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For the FIRST time in nearly a decade...

You have 5 opportunities to get FILTHY RICH

Dear Reader,

No matter what happens in the markets moving forward, you'll have FIVE opportunities to get filthy rich.

And here's why.

Recently, Donald Trump threw gasoline on an already raging fire when he invoked a largely forgotten 69-year-old law.

I’ll explain what this law is and his reasons for enforcing this law in just a moment…

But first, you must understand one thing:

Trump’s latest salvo in America’s trade war with the Chinese has created a firestorm of profit opportunities, unlike anything we’ve seen in nearly a full decade.

The first payouts have already begun trickling in…

ei rare joseph

ei rare rubin

And get this…

ei rare trent

The crazy part is, these are just three of the people I’ve found that have already started pulling in what I’ve been calling “Trade War Kickbacks.”

I call them this because these payouts are coming as a direct result of Trump’s executive order — as you’ll see in just a minute.

And the payments I just showed you are actually on the low side of what some others have been earning.

So how do you get in on this and start pocketing similar windfalls?

Let me explain…

Why a Forgotten 69-Year-Old Law Could Grow Your Wealth Exponentially

What you see here is an order that has remained largely inactive since it was signed into law back in 1950…

ei rare law

It’s extremely powerful.

It’s rarely, rarely used.

And just recently, Donald Trump called upon it…

In doing so, he created an immediate situation that puts the U.S. in a position to become the undisputed power arm of the world.

It also stands to grow your wealth exponentially through a series of “Trade War Kickbacks” you could begin collecting as early as today.

So what exactly is this law?

It’s called the Defense Production Act, and it was originally instituted during the Cold War.

Before Trump invoking it, it had only been called upon four times.

This is the fifth.

And it marks a historic shift in what could be the greatest wealth-building opportunity of your lifetime.

But to fully understand why this specific action could make you so rich, I have to briefly back up and give you a bit of background.

In 2010 Something Like This Happened...
and Investors Got Disgustingly Rich

Back in 2010, China did something unprecedented…

They effectively started, a global trade war with one swift, yet simple, action.

In short, they imposed a quota on certain raw materials that are critical to EVERY person, company, and country in the world.

I’m not talking about oil. And this has nothing to do with precious metals.

Instead, I’m talking about a select group of naturally-occurring materials known as “Critical Elements.”

Now, not many people understand how essential these elements truly are, so I’ll put it like this…

  • More than 200 million computers are produced each year.
    “Critical Elements” go into EVERY LAST ONE of them.
  • More than 15 million smartwatches are produced each year.
    “Critical Elements” go into EVERY LAST ONE of them.
  • More than 43 million iPads are produced each year.
    “Critical Elements” go into EVERY LAST ONE of them.
  • More than 70 million cars are produced each year.
    “Critical Elements” go into EVERY LAST ONE of them.
  • More than 1.5 billion smartphones are produced each year.
    “Critical Elements” go into EVERY LAST ONE of them.

And that’s just the start…

“Critical Elements” play a vital role in:

ei rare subheads agriculture

ei rare subheads construction

ei rare subheads electric

ei rare subheads food

ei rare subheads beverage

ei rare subheads real estate

ei rare subheads infrastructure

I could go on and on.

These elements are vital to everything you do daily.

They’re in your home, in your car, and your pocket or purse this very second.

Thing is, they’re rare.

And, until now, one country has had a stranglehold on 80% of the world’s entire supply.

That country is China.

So when they imposed their quota back in 2010, it disrupted the entire supply chain and put massive companies all over the world on the brink of catastrophe.

As you might imagine, the prices of these “Critical Elements” soared.

In 2010, alone, they quadrupled.

In 2011, prices continued to climb, soaring by as much as 700%.

However, what looked like a sure disaster for major companies all over the world turned into an absolute game changer for investors who’d seen this trend unfolding.

Here’s why...

29 Different Chances to Bank
Triple- and Quadruple- Digit Gains

Shortly after China’s quota went into effect, the price of one “Critical Element” — Lithium — went ballistic.

Prices soared from $4,000 per ton to more than $9,000 per ton.

ei rare lithium price

That’s a big gain.

Imagine if the price of gold or silver doubled. People would get rich.

But they wouldn’t do it by owning the physical element.

They’d do it through the stock market.

And they’d make FAR more money.

Take a look at some of the gains astute investors had the chance to pocket as lithium went vertical...

ei rare list 1

And that’s just a few of the companies that soared thanks to lithium’s meteoric rise.

But it wasn’t just lithium. There are dozens of “Critical Elements,” and China controls the lion’s share of ALL of them.

Cobalt is another.

And prices shot up like wildfire when China set its quota:

ei rare cobalt price

Prices soared from around $20,000 per ton to nearly $100,000.

That’s a massive jump. But, again, the big money didn’t come from investing in a cobalt index or ETF.

It came from the companies involved...

ei rare list 2

And something similar happened with ANOTHER “Critical Element.”

This time it was graphite — an important compound that drives the $3 trillion tech market.

ei rare graphite price

Prices bounced from around $1,000 per ton to $2,500.

So I’m sure you can guess what kinds of gains graphite companies paid out as that happened...

ei rare list 3

That’s 15 opportunities I’ve shown you.

And it all came on just three “Critical Elements.”

On these alone you could have banked “retire now” money and moved to an island somewhere to play golf every day and sip $2,000 whiskey.

Thing is, this stream of profit opportunities didn’t stop there.

Because there are dozens of these “Critical Elements.”

And EVERY LAST ONE of them shot up in price, giving investors the chance to pocket monster profits.

Take a look at this chart:

ei rare critical elements

You’re looking at 10 different “Critical Elements.”

And ALL of them skyrocketed right after China put its quota in place.

So it should come as no surprise that investors had the chance to cash in like crazy...

ei rare list 4

I can’t stress enough just how many opportunities there were.

You could have invested in just about ANY “Critical Element” company back in 2010, and you’d have had the chance to get filthy rich.

I just showed you an astounding 29 chances to make crazy gains.

And there were FAR more than that.

Of course, 2010 is long gone.

But now, 10 years later, it’s happening again.

Only this time, there’s one huge difference.

Today’s “Kickbacks”
Could Be 20 Times Bigger

That’s not exactly a secret. China already tried this stunt once.

But here’s the kicker...

This time, Trump is making sure America isn’t on the wrong side of things.

And nothing made that clearer than when he invoked a 69-year-old law that was only put into action four times before.

The law in question, and the one I showed you a photo of earlier, is the Defense Production Act.

And it gives the U.S. President the ability to control the economy so that scarce materials are made available.

In short, Trump has forced China’s hand by allocating millions of dollars to stimulate domestic mining and processing of these “Critical Elements.”

And by doing so, he’s allowed an absolute tsunami of investment in the industry.

But here’s the thing...

Remember those “get rich now” gains I showed you earlier?

Those could look like chump change next to what’s about to happen...

Because thanks to Trump and the Defense Production Act, this wave of “Trade War Kickbacks” could be 20 times more profitable.

And the United States is in the driver’s seat...

We already have the infrastructure. We have the money.

And already, our reserves of “Critical Elements” rank seventh in the world.

This is a massive game changer.

It could very well make the U.S. the undisputed power of the world.

And investors from all over will have the chance to jump in for this second wave of what could easily be “retire now” gains.

In fact, some savvy investors have already pocketed HUGE sums of cash.

ei rare sandy

ei rare giles

ei rare garfield

Recently, The Global Times tweeted, "Based on what I know, China is seriously considering restricting exports to the U.S."

This wave of “Critical Elements” profits could be up to 20 times bigger than what happened in 2010...

Meaning we could look at a series of 10-baggers that could set you, your family, and your friends up for a lifetime of ease and wealth.

But it gets even better...

I’ve spent a full two years watching this situation like a hawk.

And I’ve uncovered FIVE opportunities that stand to be the cream of the crop...

Delivering potential gains of anywhere from 3,200% to 28,500% gains.

There’s only one catch. You MUST get in now.

This is a volatile situation, and China could cut off the world’s main supply line at any moment.

And even if China surprised everyone and doesn’t act on their threats...

You STILL stand to get rich.

Remember, Trump has made sure America won’t get caught sleeping this time around.

He’s ensured that America’s dedication to mining these “Critical Elements” is of utmost importance.

So, in reality, no matter what the trade war brings, prices of “Critical Elements” stand to make investors outrageously rich.

But this isn’t the situation you can monitor for months.

I’ve already been doing that.

And the fuse has been lit.

The powder keg could explode any day now, and I can assure you, you’ll want to be in front of this thing.

This wave of “Critical Elements” profits could be up to 20 times bigger than what happened in 2010...

Meaning we could look at a series of 10-baggers that could set you, your family, and your friends up for a lifetime of ease and wealth.

But it gets even better...

I’ve spent a full two years watching this situation like a hawk.

And I’ve uncovered FIVE opportunities that stand to be the cream of the crop...

Delivering potential gains of anywhere from 3,200% to 28,500% gains.

There’s only one catch. You MUST get in now.

This is a volatile situation, and China could cut off the world’s main supply line at any moment.

And even if China surprised everyone and doesn’t act on their threats...

You still stand to get rich.

Remember, Trump has made sure America won’t get caught sleeping this time around.

He’s ensured that America’s dedication to mining these “Critical Elements” is of utmost importance.

So, in reality, no matter what the trade war brings, prices of “Critical Elements” stand to make investors outrageously rich.

But this isn’t the situation you can monitor for months.

I’ve already been doing that.

And the fuse has been lit.

The powder keg could explode any day now, and I can assure you, you’ll want to be in front of this thing.

I’ll reveal everything you need to know in a moment, but first let me briefly introduce myself...

How Those Following Me
Had the Chance to Get Filthy Rich

My name is Keith Kohl.

For the last decade and change, I’ve been at the front line of America’s quest to reclaim ultimate independence and regain the undisputed title of superior world power.

I’ve been closely monitoring America’s energy, mineral, and metal industry like few others on the planet.

I was one of the very first analysts to pick up on the U.S. shale boom.

But I didn’t just write about it.

And I didn’t just look up information on the Internet.

Instead, back in 2007, I set out on a 2,500-mile road trip that stretched from my home base in Baltimore to the heart of Alberta, Canada.

Along the way, I stopped in North Dakota, checked into a hotel, and found a little saloon where I grabbed a beer and wound down from a long day on the road.

Then “IT” happened.

I got to talking with one bartender, and the topic quickly turned to oil. He mentioned there’d been a slew of energy insiders coming through, heading out to “the Bakken.”

So I went back to my room, made some calls, and did a bit of research.

I’d heard of “fracking” before, but I wasn’t yet sure just how big of a deal it would become.

But after taking a slight detour and visiting the sites myself, talking with company CEOs, and checking out this revolutionary technology for myself. I knew I was onto something huge.

For several months, I delved into the situation and made use of every contact I have in the industry.

And throughout nearly a year’s worth of research, I uncovered several opportunities I believed would make investors filthy rich.

One of those companies was Brigham Exploration — an under the radar firm was on the cusp of the fracking revolution and had already figured out how to get more oil out of the ground.

As a result, despite most investors have never even heard of Brigham, share prices skyrocketed.

ei rare brigham

In just a matter of months, Brigham shot up 574%.

That’s enough to turn a humble $10,000 investment into $67,400.

It wasn’t the only winner, though.

There was also Northern Oil and Gas, a company that was just bringing its first Bakken projects online.

ei rare northern

As a result, shares shot up 103% over roughly 60 days.

Your $10,000 would’ve turned into $27,000.

Petrobank Energy paid out huge gains too:

ei rare petrobank

It was yet another triple-digit winner, paying out 103% gains.

It was an incredible time for those following my advice.

We booked nine double- and triple-digit winners in just this single situation.

In fact, over three years, we nailed down 54 winners out of 60 trades.

That’s a 90% win rate. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Any money manager would do just about anything for a track record like that.

But I don’t tell you this to brag.

I just want to illustrate the money you could make when a game-changing situation occurs in the energy, minerals, and metals markets.

That’s where we sit today...

Much like we were in early on the Bakken stocks that made investors rich, we’re now in front of an opportunity that’s set to unleash tidal waves of cash to properly positioned investors.

I’ve done the legwork. I’ve called in dozens of favors from my extensive list of contacts. I’ve vetted hundreds of companies.

And today’s chance to get in early on a series of explosive and life-changing “Trade War Kickbacks” could dwarf anything I’ve covered in my career.

This could make my career — delivering the gains most stock analysts only ever dream about.

And in just a moment, I’ll show you how you can join everyday investors — like the ones I’ve already shown you — who are grabbing their “Trade War Kickbacks” at this very moment.

But to maximize your payouts, you need to be in on the right opportunities.

So let me share with you exactly what those opportunities are…

Which Five Stocks Have I Found
That Could Change Your Life Forever?

When China inevitably throws the hammer down and once again restricts access to their stash of “Critical Elements,” things will get downright nuts.

And as we saw, the last time something like this happened, there were dozens of chances to get insanely rich.

But as I mentioned, the money won’t come from the elements themselves.

It’ll come from the companies that are on the cusp of this situation and have put themselves in a position to reward investors hugely.

So what are the companies that’ll pay out the biggest “Trade War Kickbacks” this time around?

I’ve found FIVE that I believe are potentially life-changing opportunities — the stocks that come around just once in a lifetime.

“Kickback" Stocks #1 & 2
We’re looking at “1,000% Upside”

Like we saw after 2010, we’re faced with a situation where no one knows just how high prices of “Critical Elements” will soar.

Only this time, as I’ve mentioned, Trump has ensured that the U.S. won’t be blindsided...

Remember, he’s allocated millions upon millions of dollars to America’s “Critical Element” production.

But it doesn’t end there...

Because the President had one more card up his sleeve.

And he played it.

Not only will the U.S. start allocating huge sums of cash to the domination of the “Critical Element” game...

So will Australia and Canada.

And Trump has “teamed” up with these two countries to create something of a “Critical Element” alliance...

One aimed at bringing down the Chinese monopoly.

And foremost on his list is a “Critical Element” that billions of people use daily.

Computers, iPads, laptops, and electric vehicles all need it...

Pacemakers, too. And smartphones.

It’s even used in things like thermometers, car locks, hearing aids, and calculators.

We use 200 million metric tons of this “Critical Element” per year.

I’m talking about lithium.

But like I say, should China impose another quota, this time America will be prepared.

And it’s thanks to two companies are on the ground floor... ready to pull in tidal waves of cash as non-China mining its full swing.

Remember what happened in 2010? Lithium prices went nuts.

ei rare lithium price

Prices more than doubled.

This time we’re at a crossroads where we could see a far more massive run... where prices could easily hand you five... 10 ... even 20 times your money.

Here’s why...

Once Trump called upon the Defense Production Act, the fortunes of two specific lithium companies immediately changed.

These two companies are part of the collective non-China “Critical Element” alliance I just told you about...

Which means demand for their services is about to hit the stratosphere.

Already, one of these companies posted a huge return of $25 million in 2019 alone — when just about every major player in the lithium sector was losing everything.

Yet these guys turned a massive profit.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Get this:

Argentina holds a MASSIVE supply of lithium.

I’m talking enough to generate roughly HALF of the entire world’s supply.

There’s only one problem...

Argentina doesn’t have the money, infrastructure, or expertise to get this lithium to the masses.

As an expert, Miguel Angel Persoglia says, “In Argentina, everyone wants to be a lawyer or a doctor. There’s no technical personnel [for lithium].”

It’s part of the reason the Chinese have been able to keep their monopoly running as long as they have.

But that’s about to change...

Because the U.S. and Australia are tapping this lithium reserve, opening the door for the two companies I’ve been telling you about.

In short, they’re in a prime position to pull Argentina’s lithium out of the ground, get it to the public, and make an absolute fortune.

Already, they’ve secured $160 million worth of contracts to do so.

And that’s just the start.

These companies are already building plants, generating land surveys, and starting the mining process.

And as this process comes to completion, share prices of these two firms are in an unprecedented position to pay out millions.

See, each of these stocks traded for CHEAP.

Therefore, as one insider puts it, we’re looking at “1,000% Upside.”

But the best part is this...

These are just two of the companies that will pay out “Trade War Kickbacks” as this situation grows hotter by the day.

“Kickback” Stock #3
the Easiest 10-Bagger You’ll Ever Hear About

You see, lithium isn’t the only “Critical Element” that’s set to make investors rich.

There’s also cobalt.

And while most people are unfamiliar with its uses, it’s easily one of the most important “Critical Elements” on Earth.

It’s critical to the production of high-grade magnets, jet engines, gas turbines, paints, medicines, and various kinds of steel.

And right now, demand is skyrocketing because cobalt is essential to making lithium-ion batteries — the same batteries you find in every smartphone, laptop computer, and electric vehicle on the planet.

In other words, cobalt plays a vital role in just about every major market...

I’m talking about things like...

  • Our $649 billion defense industry.
  • Our $350 billion energy industry.
  • Our $446 billion pharmaceutical industry.
  • Our $692 billion auto industry.
  • Our $1.5 trillion tech industry.

And the list goes on and on...

Which is why China has had us over a barrel for decades.

This is why, when China restricted their supply, cobalt stocks shot up by the dozens, including:

ei rare list 2

This time, though, the gains could be far bigger.

And one small company is set to claim the lion’s share of this massive opportunity.

But get this...

The supply isn’t going to come from Argentina. It won’t come from overseas.

It’s going to come from right here in the U.S.

Already, an astounding $100 million has been invested in this project — and one tiny firm is in the driver’s seat.

When all is said and done, we could be looking at the easiest 10-bagger you’ve ever seen in your life.

I’m talking fast, easy 1,000% gains as demand for cobalt continues to shoot through the roof.

But cobalt won’t be your only shot at 1,000% gains...

“Kickback” Stock #4
50 Times Your Money on Alaska’s Kingpin

The last time something like this happened, as lithium and cobalt both surged, so did another “Critical Element.”


ei rare graphite price

Prices shot up by 150% — more than doubling.

And graphite companies quickly followed suit, giving investors the chance to pocket some ludicrous gains:

ei rare list 3

Now, here we are again, with a similar situation on the horizon.

The graphite market is worth roughly $19 million.

Within just a few years, that figure is expected to surge dramatically, hitting more than $27 million.

This means, as demand for graphite soars, we’re in front of a situation where the right graphite companies could again payout record gains.

And when I say “the right graphite companies,” there’s one, in particular, I’ve uncovered that’s in an exceptional position.

See, like cobalt and lithium, graphite is another “Critical Element” that’s essential to producing batteries.

Get this: Right now, there are around five million electric vehicles on the road.

But demand is also at an all-time high...

Which is why Fortune predicts there will be 125 million electric vehicles on the road within the next decade.

That’s a 2,400% increase.

And graphite is essential to every electric car produced.

In short, there’s never been a greater need for graphite.

Now, while China dominates 66% of the world’s supply, the U.S. will turn elsewhere...

And there’s one small company that’s set to absolutely explode as we tap it for all the graphite they can produce.

See, for years, the United States has been 100% dependent on other countries with graphite.

We don’t have enough of the resource to mine.

Or so we thought.

Recently, it was discovered that there are actually 92 million metric tons of this “Critical Element” sitting beneath the land of Alaska.

In case, you’re wondering... That’s A LOT of graphite.

As one executive who visited the site said, “Some of this graphite is so continuous it looks like an oversized pencil lead... it’s a very prominent mineral in the area.”

That’s great news for the United States.

But its exceptional news for the small firm that’s about to tap this land and give the U.S. the ability to mine its graphite.

And as this situation comes to a head, I completely expect shares of this company to hand you 10... 20... even 50 times your money.

Now, if that seems like a lot of money...

Check out the final opportunity I’d like to share with you today...

“Kickback” Stock #5
One Stock to Rule Them All

Remember, there are dozens of “Critical Elements.”

I showed you this chart earlier:

ei rare critical elements

It shows 10 different “Critical Elements.”

And ALL of them skyrocketed right after China put its quota in place.

Today, the same thing is on the cusp of happening...

An all-out money grab as demand for these “Critical Elements” continues to hit record highs.

ALL of them are primed to explode in price.

ALL of them are vital to our success as a nation.

ALL of them can make early investors filthy rich.

But instead of putting your money into twenty or thirty different plays, I’ve uncovered a unique way for you to capitalize on every gain that happens as “Critical Element” prices skyrocket.

That’s right, there’s a stock out there that gives you the chance to get in on 20 “Critical Elements” at one time.

And like the others, you can load up on shares for cheap.

But I must issue my warning...

There’s no telling how long these stocks will remain at such low prices.

And that goes for ALL THE stocks I’ve been sharing with you today.

They could explode at any moment.

Some of them have already started climbing.

So there’s no time to wait.

The good news is, you will get the full details on these unique opportunities — including how much money you stand to make by claiming your own “Trade War Kickbacks” today.

Your Guide to Claiming
Your Own Personal “Trade War Kickbacks

Here’s the deal.

I’ve just finished putting together an entire library of information on this situation.

I’m talking about FIVE separate reports, and each one covers one opportunity I just told you about.

Given that the information in each report could make you insanely rich, you might expect to pay a pretty penny for this information.

Yet, because my focus is, and always will be, on helping everyday Americans profit...

I’ve worked with my publisher to put together an offer to make my research into the current “Critical Element” situation available to every proud American who wants to take part.

So, for a very limited time, you can grab not just one of these reports... not two of them... but ALL FIVE of them free and with ZERO obligation when you accept a risk-free trial of my stock advisory service, Energy Investor.

Investors who’ve done this in the past have experienced unparalleled financial success.

As I showed you earlier, those who listened to me about the Bakken oil boom had the chance to pocket life-changing wealth over just a few months.

So I’ll show you how to join our group and activate your six-month trial to Energy Investor in just a moment, but first I need to make something abundantly clear…

Don’t Feel Badly if
This Isn’t Right For You

Listen, I know the energy market is unloved right now.

But “Critical Elements” is one of the hottest ways to make an absolute killing in the markets right now.

Here’s the thing, though...

This situation is unique.

And rarely do you find yourself in front of an opportunity like this.

Remember, Trump invoked a 69-year-old law, which has spurred the production of non-Chinese “Critical Elements” for the first time in history.

We’ve seen nothing like this...

This means the potential for insane profits is hotter than it’s ever been.

But I have to issue a warning.

As I explained, I’d like to send you my entire library of FIVE “Critical Elements” reports at no charge...

All I ask is that you take a six-month test drive of my Energy Investor advisory service.

But this is unlike anything I’ve uncovered before.

So I feel it’s important that I’m upfront with you.

With this situation, in particular, we’re dealing with small stocks.

I normally don’t do this.

These kinds of plays are normally reserved for my high-end subscribers.


Because — as I mentioned — these are small stocks.

So there’s more speculation involved. These aren’t $80 blue chips.

These stocks are CHEAP. At least for right now.

So if you don’t enjoy putting your money into tiny companies — despite the opportunity to make multiple 1,000% gains — don’t feel bad.

There will be different opportunities for you down the road.

But if you’re as excited about this chance to get filthy right as I am, then by all means, please claim your FREE library of reports today.

Energy Investor Is the Only Source for
My Full Research on “Trade War Kickbacks”

As well as the best money-making opportunities throughout the energy markets — for investors and everyday Americans.

Oil and gas, yes. But also alternative energy plays. I put my readers into the lithium and energy metals boom long before electric cars were making daily headlines.

One of my first picks in this market was a lithium producer called Dajin Resources.

While most folks were still unsure if Elon Musk could make an electric car for the everyday American, I uncovered this company from Nevada.

It was a stone’s throw away from Tesla’s Gigafactory site, which would need A LOT of lithium to make its batteries.

I got my readers in EARLY.

And much like the stocks I’ve been talking about today, Dajin was cheap.

It was trading at just six cents per share in May 2015.

But I felt it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

And it was...

ei rare dajin

The stock went on a tear, and just 10 months later, we sold out for a 200% profit.

That was good enough to turn $10,000 into $30,000.

Just imagine: In less than a year, you’d have tripled your money.

Most folks will never know what it’s like to experience the excitement of seeing that happen.

Yet, you have FIVE chances to do so today.

But it gets even better...

Because along with your “Critical Elements” information library, showing you how to collect “Trade War Kickbacks,” you will also get a full toolkit to help you profit from other energy plays over the coming months.

As Our Newest Energy Investor Member,
You’ll Also Enjoy:

And the best money-making opportunities throughout the energy markets — for investors and everyday Americans.

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For good reason: They had just passed a plan to protect and secure America’s undisputed status as the world’s TOP superpower.

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We’re hurtling headfirst toward a shortage of this commodity that could upset the balance of civilization.

It’s even been tied to recent disasters, including the horrendous California fires in late 2018.

I don’t like to celebrate someone else’s crisis, but there are businesses that profit by helping others guard themselves against the crisis.

And I’ve identified a company that is proactively trying to help America against the growing threat of a shortage of this crucial commodity.

Which means it’s at the center of an urgent problem that Washington, state governments, and even individuals will throw money in solving the crisis.

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