

All their money pouring into these stocks made our portfolios gush with profits.

The key is YOU can’t sit on the sidelines, not in U.S. pot stocks, not now.

You can’t watch from the bench, thinking you’ll get in when Washington legalizes.

If you want your three shots at becoming a marijuana millionaire, three times over, you need to get in now, before all that big money makes their move.

I’ll give you the specific stocks to buy in a minute.  

First, you have to understand why following my recommendations gives you an advantage.

Here’s how I find the millionaire-maker pot stocks...

I have an almost unfair advantage for pinpointing pot stocks that are about to soar.

This advantage helps me find the best marijuana investment opportunities for my readers...  

Before they ever show up in the media and on Wall Street’s radar...

Before big money investors start buying shares, driving prices through the roof...  

Before the average mom and pop investor will ever hear about these companies.

In fact, it’s this advantage that’s led me to pinpoint these three millionaire-maker marijuana stocks I’m about to share with you.

Simply put, I’ve got a better network inside the marijuana industry than all these other so-called pot “experts.”

That’s my advantage — and it becomes yours when you follow my recommendations.

I‘m a senior investment analyst and lead researcher at Angel Publishing, one of the largest independent investment research firms in the world. And my work has been featured on Fox News, CNBC, Bloomberg, and more.

Over the last five years, I’ve become a cannabis industry insider with deep connections in companies of all sizes and the industry as a whole.

My network of marijuana industry insiders is your profit opportunity...


Back before they were public, companies like Canopy, OrganiGram, Aphria, and Green Organic Dutchman presented their pitch deck to private investors to get early funding.  

I was in the room for those pitches.

I know many of the largest angel and venture capitalists focusing on cannabis investing. Today, many early-stage marijuana companies come to me looking for coverage or connections.

I’ve held and participated in events featuring company CEOs and executives. And I’ve connected them with private investors.

I’ve even got lawyers and legal experts in my contact list — people who are helping the push toward legalization.

In fact, here I am in a suite at the Four Seasons, talking to Mexico’s former President Vicente Fox about his involvement in the marijuana industry.

I know all these insiders and they know me.

I visit the growing operations. I’ve been to the dispensaries. They welcome me into their offices. And we regularly hold meetings — behind closed doors — at industry events and conferences.

Take the MJBizCon (Marijuana Business Conference and Expo), one of the industry’s biggest conferences dedicated to the business of legal marijuana.

When I attend, it’s not to sit through sessions or browse the exhibit hall. It’s so I can meet face-to-face with this network of insiders to discuss the biggest developments in the market and their companies.

I would NEVER trade on inside information but this is the next-best thing...

I can’t trade or make recommendations on any news that’s not public knowledge.

But when you sit there in the room with a bunch of insiders...

Chatting about their business...

Talking about where the money’s flowing...

Getting their takes on the latest moves toward legalization...

Well, something clicks.

You see a CEO’s genuine excitement about their latest public news release.

You hear a lawyer’s take on how legalization discussions they’re involved in will impact the industry in the next six to 24 months.

You see a big deal go through, like when Canopy scooped up Mettrum Health to lock in a 328% gain for my readers...

And suddenly all these random points of public data paint a very clear picture of opportunity.

If you’re an investor in the three specific companies I’m about to tell you about, you stand to get rich as marijuana gets legalized in America.

All these insiders agree: This is your shot at getting rich from the end of U.S. pot prohibition...

Four out of every five states have already decriminalized marijuana, legalized medicinal use, or gone fully legal. That’s more than enough for a constitutional amendment.

As individuals, 94% of Americans already support some form of legal marijuana.  

It’s no surprise this is the fastest growing industry in the country. But it will grow even faster with the rollback of federal prohibitions.

And as that happens, each of the three stocks I’m about to share with you stand to soar even higher than the 3,016% gains we booked on Canopy Growth.

Analysts and business experts project that we’ll soon see the legal marijuana market hit $75 billion a year in the United States alone. 

That’s actually bigger than the U.S. wine market today.

And that’s 10 times the booming Canadian marijuana market.

And Forbes magazine recently reported...

“Marijuana Industry Projected to Create More Jobs Than Manufacturing By 2020.”

Legalization is inevitable. It’s what Americans want.

There’s still time to get in — but not much.

Because by the time pot prohibition ends in America, we’re going to have created a bunch more millionaires.

And if you invest in the three stocks I’m about to share with you, following the Kennedy Blueprint, you could be one of them.

But first, a quick warning...

There are over 400 pot stocks in North America right now,  but these are the three to buy today...

With so many pot stocks now available to investors, it’s easy to buy the wrong one.

Some of the most hyped small stocks look good today, but will be gone tomorrow — with your money, if you invest in them.

And the companies already making headlines, like Canopy Growth, likely won’t deliver 30-times-your-money profits again.

Sure, you could try to buy one of the three ETFs out there with some level of marijuana exposure.

But that’s not how you’re going to grab truly life-changing gains.

That’s not how you’re going to turn every $35,000 into more than $1 million dollars.

That’s not how you’re going to get rich.

Not even one in 100 pot stocks will create these truly massive, windfall profits.

Out of the 400, there are just three companies best positioned to take advantage of the coming U.S. legalization.

These are the three companies you need to buy today to cash in big on the end of U.S. pot prohibition.

These are the three companies that I’ve identified through my network of cannabis industry insiders that are a perfect fit for following the Kennedy Blueprint and creating massive wealth for your family.

Let’s start off with...

Kennedy Blueprint Stock #1:
The $4 pot stock that will dominate the $70 billion U.S. market...

100% legal recreational marijuana across all 50 states.  

That’s your biggest pot profit catalyst today. The company that will dominate that market already exists and is already selling marijuana across multiple states.

They fall under a class of companies called multi-state operators — otherwise known as MSOs.

They already have footprints in states where marijuana is currently legal, either recreationally, medically, or both.

They’re building out operations across the United States that will give them first-mover advantage as soon as the federal government fully legalizes.

This is like Kennedy setting up a warehouse full of alcohol, poised to start selling the minute Prohibition ends.

They have working grow operations with plenty of capacity. They’ve gotten the licenses to grow and sell and have already overcome the legal hurdles.  

They’re basically sitting there with...

A license to grow money...


There are quite a few MSOs out there at this point. But there’s one that’s in a better position than the rest to dominate — and potentially dwarf — our 30-times-your-money profits from when Canada legalized. 

This company has some of the biggest cultivation and processing facilities in the country — over 500,000 square feet of growing and processing operations. 

These operations are spread across the country, including a chain of dispensaries already doing business in 11 states.

Not only that, they’re partnered with nearly 100 other dispensaries to sell their branded products — with up to 90% market penetration.

They are well-established in California, New York, and Florida, the three most heavily populated states with legal marijuana.

And they’re expanding across the U.S. from there. New England. The West. The Southeast.  

They have a proven track record of rapid growth.

And as soon as it’s legal to grow and sell marijuana across the soon-to-be $75 billion U.S. market, they’re perfectly positioned to grow from $50 million well into the billions of dollars per year in revenue.

The best part...

Like most of my biggest profit plays in pot stocks, this company is still under the radar and hasn’t been picked up by the Wall Street mainstream just yet.

There are two big reasons for this.

First, Wall Street has been focused elsewhere — on Canadian stocks, because pot is already legal there.  

Second, this company has been investing a ton of money into getting ready for nationwide legalization instead of trying to make its current operations profitable. This long-term strategy doesn’t look as good on paper today to short-sighted Wall Street. 

But we know better... 

We know this strategy sets them up perfectly for windfall profits when the law changes.

I believe this could easily be the Canopy Growth of U.S. pot stocks.

And you can still pick up shares dirt cheap — under $4 each.

Let’s say you picked up a nice, round 10,000 shares at $4 each.

If their shares grow more than 30 times like Canopy Growth did, those 10,000 shares would soon be worth...

$1.2 million.

In fact, if you buy just one marijuana stock with the goal of becoming a millionaire as pot prohibition ends nationwide, this should probably be it.

I’ve put the name of this stock into a special report, titled "The Kennedy Blueprint: Three Millionaire-Maker Stocks for The End of Pot Prohibition."

I’ll give you the link to download that free report in a moment.

First though, let’s take a look at your next big opportunity.  

Kennedy Blueprint Stock #2:
Fast profits on the end of state-level pot prohibition...

As I said, we’re well on our way to national legalization. And yet, marijuana is still only fully legal in just 10 states.

That means 40 states are still able to make marijuana MORE legal than it is right now, opening up more markets and triggering more profits for you.

In fact, there are already six states expected to make big moves on legal marijuana in the next 12 months.

And there are states in the process of legalization — including one very important state that is opening up a brand new market as I write this.

Through meticulous work and research, I’ve developed a system for predicting which state is most likely to legalize and when. And most importantly exactly how to profit.

It’s called the “S-50 Trigger” — and you can think of it as a way to use the Kennedy Blueprint on a state-by-state basis.

My S-50 Trigger is a proprietary trading algorithm that allows me to closely track and analyze pot stocks as well as stay on top of important dates and key events that could drive these stocks through the roof.

I combine the S-50 Trigger with research and information I gather from my network of industry insiders before making a recommendation.

And over the last couple years, it’s already made us a fortune by correctly predicting when state after state would open up their marijuana markets and what opportunities that would create...

For example...

The 2016 election provided a perfect storm of state level legalization opportunities.

On Election Day, citizens of California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts all legalized recreational marijuana at the ballot box. And on that same day, Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota all legalized medical marijuana.

We’d been tracking all of these legalization movements through the S-50 Trigger.

And because of the S-50 Trigger, we found the perfect opportunity to profit across these states.

Because within just a couple weeks, a brand new — and completely unique — cannabis company was going public.

Instead of actually growing or selling pot, this was a group of investors who would help growers launch their business in every state where it was legal. They’d bring the money, buy the property, develop the facility, and provide operations support — and then collect rent.

And so when this company — Innovative Industrial Properties — went public on December 1, 2016, I told my readers to buy shares that very day.

Its stock climbed from $19.80 a share on December 1, 2016, to a recent high of $123.56. A 524% jump.

That’s well over six times your money, enough to turn every $5,000 into more than $31,000.

And again...

The S-50 Trigger did it again in 2018. It accurately predicted that Vermont and Michigan would legalize recreational use and that Oklahoma, Utah, and Missouri would approve medical marijuana.

Thanks to the S-50 Trigger, we knew the high probability of this legislation being passed and exactly when to buy.

And once again, it presented us with another cannabis stock, MariMed, that was ripe for the picking.  

With the S-50 Trigger, you could have grabbed a bunch of MariMed shares at just $0.68 each... before all of these states made marijuana legal. 

And in just 10 months, you would have watched your shares skyrocket to a high of $5.38, a whopping 703% gain.

This could’ve turned every $5,000 stake into more than $40,000 — in under a year.

NEXT: This $1.7 billion pot market is a huge buying opportunity...

Now the S-50 Trigger is once again giving us a clear BUY signal.

It has identified the one state — and the one stock — that could make you a millionaire on the end of state-level pot prohibition.

The stock is under-the-radar and pretty much ignored by the mainstream financial media.

But because of my network, I know it is the perfect stock to buy, right now, to multiply our money from America’s newest legal marijuana market...


What’s so exciting about Michigan?

After a historic vote on November 6, 2018, Michigan became the first and only state in the Midwest to fully end pot prohibition.

It’s already doing close to a half a billion dollars a year in medical marijuana sales. And now with recreational marijuana, Michigan is on track for $1.7 billion in projected annual sales. 

That would make Michigan... 

The second-biggest marijuana market in America...

Just behind California, which makes it a very lucrative opportunity for pot stock investors at this very moment.

And yet, it’s still being ignored by Wall Street.

Why? Well, marijuana is legal, but the state is still putting the finishing touches on the full regulations for its sale for recreational use.  

So the product isn’t moving yet. But it will be in a matter of months.  

And there’s one small Canadian company already positioned to profit from the incredible opportunity in Michigan...

They just raised over $20 million to set up operations there.

Their shares are extraordinarily cheap.

And they’re moving forward to scoop up seven properties across the state, including in the state’s largest market: Detroit.

This could easily be another millionaire-maker, and right now is the perfect time for you to get in.

I’ll share their full story with you in the free report "The Kennedy Blueprint: Three Millionaire-Maker Stocks for The End of Pot Prohibition." 

You’ll get my research on this stock — and why it’s the single-best play on state-level legalization today, what my network is saying about this stock, and its opportunity to dominate the Michigan cannabis market.

Plus, of course, you'll get the stock symbol and buy price, so you can add shares to your portfolio today.

It’s all yours for free in the instant download I’ll link you to in a moment.

First though, let me tell you about our third big opportunity to make a fortune from the end of pot prohibition...

Kennedy Blueprint Stock #3:
The $12.8 billion opportunity in medical marijuana...

For years, people suffering from chronic pain have turned to marijuana after everything else failed. 

It’s no wonder a recent poll by Medscape Medical News revealed most doctors support legal medical marijuana. The poll showed 67% of physicians think medical marijuana should be legal. And most recommend it to their patients where it’s legal to do so.

I still remember a story from years ago of a mother who said her kids could either see her curled up in pain on the couch all day or watch her eat the occasional cannabis cookie and be an active, present, pain-free mom.

This isn’t about getting high. This is about living your fullest life, feeling healthy every day.

This is why prohibition has been rolling back faster — and with far broader support — on medical marijuana.

There’s a huge opportunity in medical pot...


I was just talking to a doctor about America’s devastating opioid epidemic and using medical marijuana as a replacement.

He said that opioids are critically important for acute pain relief, such as after surgery.

But when opioids are prescribed for chronic, ongoing pain, the potential for abuse skyrockets.

And in fact, cannabis is quickly proving itself as one of the best alternatives to opioids for dealing with this kind of chronic pain.

The Journal of American Medical Association published an eye-opening study about the use of cannabis and opioids. They found states with legal marijuana had a staggering 24% less fatal overdoses from opioids. 

Opioids are a $12.8 billion market. But the market is imploding — and demanding a change.

After too many opioid overdoses, companies are being held accountable, going to court, and going bankrupt. Teva just settled with Oklahoma for $85 billion. Insys Therapeutics filed for bankruptcy after its executives were convicted in a bribe-to-prescribe scheme.

The entire legal and cultural landscape of pain relief is changing fast.

And I’ve pinpointed the rare healthcare stock that could make you a millionaire as medical marijuana offers a safer alternative.

This company specializes in scientifically-backed methods for helping opioid addicts switch to safer cannabis-based treatments.

In fact, with over 1 million data points from clinical trials, they’ve quickly become one of the most respected places for proven medical marijuana treatments.

But they’re also a highly profitable business.

The executive team is staffed with seasoned medical and legal experts and well-connected former government officials.

They’re quickly expanding their chain of clinics and already serving over 60,000 patients...

And these aren’t, “Hey Doc, I stubbed my toe (wink, wink). Can I get some weed?” clinics...

You’d be hard-pressed to tell them apart from the typical medical clinic on your first visit.

This is the kind of clinic a politician would be happy to pose outside of as they announced new nationwide medical marijuana legalization...

Talking about the veterans with PTSD who are helped...

The young mothers who are there to raise their kids...

The kids with epilepsy who are living seizure-free from cannabis-based treatments...

The folks suffering from arthritis, Parkinson’s, and anxiety who are successfully treating their conditions with medical marijuana...

And every other patient who no longer has to risk addiction to opioids just to get relief.

The company is completely debt-free with lots of cash on hand and rising revenues.

But it still hasn’t piqued the interest of institutional investors yet.

That makes it a prime opportunity to jump in right now — before the windfall opportunity in national medical marijuana legalization. A stock like this can spike very quickly and deliver big, fast gains to early investors.

It’s rare you have a medical stock deliver 30-times-your-money profits, but because this is a medical marijuana stock, this is your shot.

And you’ll also get their name and stock ticker symbol with my full recommendation in your free download of "The Kennedy Blueprint: Three Millionaire-Maker Stocks for The End of Pot Prohibition."

Act fast because profits are already rolling in... 

I’ll give you that download link in a moment, but I need to underscore the urgency.

In the next few months, a handful of investors stand to get very rich. Many will even become first-time millionaires from relatively small investments because they took action before legalization.

Will you join us?

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Marijuana Millionaire

The first international marijuana market set to deliver thousands of percent in profits is Mexico.

Even though medical marijuana has been legalized for a couple of years in Mexico, the government has been slow in rolling it out. 

So far, only 308 permits have been issued to import medical cannabis products.

But Mexico’s newly-elected president is rapidly changing that. 

When he took office in December 2018, he pushed for Congress to pass new legislation on the growth and sale of marijuana products.

The Mexican government wants to boost the economy and tax revenues by letting local retailers get in the medical marijuana game.

They’re committed to having cannabis stores open up all over the country, and they’re aggressively putting up new regulations to make it happen this year.

Recreational pot legalization is not far behind.

And Mexico’s new president got the full backing of their Supreme Court. The Mexican Supreme Court ruled this spring that marijuana prohibition is unconstitutional. 

Now legislators have been forced into legalization across the board.

This is part of what I was talking about in my recent meeting with Mexico’s former President Vicente Fox.

In fact, he went on record saying that full-scale legalization in Mexico — and a huge wave of profits — could be just months away.

Here’s the Mexican marijuana company that could make you 10x your money...

This company has built out their operations in medical marijuana with the opportunity to pivot quickly and start selling recreational products as soon as they’re legal.

The company has an existing network of over 3,000 doctors and 500,000 patients in Latin America. 

They’ve secured a strategic partnership with the fastest growing e-commerce platform and a leading digital pharmacy in Mexico, which opens up a huge distribution channel. 

And they’re one of the first few companies to get an approval for a cannabis product line in Mexico.

With this kind of first-mover advantage, this small company is one of the best positioned firms to become a dominant player in Mexico’s coming marijuana boom. 

I could easily see this turning every $10,000 invested into a nice $100,000 windfall, if not much more.

You’ll get all the details in your free download of "Marijuana Millionaire International: Get Rich off the Worldwide End of Pot Prohibition."

You’ll see my research. You’ll hear what I’ve gleaned from my network of industry insiders, especially those with deep connections into Mexican marijuana.

And of course, you’ll get the stock name and easy-to-follow buy recommendation, so you can get on board now.

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Marijuana Millionaire

Some of the largest pot stock gains you’ll see in the next few months will come from Europe.

With a population of 743 million people — twice the size of United States and Canada combined — Europe will soon be the biggest marijuana market in the world.

And although the European Union is one huge bureaucracy, where everything moves at a snail’s pace, marijuana legalization is well on its way.

Many countries have decriminalized pot and legalized it for medical use.

Six countries have just announced new marijuana legislation and others are following suit.

The opportunity for European governments to tax marijuana sales and gobble up more tax revenue is just too big to pass up. And European Parliament has already positioned itself in favor of legalizing cannabis.

Plus, for the first time ever, the red carpet was rolled out to cannabis companies at the 2019 World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

Traditional businesses that once shunned the entire legal marijuana industry gave it the stamp of approval and now view cannabis companies as legitimate businesses.

As full-scale legalization spreads across Europe, we’re looking at $123 billion up for grabs. 

It’s early in the game, but time is running out to get in on the ground floor.  

Just like every other legalization, if you wait to get in until after the laws change, you may make 50%, 100%, or maybe even a couple hundred percent.  

However, if you’d like to grab another 3,016% windfall like we did with Canopy Growth as Canada legalized, the time to get in is now.

In this report, I share the company that’s in the best position to capture huge windfalls from the European pot boom.

This company is set to dominate Europe’s $123 billion cannabis market...

This cannabis producer has cultivation operations in 16 countries across Europe.

They’re involved in everything from seed to sale.

And have over 40 patented cannabis products — everything from recreational pot, to pharmaceutical grade cannabis, beauty and cosmetics, and even pet health.

With a large footprint and a powerhouse product line, this company is uniquely positioned to be a dominant player in the fast-growing European marijuana market.

They’re a tiny stock right now, less than $1 per share.  

And that's part of what makes them so exciting.

Recall when we bought OrganiGram they were also under $1 and they delivered 1,185% in profits, enough that every $5,000 invested grew to $64,250.

And that was in a market 1/16th the size.

I may be optimistic, but I could see this stock growing to 50 times its current share price.

That’s enough to turn every $1,000 into $50,000 — or every $50,000 into $2.5 million.

You’ll get the name of the company, the ticker symbol, and my full analysis inside your additional free report "Marijuana Millionaire International: Get Rich off the Worldwide End of Pot Prohibition."

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The longer you wait, the more likely you are to miss out on the next round of gains of 1,174%, 1,185%, 3,016% — or a whole lot more.

If you want to become a marijuana millionaire, you must get in before the end of pot prohibition.

Remember: Your opportunity to turn a $35,000 portfolio into $1 million happened in the three years or so before the final end of pot prohibition in Canada.

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