Urgent Warning: This Week’s Windfall Alert Goes Out In...

Discover Below How Folks Like You Get Rich Every Time This Windfall Alert Is Sent Out...

And How the Next Brand-New Windfall Alert Could Be Your Chance to Finally Strike It Rich.


Dear Reader,

Recently, I decided to run an experiment.

I sent a few hundred of my most serious readers an unmarked email — a "windfall alert."

It was a short email containing information and instructions I shared with no one else.

At the very bottom of the email...

Was a stock ticker.

And every single reader who followed my instructions saw a fast 1,174% gain...

That’s enough to turn the average retirement account into $739,620.

A short time later...

I sent that same small group of folks another email.

This email also contained sensitive information, detailed instructions...

And another stock ticker.

Then, that stock shot up 1,185%...

That’s enough to turn a small stake into a fast $59,250 cash grab.

But that doesn’t compare to what happened next.

At this point, this small group of folks was eager to receive another email and stock ticker.

They were making more money from the markets than they ever had before.

But that week — they were in for the windfall of a lifetime.

As I write this, that week’s stock recommendation turned the average retirement account into a MASSIVE $1,889,450 fortune.

Isn’t that incredible?

That’s why I’m sending you this urgent message today...

Because, with your permission, I’d like to add you to the elite group of folks around the country who will receive my next “windfall alert”...

For the chance to grab $59,250... $739,620... and even $1,889,450...

But I have to add your name to this list before the countdown timer above hits 0:00:00.

So who am I?

Why do folks like you around the country make so much money every time I recommend a stock?

And, most importantly, how much do you stand to make with the next urgent new stock pick that I’d like to send you for free?

The answers all follow in this short briefing...

I’m Rich for a Reason — And You Can Be, Too

My name is Jeff Siegel.

Many of you know who I am...

But if you don’t know me, it’s only fair I give you my credentials.

jeff on fox

I'm a senior investment analyst and lead researcher at Angel Publishing...

One of the world's largest independent investment research think tanks.

You can see me regularly on Fox News, CNBC, and Bloomberg...

My book, Making Money on Green Chip Stocks, was a runway top-seller.


And I frequently speak at investing conferences all over the world.


I turn down many more speaking invitations than I accept — there are just too many.

And I frequently meet with very connected and influential people so I can get insight on the “next big thing.”

Don’t take my word for it.

Here’s a picture of former President of Mexico Vicente Fox and me:


Most people can’t make a phone call and schedule a sit down with someone as connected as him.

I can and I did.

And the insights he gave me could end up in a “windfall alert” soon.

There’s more.

Legendary investment analyst B. Hicks went on record, in writing, and said:

“Not only has Jeff been ahead of the curve... but in many cases, he's been the curve!”

This is not bragging.

You just deserve to know who I am and what I’ve done...

Because the details I’m about to reveal to you...

The wins we’ve been able to score and the way it happens...

Are shocking.

Sure, the research I do is incredibly important.

And I do a lot of it.

But all the research in the world doesn’t mean a whole lot if you don’t have access.

That’s the key.

So let me show you exactly what I do...

How I do it...

And how you can use it to bag triple-digit winners — fast.

It All Starts with Access


You’ve probably suspected for a long time that the way the rich get richer is because they have access that you don’t.

Well, you’re right.

And because of my 20-year track record of successful stock analysis...

My frequent appearances on Fox News, CNBC, and Bloomberg...

The super-connected business leaders I can contact...

And the many investment conferences where I’m asked to speak...

I have that access.

Imagine being able to send a text to any one of the top pot stock CEOs...

And getting a text back four minutes later with up-to-the-second updates on the industry.

Or being able to email the head of research for a biotech and hearing about the results they just got from the lab.

Think about what you’d be able to do if you could call any private equity firm in the country...

And instead of getting screened by the secretary, you get put right through to the CFO...

And they tell you about the hottest company they just checked out because here’s the dirty truth:

The real info...

The “get filthy rich” info...

Isn’t talked about in financial magazines.

You won’t hear the latest breaking info on the nightly fake financial news TV shows.

The guys on the “inside” talk about it.

The information spreads from there.

First, a small group of guys — the real “insiders” — know what’s really happening...

They make the moves they want to make and position themselves early...

Before anyone else suspects a thing.  

Then other people start hearing things...

Rumors... scuttlebutt... leaks...

And the information finally makes its way to “the Journal”...

Or gets repeated by one of the lackeys on the financial news shows.

Let me ask you something...

You’ve heard of smoke-filled rooms where deals get made, right?

It’s totally true.

Actual private rooms with big shots actually smoking cigars...

And cutting $5 million or even $10 million checks.

I’m in those rooms all the time.

I hear things before most people know about them.


I don’t trust anyone’s word because rich people lie, too (another shock!).

So I always verify.

And what I do to verify...

Takes us one step closer to triple-digit gains.

How We Confirm You Can Book 195%... 294%... and 458% gains — Or More!

Look, I take this all very seriously.

I know people could be investing their hard-earned money on a stock I pick.

So I want to be as certain as possible that we are about to see another winner.

That’s why after I hear the latest details in those closed-door meetings...

I contact my research team located outside of Washington, D.C. and turn them loose.

My team has been with me for years, and they’re the best there is.

I give them all the details from the closed-door meetings...

And they tear through reports and whitepapers...

They analyze profit and loss statements...

They scour financial disclosures...

And run dozens of projections based on the new information I give them.  

All of this happens at breakneck speed.

I’ve actually texted them from inside a meeting...

And heard back from them before I’ve finished my cigar.

But it’s important to understand...

Their goal isn’t to confirm what I heard or what some big shot says...

Their goal is to prove it all wrong.

Because if they can’t kick any holes in what I’ve heard...

And if all their extra research checks out...

We write a “windfall alert” and send it out as soon as it’s complete.

That’s Exactly How We Scored These Huge Gains — And How You Can Grab the Next One

When you have the access that most people don’t have...

And when you have a top-notch research staff on-call at all times...

Triple- and quadruple-digit winners become the norm.

I’ll be honest with you — we had a 72% gain with SHAK not too long ago...

And I was kind of bummed!

Imagine being in a bad mood because you ONLY made a 72% return.

That’s what happens when you’re used to bagging triple-digit winners left and right.

Here are just a few of the “windfall alerts” that we’ve sent out.

There was the 106.27% gain with ACB.TO:

Double your money — not bad!

Then there was the 102% pop with CMH:

See the pattern?

See how easy it is to get spoiled with these huge gains?

We basically expect them now!

Just like the 108% cash grab from KHRNF:

And the 115% gain with CGC.V:

I want to be very clear.

These are not projections.

What you see are not charts based off a hypothetical situation.  

These are real “windfall alerts” that already went out.

Every single one of my readers had a chance to book these gains.

And anyone can do it.

You don’t have to be any kind of expert.

You just have to follow the simple instructions I send you with every “windfall alert.”

These Folks Are On The “Windfall Alert” List — And They Are Getting Rich


Quadrupled Their Money!

“Jeff, Yes, Thanks! $5K is now $20K.”

— Peter H.

$1,000 Turns Into $3,000...

“Jeff: Thank you so much! Over the last year, I have bought on four different occasions parlaying my gains into where we are today. My gain thus far is almost 300%. Keep up the great work and thank you so much.”

— Mary L.

Another Triple-Digit Winner — That Was Easy!

“Hi Jeff, My entry point was $0.99, so my score is 332%. Very Good! And thanks.”

— Rene W.

Next Time I’ll Go All In!

“Up 163%! My deepest and darkest regret... I didn't mortgage the house! Thanks for the work!”

— Mike P.

None of these people are stock experts.

They are nurses.



You probably don’t have special access to connected billionaires...

And neither do they.  

You may not even watch — or trust — the mainstream financial media...

They certainly don’t.

And they don’t have any special skills that allow them to make gains like this...

Over and over again.

All they do is follow the instructions in my “windfall alerts.”

If they can do it, you most certainly can.

Imagine Making MORE Than This

You’ve already seen some of the triple-digit winners we’ve had.

Here are a few more.

Again, these are not projections or hypothetical situations.

These are actual “windfall alerts” that already went out.

And any reader who followed the simple instructions could have scored these wins:

We had another triple-digit winner with ALEF.V. Check it out...

That would have almost tripled your money!

And you could have nearly quadrupled your money with the 316% cash grab we got with IIPR:

Then we actually did quadruple our money when our “windfall alert” for MT.V went out and scored us 328%.

And the “windfall alert” for MRMD blew the doors off when readers could have made more than five times their money with a 494% gain!

Isn’t that amazing?

Serious question:

Do you have a plan for what to do with all this money?

Do you know what you want to do when you double your money?

Do you have a trip picked out for when you triple it?

Do you have a good accountant who can help you file a “big boy” tax return when you quadruple your cash?

I hope so!

But as exciting as doubling, tripling, or quadrupling your money is...

I need you to imagine making more than that.

Because there’s something I have to tell you...

CONFESSION: Some “Windfall Alerts” Made Readers 10... 20... and 30 Times Their Money

So, my “windfall alerts” don’t ALWAYS double our money.

Sometimes they make it back 30 times.

Look what happened when I sent out the “windfall alert” for OGI.V:

We saw a 1,185% gain!

That turned every $1,000 into $11,850!

If you got the “windfall alert” for APHA.TO... you could have booked a 1,174% win!

That turned every $2,000 into $23,480!

But as amazing as these gains are...

They aren’t the biggest scores readers have had with “windfall alerts.”

Not even close.

The “windfall alert” for WEED bagged readers an incredible 3,015% gain!

That turned every $5,000 into $150,750!

Life-changing money!

Just like that!

The readers who were lucky enough to snag these life-changing gains weren’t special.

They aren’t well connected and they don’t know any more about stocks than you do.

Some probably know a lot less!

All they did was follow the simple instructions in the “windfall alert” I sent them.

It’s that easy.

And anyone who gets the next “windfall alert” is in for the shock of a lifetime...

The Next Windfall Alert Goes Out In:

And It May Be Our Biggest Winner Ever

At first, I didn’t believe what I was being told.

You already know I’m skeptical, but this was some truly shocking information.

At first, I was taking mental notes...

But he was dropping so many nuggets, so fast...

That I actually started taking notes on a cocktail napkin.

He didn’t seem to think it was a big deal...

But I could barely contain myself.

So I made an excuse to leave and headed straight to the office.

I called the staff in and asked them to pull an all-nighter.

They did what they do...

Tore through every piece of available information...

Ran full data deep dives...

Called their own sources and connections...

Double-checked each other’s work...

And even argued... a lot.

Then, a short time later, they came back to me, bleary-eyed, with their assessment.

I’ll never forget what my lead researcher said to me...

“We need to write the report right now. When this stock moves up, it could help folks retire.”

This could be huge.

I asked them what the arguing was about.

As it turns out, the team wasn’t arguing about whether this was a winner or loser.

They were arguing over just how big it would be.

The conservative estimate?

Another triple-digit gain.

The high estimate?

Our biggest “windfall alert” win ever.

They are finishing the report as I write this...

So here’s the plan.

Get in... Grab a Fistful of Cash... Get out... Repeat.


I have one requirement with stocks...

They must have the potential to skyrocket and make us filthy rich.

I don’t care what industry they’re in.

Tech... Marijuana.... Energy...

Doesn’t matter.

All that matters is the potential for big profits.

And we don’t plan to hold any stocks longer than 30 days.

These are fast-moving stocks.

It’s like a smash-and-grab robbery — except it’s totally legal.

We get in, we make our money, and we get out...

And then we do it all over again.

On average, I plan to send out one “windfall alert” a week.

So just imagine getting the shot at spectacular triple- and even quadruple-digit gains...

Over and over again.

52 times a year!

There will be at least that many chances for you to double, triple, or more your money.

It’s like you have the access that only the rich have had.

And you don’t need to wade through all the junk and come home smelling like cigar smoke to get the goods.

But there’s something else I have to tell you...

And it’s best if I put this out front now.

This isn’t the place to find slow moving stocks...

We’re not in this for measly gains we might see after stuffing our money into a 401k for 20 years...


We do this to make big money fast...

On our terms.

We’re not looking to hold — we’re looking to cash out...

So we can do whatever we want with our money.

That’s how reader Len W. scored this win:

I made $120,000 in one month!

“Please pass this onto Jeff; A BIG thank you for the recommendation. I just secured a 120k gain in 30 days off this one. You Rock!!!!!!! Let’s keep making $$$$$$”

— Len W.

The Next Windfall Alert Goes Out In:

But This IS NOT for Everyone

Here’s how you know if this is for you.

This service is not for slow-moving people.

You have to be decisive and you have to make moves as soon as possible when I send you a “Windfall Alert.”

If you hem and haw...

If you need to ask permission from your spouse...

If you’d rather listen to what the blowhards in the fake financial news media say...

If your boss is going to get mad at you because I send you a text about the latest info I’ve verified...

That’s right... I actually send text message “windfall alerts” to my readers giving them the details on the latest big play.

Then this next “windfall alert” is not for you.

The Next “Windfall Alert” Goes Out In:

Here’s How to Get It Now

As soon as the countdown timer above hits 0:00:00...

I’m sending out the next “windfall alert.”

If you’re on the list, you’ll get it...

And the chance at the mind-boggling, triple- or quadruple-digit profits that come with it.

If you’re not on the list, you won’t get it.

And you won’t have the chance at the kinds of gains my readers have seen over and over again.

Right now, you still have time to get in on what could be my biggest winner ever if you take action.

But I want you to think about one thing...

What Will Your Life Look Like

After the Next “Windfall Alert” Goes Out?

You’ve already seen some of my verified testimonials.

Folks like Peter, Mary, Rene, and Mike...

Are already living their dream lives...

All because they got on the “windfall alert” list...

And followed the simple instructions in the emails I send them.

You saw what Len W. said...

He made $120,000 in one month!

That kind of money...

That kind of freedom...

Is reserved for the small percentage of folks who take action when given an opportunity.

What will your life look like after the next “windfall alert” goes out?

Will your life be the same because you didn’t get on the list?

Or will you be smiling ear-to-ear...

Finally living the life you know you deserve?

All these other folks have done it.

Why not you?

Your new life full of freedom...

Starts as soon as you get the next “windfall alert.”

Details: The Next “Windfall Alert”

The next “windfall alert” contains all of the information for what could be my biggest winner ever.

Bigger than the 1,174%... the 1,185%, and even bigger than the 3,015% gains the previous “windfall alerts” have made.

The email you get from me will contain everything I know about the company...

And why its stock is about to pop.

You’ll know the exact information I know...

And see all the data my team has put together.

You’ll get the company name and the stock ticker...

And the simple instructions for what to do so you can book triple- and even quadruple-digit gains.

It’s titled: “URGENT Windfall Alert: Our Biggest Win Ever”...

And it goes out in:

Here’s how to get your name on the list in time...

A Very Rare Chance

I’m opening up spots to my elite level trading service called The Weekly Score.

I rarely do that.

As soon as you join, your name will be on the list...

And you’ll get the next “windfall alert” as soon as the countdown timer hits 0:00:00.

If you’re not on the list by then, it will be too late.

And your shot at life-changing profits for you and your family will be gone.

Here’s My Guarantee to YOU


As a member of The Weekly Score...

You’ll get at least 52 “windfall alerts” in the coming year.

I would tell you to imagine how much money you can make with that many “windfall alerts”...

But you don’t have to imagine a thing because I’ll even GUARANTEE it.

If you don’t get the chance to at least TRIPLE your money from your “windfall alerts” over the coming year...

All you have to do is call our client support team at (877) 303-4529...

And request your free year.

You’ll get a total of 104 “windfall alerts.”

That promise means serious money for you and your family.

I can make guarantees like that because I know how much money can be made from the “windfall alerts”...

Especially this next one.

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join Right Now

As soon as you join The Weekly Score...

You’ll be on the list for the next “windfall alert” and the huge profit potential that comes with it.


But this isn’t a one-time thing.

Your profit potential is going to go on for an entire year!

You’ll get:

  • An average of one new “windfall alert” every week: Over the course of the year, you’ll get 52 “windfall alerts!” Imagine being the first to know about these stock moves... not once... not twice... but 52 times!
  • Full access to all previous “windfall alerts”: As soon as you join, you’ll have access to our encrypted portfolio and all our reports. Some of the previous “windfall alerts” are still going up and still making folks money. You can see them all!
  • Easy to follow guidance: The “windfall alerts” are easy to understand. I send simple instructions about when to buy and when to sell. You can dig into the reports if you want, or you can just follow the simple steps to cash in.
  • Text alerts: These are fast moving plays and we want to make fast money. So I’ll even text message you the “windfall alerts.” That way, as long as you have your phone, you’ll never miss the chance to cash in and cash out fast.
  • Direct access to ME: Almost no one does this. But I do. Every member of The Weekly Score gets my personal email address. Have a question? Email me. I’ll personally respond. This is one of the reasons I have to keep this service so small. You’re one of a very select group of people.
  • VIP Client Care: You can call our Baltimore-based Client Care team, Monday–Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. If you ever have a question about your service, they are here to help.
  • An ironclad guarantee: If you don’t see the chance to make three times your money in profits from your year of The Weekly Score, just call the VIP Client Care team and you’ll get another year totally free. That adds up to 104 “windfall alerts!”

Think about that.

You are about to change your life forever.

If you’ve read this far...

You’re the type of person I want to join The Weekly Score.

You have dreams for yourself and your family...

You’re always on the hunt for a big win...

And you take action when you get the chance.

Well... here’s your chance.

The Next “Windfall Alert” Goes Out In:

There’s still some time...

But not much.

As you know, the chance to join The Weekly Score is very rare.

I almost never open up spots...

And in the past, my publisher has suggested I charge $7,500.

Frankly, it’s a very reasonable price...

For a service that GUARANTEES you’ll see the chance to triple your money.  

But I know that price would exclude some folks...

And this next “windfall alert” is too important...

And too potentially life-changing for folks to miss over price.

So instead of $7,500...

You can join The Weekly Score right now for just $1,999.

As soon as you join, you are officially on the list for the next “windfall alert.”

I don’t know when — if ever — I’ll open up spots again.

But if I do...

I can’t promise that my publisher will charge less than $7,500.

If you add your name to the list right now...

You’ll get the “windfall alert” titled “URGENT Windfall Alert: Our Biggest Win Ever.”

I urge you to read it as soon as you get it.

And just follow the simple instructions inside to pocket your potential profits.

As I said, I know you’re the type of person I want to get my “windfall alerts" — someone who takes action when given the chance.

This is your chance.

Click the "Subscribe Now" button below.

You’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can review everything one last time.

I’ve done everything I can do.

You’ve seen the huge gains the “windfall alerts” have already provided.

You’ve seen verified testimonials from folks just like you.

And you know about my profit opportunity guarantee.

Now is the time for you to take action.

I look forward to sending you the next “windfall alert”...

And seeing you live the life you know you and your family deserve.

Until next time,

Jeff Siegel Signature
Investment Director, The Weekly Score


PS: Here are even more verified testimonials. I can’t wait for you to send me one, too!

Thank you once again! Portfolio up 8% today. I expect to double on it tomorrow. Excellent pick BTW. Very nice profits already. I can’t thank you and your team enough. Honestly and truly heartfelt, I appreciate so much the time, effort, and talent that is so obvious coming from Green Chip Stocks. What a difference you are making in my financial well-being.

— Ken R.

I want to thank you for a tremendous service. Your [windfall alerts] have been very fruitful, even with a late entry.

— Thomas A.

Thank you. Just on a personal note, l would like to thank you for all your exceptional recommendations l find myself constantly impressed by your insight and attitudes. And what is even more amazing is we are making money at the same time as hopefully helping the world become a better place. Awesome!

— K.R.

I have diversified into almost all of your recommended [windfall alerts]. Your newsletters are extremely informative, well researched, and a notch above the rest. Thank you!

— Peter F.

Wanted to say thanks. I really have a good time with your info and advice — always a thrill to see one of your emails coming in.

— Gianni D.

Jeff! Couldn't be happier... You've really been on point with your [windfall alerts]. I also always appreciate the Twitter responses. I know I've bugged you with a few over the last few months lol.

— Steve U.

You are starting to scare the hell out of me. Are you kidding me? Holy crap! I jumped on that as soon as I got your message. Seriously, I’m damn near speechless. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know that won’t happen every day, maybe never again but DAMN! Soon I will address you as “THE Oracle, or swami, or anything you prefer. Too appreciative to adequately describe.

— Rob S.