New United Nations Rule Has Spawned Chaos in the Global Shipping Markets 

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Dear Investor,

This probably won’t shock you, but unelected global bureaucrats are about to screw it all up, yet again.

They have changed the rules and are about to cause unprecedented disruption around the globe.

The world economy faces an economic crash of horrible proportions, and it is happening now.

A supply shock in what is known as “Gasoil” will cause chaos in the world’s agricultural, trucking, railroad, and shipping industries. As you know, global economic activity is already slowing, but this will push it over the edge.

  • In many parts of the world, trade will simply stop.
  • The cost of food will surge as farmers, unable to pay for fuel, cut back on planting.
  • Raw goods to factories and finished goods to retail stores will slow or stop all together.
  • Vehicle sales will plummet, especially big trucks and SUVs. At least one major U.S. automaker will go under unless bailed out.
  • Millions will lose their jobs and their houses just like in 2008.
  • Divorce, drug addiction, and suicide rates will skyrocket.

And this chaos will be all the fault of an unelected international committee called the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Most people have never heard of the IMO. The United Nations agency dates back to 1914 and was created in response to the sinking of the RMS Titanic. This group regulates many aspects of global shipping including the quality and type of fuel used by cargo ships. A few years ago, they decided to change the basic fuel of world commerce.

Years ago, when no one was paying attention, the IMO quietly instituted a new rule that just started this year.

It will cause a massive spike in gasoil.

You see, under this new regulation, the big ships that crisscross the world’s oceans, delivering all of the world's cargo, must stop using a grade of fuel called “bunker fuel.”

Don’t get me wrong, bunker fuel is nasty stuff, but the world uses a lot of it...

Ships from 170 countries, including the United States, use 4 million barrels of this heavy fuel every day.

However, starting in January, they must stop using bunker fuel cold turkey.

Four million barrels of oil a day is a massive amount. It's more oil than Canada, Iran, or Kuwait produces. There is no way it can be replaced easily, if at all!

But that’s what must happen unless you want the global economy to come to a dead stop. It’s a truly horrifying scenario.

IMO 2020 Oil Shock

Some analysts are calling it the “shipping Y2K.” Others say it will be trade armageddon.

CEOs in the oil patch assure us fuel prices will surge. Some industries, like airlines and trucking, who use the bunker fuel replacement gasoil (or 0.5% sulfur fuel), will run out altogether.

And this won’t be a one-day event. Disruption could last years because most global shippers will have to change their engines to consume the new fuel or install multimillion-dollar devices called “scrubbers” that can take the old fuel.

Either way, the costs are enormous.

Oh, and by the way, the world's biggest maker of these scrubbers, a Swedish company called "Alfa Lavel," has said it can’t take any more orders. It's all booked up. You should have ordered years ago.

The Motorship, a marine engineering publication, reports:

“People are realising the deadline isn’t going to be pushed back. But there could be a problem. To date less than 600 scrubbers have been fitted. That’s not a lot considering the size of the fleet (20,000).”

Yes, unprepared shipping companies will be the hardest hit.

But if you are at the right place at the right time, you could make a tremendous amount of money. The last time something similar happened, people made 1,044.46% gains.

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Not only that, but as a bonus you'll also receive a regular payout for owning part of the company. You'd receive fat checks you can deposit and spend. And believe me, when you start getting paid, you’ll want to kiss those idiotic bureaucrats at the United Nations.

I’ll tell you how you can get paid in a minute, but first let me explain why this is all happening.

Another Green Failure

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and it is in this case, as well.

What is the IMO doing sticking its fat thumb in the pie of global trade? Like many things done by committee, the intention is good: to cut pollution.

You see, everything from cargo ships to cruise liners use bunker fuel because it is cheap. This high-sulfur fuel is literally the bottom of the barrel, least refined sludge you can get. Think of it as one step above asphalt — because that’s what it is!

The annual emissions from one large container ship running on bunker fuel is comparable to the emissions from 10 to 15 million cars running on diesel fuel.

That’s why the IMO, way back in 2007, decided it would make a change. But, being the unelected bureaucrats they are, they kicked the can down the road for 13 years. “Let someone else deal with it” is the way they think.

Well, that deadline is here. And that someone is you and me.

The good news is the new mandated fuel will be much more refined and more like the diesel used by trucks and jets. It will also reduce the sulfur levels from 3.5% to just 0.5%.

The better news is that you can profit from this massive switch away from bunker fuel. That’s right, you can make up to $104,000 and stick it to these unaccountable tree-hugging idiots...

I’ll tell you more about it below...

Sulfur is a chemical that, when burned, produces noxious gases and fine particles that can harm human health and the environment in the form of acid rain.

But first you must know that while the industry is working overtime to make the changes, there is no way everyone, or even most, will be ready.

This new mandate will send a financial chain reaction across trucking, airplanes, shipping, even down to your local Walmart, as the increased costs of transportation are passed on to people like you and me.

Diesel prices could jump 63% this year. Some are saying they will jump to $145 a barrel!

One study by Phillip K. Verleger, a well-respected oil analyst, said that oil will go to $200 a barrel. On July 1, 2018, he published a paper entitled $200 Crude, the Economic Crisis of 2020, and Policies to Prevent Catastrophe.

And he is not alone...

CNBC says, “The biggest change in global fuel regulations since leaded gas went away could cause price shocks.”

Oil & Gas Journal says, "New International Maritime Organization (IMO) rules will most directly affect shipping fuels, a market of over 4 million b/d."

Investors are already positioning themselves for this event. The New York Mercantile Exchange created 11 new futures contracts for gasoil (0.5% sulfur fuel)! Seatrade Maritime News writes, "NYMEX to list 11 marine fuel 0.5% futures contracts ahead of IMO sulfur cap."

Wall Street knows this rule change will be the biggest disruption in global energy markets since the EPA outlawed leaded gasoline.

Those of you who lived through the 1970s might remember that the EPA rules about emissions and fuel almost destroyed the three big U.S. car makers. Ford went from making Boss Mustangs to crappy Pintos. Chrysler would have gone under except for a government bailout. The American Motor Company did go bankrupt.

Large numbers of people lost their well-paying jobs at auto factories. Places like Detroit, Michigan and Gary, Indiana have never recovered. And in the end, the Japanese and Germans took over the global car market.

But in Every Crisis Lies an Opportunity

For every loser, there are winners and the upside is huge. The best part is that you don’t need to use futures, options, or anything risky to make a small fortune from the price spike ahead. You can get checks mailed to you without touching any of that garbage.

These are safe, guaranteed, and perfectly legal.

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The change won’t be a one-time event. It will last for years, maybe decades.

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Now you have a chance to get in on the next big winner. Imagine buying Bitcoin at $450 before it ran to $19,000!

You can do it again and here’s why...

The IMO 2020 oil shock presents you with an opportunity to make over 1,044.46% gains.

It also gives you the ability to bank fat, growing payouts every three months for years to come. This isn’t a one-time event; it's a permanent change in low-sulfur fuel demand.

Because unlike a regular business that depends on market forces, the new IMO rules ensure demand for low-sulfur fuel will far outpace supply to the tune of a million barrels a day.

Alan Gelder of Wood Mackenzie foresees a shortfall of 1 million barrels a day of low sulfur gasoil and an increase in marine gasoil demand:

Shipping consumes 3.5 million b/d of high-sulphur fuel oil (HSFO, sulphur content capped at 3.5%). Refiners globally will be able to deliver 1.5 million b/d of VLSFO (very-low sulphur fuel oil, capped at 0.5%) by our reckoning… That leaves around 1 million barrels a day looking for marine gasoil (similar to diesel) which is more expensive — so shippers will pay more for their fuel.

Now, I’m not a big fan of the United Nations. I’m certainly distrustful of big government, much less unelected international bureaucrats, but they are powerful and, in this case, its rules will be implemented everywhere.

But you'll laugh all the way to the bank with your 1044.46% profits.

I’ve found one company that will make money hand over fist as a result of the IMO 2020 rule. In fact, even without the IMO 2020 event, this company makes you money.

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I’d like to send a FREE copy of this special report to you. I’ll show you how to claim your copy in just a moment, but first, let’s talk about who exactly will win thanks to this new IMO mandate.

The big winner thanks to the IMO 2020 oil shock will be crude oil refiners — not all refiners but one particular refiner with the foresight to see the change coming. This company spent the last two years dumping cash into reconfiguring its refineries just for this event.

Hydrocarbon Factory

A refiner is simply a company with a factory that turns raw crude oil into useful products.

The new rules mean the factories that used to make mostly bunker fuel are now worthless. But others, the smart few that have converted to the new 0.5% mandate, will make out like bandits!

The switch away from 3.5% sulfur fuel oil to low-sulfur fuel oil has already started.

Smell the Money

A few farsighted refiners have begun building inventories of low-sulfur fuel in the U.S. As of last month, low-sulfur stockpiles were 9% higher than a year ago.

Demand is picking up. Oil with 0.5% sulfur is now more expensive than Brent crude in northwest Europe for the first time in years. Speculators are stockpiling the fuel in floating tanker ships waiting for a massive payout this year.

There is no telling how high the price of 0.5% sulfur fuel will go! Some are predicting $200 a barrel. That’s a 63% increase and a $145 price gain from where we are today.

Pure-play refiners operating sophisticated high-tech plants called “complex plants,” with hydrocrackers and hydrotreaters that can remove the high-sulfur fuel, will be the big winners in the IMO 2020 oil shock.

Big Winners

I don’t want to be too technical, but these are the companies that have invested billions in low-sulfur plants. They are located near the coast and their pipelines bring light, sweet crude directly to their factories.

These will be the biggest winners. Earnings could easily double if not triple. Think about it. The costs are fixed. They have the refineries in place. Any increase in the 0.5% fuel sales price will be pure gravy.

And those additional profits will be passed on to you in the form of checks!

It works due to a simple Wall Street phenomenon called “margin expansion.”

Say a company has sales of $1 billion a year, with its fuel going for $50 a barrel. The company has fixed costs that are $900 million a year, so it pays out $100 million of its profit to the owners of the company, people just like you.

Now say the price of fuel goes to $100. The cost of overhead for the company is still $900 million but now their sales are $2 billion. So instead of paying out $100 million in checks, they pay out $1.1 billion in checks — a 1000% gain!

This is a basic example. Obviously, the reality will be a bit more complicated. But what I do know is that the price of bunker fuel's 0.5% replacement is going to fly. I know because it happened before...

Oil Shocks

In January 2002, the price of oil was at $28.23. Over the next few years, it started moving up. By June 2008, it was trading at $164.08.

The price spike was the direct result of a supply shock because investors thought the world was running out of oil. In the years before fracking, the world really was running out of oil. Production couldn’t keep up with demand.

In this bullish environment, one refiner, Valero Energy Corp. (NYSE: VLO), climbed from $6.95 to $72.59, a 1,044.46% gain. A $10,000 investment would have tuned into $104,000 on the share price alone.

In addition, you would have received checks mailed straight to you. At first, depending on your investment, you would have received a check for $5,000. But after a few years, that check would have grown by 350%! Your regular check would have ballooned to $17,500 off the same investment due to the magic of margin expansion.

So not only would you make out as the share price went up, you would also have made bonus money in the form of ever increasing checks.

But forget about Valero. Too many of its refineries are geared towards corn-based ethanol. The 2020 bunker fuel apocalypse will boost its payouts, but not enough for you or me.

We are onto something bigger.

One company you have to know about could have the most upside. It is sitting right in the middle of the largest light, sweet crude oil field in the world in Texas. Its refineries are near the coast and have geared up for the 2020 payout.

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You can expect those increases to double, triple, or more because of the IMO 2020 0.5% sulfur cap!

We are not just talking about a one-time price spike, but a long-term permanent change to the cost of 0.5% sulfur fuel. Due to high costs and NIMBY rules, new refineries are almost impossible to build. The last oil refinery with significant output, Marathon's facility in Garyville, Louisiana, came online in 1977 — that's 42 years ago!

bbr profit imo report

So, if you think they will just build their way out of this 1 million barrels a day gasoil shortage, think again. It’s not going to happen.

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