Elon Musk’s Big BOMBSHELL

Why the billionaire’s shocking NEW revelation about his electric vehicle empire could create fortunes for smart, fast-acting investors...

This has nothing to do with buying shares of Tesla


Dear Reader,

This is EXTREMELY shocking...

Elon Musk, the shrewd billionaire and founder of Tesla, just made a VERY strange and unexpected confession about the future of his electric car empire.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Tesla is the global leader in electric car technology.

This company has changed the automotive world and made a fortune for its shareholders... Shares went up more than 700% in 2020 alone!

But in a stunning admission to the press, Musk explained that there’s a certain technology he believes will be MUCH BIGGER than the electric car... 

And not only will this technology dwarf it but it will grow even FASTER than it, too.

According to Musk:

“I think [this technology] will grow faster than automotive... If you look at year-over-year growth, it will be absolutely incredible... over the course of, say, a year, gigantic increase.”

Incredible, right?

And this has nothing to do with batteries or 5G or the internet of things.

So why will this technology grow faster than the electric car?

Because the demand for it is absolutely huge.

It can power the 90 million-plus buildings and homes in America alone... more cheaply than any fossil fuel in the world can today.

It can do it virtually for FREE... 24 hours a day... seven days a week!

And in doing so, it will make the greedy utility companies OBSOLETE.

That’s why Fortune 500 companies are pouring money into it at an almost unfathomable pace.

Apple has plunked down $3 billion...

Facebook is investing $416 million...

America’s biggest companies are going all-in on this technology, including:

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • IKEA
  • Kaiser Permanente 
  • And many more.


They're installing this technology because it can reduce their electric bills by as much as 75% each month!

Walmart, for instance, is expected to save as much as $1 billion annually on its energy costs.

And it’s not just the big corporations that are seeing big savings from it. 

Residential homeowners using it can reduce their monthly electric bills by as much as 90%.

As Kevin Payne from Rochester says, “My monthly bill is just $18.29. That is a lot better than the average bill in New York state of $103.”

Imagine never having to pay a monthly power bill ever again... and being free from the greedy utility companies forever.

That’s why the International Energy Agency says that the deployment of this technology in “homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities is set to take off over the next five years, transforming the way electricity is generated and consumed.”

Thanks to this technology, everyone in America can now become their own “power company.”

EVERYONE could use it to generate endless, free electricity — on demand — without ever having to deal with a utility provider again. 

That’s why the world’s richest, smartest investors all want a piece of this world-altering technology. 

And they’re shelling out billions upon billions of dollars...

  • The legendary Warren Buffett has invested as much as $15 billion, saying it could “erode the economics of the incumbent utility.”
    And he’s all set to DOUBLE DOWN on his bet. “There’s another $15 billion ready to go, as far as I’m concerned,” says Buffett.
  • Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, has invested over $2 billion into this groundbreaking technology. And he’s now backing a startup company that’s focused on developing it.
  • Elon Musk has also thrown his hat into the ring with a $2.6 billion investment. 

While much of the focus of Musk’s company has been on building the world’s most innovative electric cars, he’s now pivoting... 

And He’s Going All-in on Developing THIS Emerging Technology

Because as Musk says, “It could eventually outgrow Tesla’s automotive business.”

But here’s the thing these billionaires don’t realize...

They’ve already lost the race.

That’s because one tiny company has already beaten ALL of these heavyweights to the punch.

It’s a $184 million company that’s about to go from virtual obscurity to household name. 

When it comes to putting this technology into every home and business in America, it's completely transformed the game.

In fact, I’m going to take it one GIANT step further...

See, I believe that this little, barely known firm has cracked the code to endless FREE power.

That’s right!

I’m talking about unlocking an inexhaustible supply of FREE unlimited energy.

One that can power EVERY single car, home, office building, and factory in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week...

For the next 35,000 years!

Look, this is something mankind has been seeking for centuries...

It’s a feat that the greatest minds in the world — like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison — knew was possible...

As Thomas Edison once said, “I’d put my money on that. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to run out of oil and coal before we tackle this.”

Yet for over 150 years, scientists couldn’t figure out how to make the technology for capturing this power easy, efficient, and cheap enough for every single person on the planet to use.

Until NOW... 

Because at long last, one little firm has done the unimaginable...

The company's elite team of scientists has solved the infinite energy riddle that’s baffled the top tier of the science community forever.

This firm has figured out a way for every single person on Earth to harness this perpetual energy source in a manner that makes it cheaper than any fossil fuel used today...

WITHOUT having to make ANY alterations or additions to a vehicle, home, school, or office building. 

And WITHOUT ever having to use batteries or generators or even the local power grid!

That’s why...

This Tiny Company’s Breakthrough Is About to BANKRUPT Every Single Utility Company in America... and Make You RICH

There’s literally nothing on Earth that compares with this firm’s breakthrough invention — which it has protected with over 90 patents.

I think it will go down as the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT contribution to mankind ever.

It’s also going to create unprecedented wealth.

How can I make such a bold claim? 

Because I’m one of the few people in the world who's actually seen this firm’s innovation in person.

I’ve witnessed it with my own two eyes.

Let me explain...

Shrouded in Secrecy


For several months I tried contacting the office of a very elite tech company. It has a sophisticated team of highly skilled engineers. 

In fact, one of them used to develop technology for the U.S. Navy that made its battleships “invisible” to satellite detection. 

These guys are incredibly secretive.

But I kept hearing rumors about how this outfit somehow unlocked one of the largest sources of energy anywhere on Earth.

Not in a lab at MIT... not on a deepwater rig... not buried beneath the sand of an OPEC nation... but in a tiny office building in a sleepy little town in upstate New York.

To give you an idea of how much energy might be at this company's fingertips — if the rumors are true — its systems could eventually capture enough energy in a single month to power the entire globe for 1,000 years!

This company’s invention would finally make this infinite source of energy viable on a massive, global scale.

It can turn every skyscraper, house, hospital, and school in the world into its own “power plant” — capable of generating its own endless clean electricity, 24 hours a day, seven days a week! 

All WITHOUT needing to change or add a single thing to the existing building!

No generators. No batteries. Not even the power grid is needed.

Needless to say, the rumors were more than enough to pique my interest...

After all, if they were true, it would be like traveling back in time, back to the day John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil and launched the oil industry. 

A $100 investment in Standard Oil would be worth $153,285...

A $1,000 investment would be worth $1.5 million...

A $10,000 investment would be worth $15.3 million...

We are talking about staggering generational wealth, the kind that will make your family megarich today — and keep it that way 100 years from now.

But every aspect of this company's cutting-edge technology was shrouded in secrecy.

In fact, I couldn’t even get a straight answer from the administrative assistant during the company's business hours... My emails, letters, faxes, and calls all went unanswered.

If this company really could do what it claimed, it’s been kept under tighter wraps than the alien landing at Roswell.

I was beginning to have my doubts... and was about to abandon the whole thing until one of my contacts reached out to me with a stunning piece of news.

See, over the past 30 years, I’ve built a Rolodex that includes family offices, political insiders, angel investors, and some of the biggest players in the global energy arena. 

And I got word that one of the company's researchers would be holding an exclusive demonstration of its secret technology inside a physics lab at a Florida university later that day.

That was all I needed to hear. I didn’t care about credentials, how I would get into the building, or that I would stand out like a sore thumb, surrounded by physicists and faculty...

I booked the first flight out of BWI, scribbled down the address, printed a map of the campus, and grabbed my camera.

It was a race against time.

But if I made it, I would witness what would become perhaps the biggest blockbuster I'd see in my lifetime.

Witnessing the Impossible

The lab was standing room only. Physicists, company executives, a CNBC team, and a few others gathered shoulder to shoulder around a bisected model of a home in the center of a dark room.

At first glance, it looked like any other scaled-down house — there were no rooftop panels, no wires, no tinted windows.

But as the CEO explained shortly before the blinds went up, the windows were sprayed with the company’s one-of-a-kind formula.

You couldn’t tell anything happened to them. They looked like regular windows you’d find on any house or office building.

Then the curtains went up and the sun’s rays hit the windows...

Immediately, the lights inside the house turned on.

As far as regular expensive and boxy solar panels are concerned, it was nothing special...

Except there were NO panels. And the glass was completely see-through.

As the CEO quickly demonstrated, his company’s spray-on solar cells weren’t only several times cheaper and able to be applied at room temperature to any window instantly...

But they were also a complete revolution in the solar industry!

If that didn’t have the image of enormous profits flooding every mind in the room, the CEO took it one step further...

The blinds shut, cutting off all traces of sunlight, and the lights in the lab turned on.

Somehow, the rays from the regular incandescent bulbs were still enough to power the lights in the house.

As the CEO explained, these cells are 1,000% more powerful when it comes to extracting energy from artificial light sources — enough to keep power running, say, from nothing but the glow of streetlights at night...

All from a material that could be sprayed on ANY window on ANY building — even at room temperature!

gcs nene liquid

I could hardly believe it. There I was, one of the first outsiders in the world to witness a technology so disruptive that it could, without any effort, radically change the global energy landscape.

This see-through coating can turn your existing windows into electricity generators!

Just imagine the windows and skylights in your own home capturing sunlight, converting it into energy, and using the energy to light up, heat, or cool every room in your house.

Your “solar windows” have turned your home into your own “power plant” that harvests free, infinite energy from the sun.

With your windows generating free electric power that you can use 24/7, you’re no longer dependent on the greedy, price-gouging electric utility companies! 

This had to be the same feeling other spectators felt when they viewed the first controlled nuclear reaction on that squash court in Chicago in 1942, or how the five witnesses of the Wright brothers’ first flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, must have felt watching the historic innovation unfold.

Only this tiny company is innovating at a much faster pace.

The CEO shared with us the fact that the company’s already beyond the lab.

In fact, although it would be illegal for it to disclose who's interested, you got the feeling that major corporations were lining up to sign contracts.

And why wouldn’t they?!

This company's groundbreaking solar spray could single-handedly eliminate a building's or house’s electric bill — without the extreme cost or inefficiency of current models!

The invention is a blockbuster. It could soon turn every building in the world into its own silent power plant. It could literally change the way we use energy forever. 

Hi. I’m Jeff Siegel.

gcs nene jeff

And I’ve been a professional investor for 30 years.

I’m also a bestselling author, television commentator, and editor of Green Chip Stocks, the highly successful research publication that focuses on renewable energy.

Over my career, I’ve developed a unique set of contacts, including former presidents, energy policymakers, venture capitalists, CEOs, family offices, and more.

It helps me understand the intricacies of the energy markets like nobody else on the planet.

I was one of the first to call the boom in solar power.

In fact, in a 2007 book I authored, Investing in Renewable Energy, I predicted its inevitable rise.

gcs nene book

I wrote about the potential for new technology to eventually make it dirt cheap — cheaper than anything else... 

I predicted its potential to power billions of homes worldwide.

But back then, everybody laughed me off. They called solar power a fantasy — and said that oil and coal would dominate the market forever.

But the investors who listened to me had the chance to score life-altering gains.

I recommended the solar power manufacturer SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWR) — before it shot up nearly FIVE TIMES its value...

gcs nene sunpower

That turned every $500 into $2,480!

And when I told my readers to buy First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR), they made out like bandits when it exploded with an 850% gain...

gcs nene firstsolar

That turned every $500 into $4,750!

These were the “first-wave” companies that helped bring solar power to the market. And I helped my readers rack up huge gains on them.

But don’t worry if you missed out last time.    

Because it’s about to happen again.

Solar is now the fastest-growing industry in America. It’s more affordable than ever before.

According to the International Energy Agency, solar could soon be the No. 1 source of energy on the planet... surpassing oil, gas, and coal power.

And the company I’ve been telling you about today will be at the center of it all.

Its breakthrough is what is called a "solar window."

gcs nene window

A "solar window" looks like a regular window you'd see in a typical office building. In fact, you can't tell the difference between the two... 

Except that this solar window is covered in a thin, sprayed-on film that captures sunlight, converts it into energy, and uses the energy to light up, heat, or cool your room.

And it’s so thin you can actually see through it!


That’s why I spent months trying to catch an inside peek at this company’s breakthrough...

Because it has literally conquered EVERY SINGLE OBSTACLE in solar’s way — from efficiency, cost, and bulkiness... to even needing sunlight!

This technology works anywhere, on ANY type of window — house, building, skyscraper — anywhere.

It can even absorb sunlight in shaded alleyways.

It can be added to the millions of existing homes, apartments, and businesses in America seamlessly without having to do any construction.

And without having to add any ugly, unsightly solar panels!

It can turn every single home and business into its own “power plant” that generates its own free electricity from the sun 24 hours a day, seven days a week... and make the greedy electric utility companies nearly OBSOLETE.

Think about all the skyscrapers with their glass windows in Manhattan alone...

Then consider all the windows across the United States — well over 90 million of them!

This company’s clear solar coating could be applied to EVERY single one of them to generate endless, clean electric power.

And with no changes to the aesthetics of the building. Or the transparency of the glass. It’s invisible.

That’s why CNBC says this firm’s breakthrough “could give our cities the ability to harvest their own energy needs.”

It could completely eliminate dependency on America’s aging, unstable, and unreliable electrical power grid.

Heck, it could completely eliminate the world’s dependency on electrical grids!

Don’t forget all of the windows in China... India... and Europe.

The potential is STAGGERING.

But homes, apartments, skyscrapers, and factories are just the tip of the iceberg...

“Potential uses for a product like this are seemingly endless.”
 — Engineering.com 

The company has developed a very thin (one-tenth the thickness of other companies' "films"), semitransparent spray that creates large-area solar structures you can see through.

This transparency makes the glazing desirable for placement over glass, plastics, and other see-through structures.

It represents a NEW BREED of solar cell design with near-limitless applications...

It could be applied to the windshields and windows of every type of automobile on the planet...

Imagine an 18-wheeler truck cruising down the highway, powered entirely by the electricity it generates from this company’s clear solar coatings...

It could be applied to electronics like your smartphone or watch...

It could be used to power boats, cruise ships, airplanes, military aircraft, and much more!

Today, the use of architectural glass and transparent plastics is staggering in scope — the worldwide market for this company now reaches into the hundreds of billions.

This is a HUGE breakthrough that will soon DOMINATE the solar energy market.

And it could be the biggest wealth creator you’ve ever seen in your lifetime!

Solar’s Now Affordable... and Seeing Explosive, Exponential Growth


When most people think about solar, they envision photovoltaic (PV) devices.

This is what a typical photovoltaic installation looks like:

gcs nene panels

During the energy crisis of the 1970s, serious interest in solar technology took hold in the United States. But due to prohibitive prices, large-scale applications were nearly impossible.

It was still so costly that it didn’t offer a viable alternative to oil, coal or gas.

Over the years, improvements were made and PV became more cost-effective. It worked fine for your handheld calculator, but it would never heat your home.

Until now...

Remarkable advances in chemical engineering have cut costs by a stunning 99%!

Suddenly, solar power has, in many cases, become the CHEAPEST form of energy on the planet, just as I predicted it would.

It’s cheaper than oil, LNG, gas, and coal. And it will only continue getting cheaper...

With such a drastic reduction in price — coupled with the ever-increasing prices of energy commodities like coal and oil — it's no wonder both residential and industrial consumers are starting to flock toward solar power...

Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, Target, IKEA, and Apple have been installing solar panels at their stores and facilities. And those are just some of the big names.

Check this out for irony...

As you view this, there's a national coal mining museum in Wales that's using solar panels to keep the building's lights on and the heat running.

gcs nene museum

These companies are installing solar panels because it'll reduce their electric bills by as much as 75% each month.

In fact, that coal museum is rushing toward solar right now because the people who operate it are expecting to save more than $650,000 on their electric bill. 

That's over the course of 25 years, mind you — but that still comes out to a savings of more than $2,166 every single month! 

Imagine what you could do with an extra $2,000 in your pocket every month...

That's enough money to lease a Porsche 911 GT3 and still have money left over to burn.

gcs nene porsche

That's what's driving the boom in solar energy. It’s simply unstoppable.

Just look at some recent headlines:

“Warren Buffett-Backed Largest U.S. Solar Project Approved as Nation’s Renewable Use on Track to Pass Coal”

— MarketWatch

“New Solar Facility Underway to Power Facebook Data Center” 

— Bizjournals.com

“Secretive Energy Startup Backed by Bill Gates Achieves Solar Breakthrough” 


“Tesla’s Musk Says Solar, Energy Storage Will Grow Faster Than Electric Cars”


The world’s richest investors are quickly realizing that solar is shaping up to be one of the most profitable markets of the 21st century.

Billionaires like Buffett, Gates, and Musk are pouring billions of dollars into it...

But like I said before, they’ve all arrived to the party too late.

Because the small company I’ve been telling you about with its revolutionary solar spray is on track for total command of the global energy markets.

And you could make a small fortune — if you act now.

You see, it won't be long before there's...

A Solar Window in Every Home

Now, I want you to listen to me very closely — because this is where this company is going to make the bulk of its money...

You see, even with prices hitting rock bottom, standard solar panels have been extremely expensive to construct and install. To top it off, they’re still not as efficient as they could be. And they still have to be manufactured in very expensive, high-tech, climate-controlled labs.

In other words, they can’t be readily applied to just any glass surface or rooftop on the spot. They need to be integrated into the complete construction of a new building, including the building design and materials. 

The solar power elements must become part of the building.

Sharp is the biggest manufacturer of integrated solar roofing panels in the world.

Here's an example of what they look like:

gcs nene roofing

As you can see, the solar panels actually become a part of the construction as opposed to something added on later.

And that’s the one BIG drawback of these integrated roofing panels: They need to be on a new project.

The company I’ve been telling you about allows solar power to be added seamlessly to ANY existing home, office building, apartment building, or skyscraper...

WITHOUT changing any of the aesthetics of the building...

WITHOUT the need for any expensive construction or hassles at all!

No ugly panels are needed, either.

Once the company’s clear coating is applied to the window, it captures the sunlight and converts it into electric power!

With over 90 million existing homes and businesses in the U.S. alone, the market is ENORMOUS and completely untapped.

Imagine if just a tiny percentage of those homes and businesses added this simple solar technology...

The profits for this small company would be MASSIVE. 

And for investors, this $3 stock could be a huge home run. 

How high could shares go?

Well, let’s take a look at what happened with a company I recommended back when solar initially debuted on the market: First Solar.

By all comparisons, First Solar is perhaps the closest match to this outfit.

Disruptive for its time, it was the first to launch low-cost, commercial-scale, thin-film solar manufacturing. It was a huge game-changer in the world of solar.

And almost overnight, it became the largest manufacturer of thin-film solar panels on the planet.

Because I got my readers in early, before Wall Street came barreling in, we made out with 850% gains in less than two years.  

gcs nene firstsolar

It could’ve turned every $5,000 you invested into $47,500.

And every $10,000 into $95,000.

Enough to put a down payment on your new beach house and still have cash left over for a new car.

But here’s the thing...

This $3 company’s breakthrough absolutely TROUNCES First Solar’s product in every single way imaginable.

From cost to efficiency to design — to even needing solar panels or sunlight at all!

You see, thanks to its technology's ingenious design, this company’s market is virtually unlimited...

  • It can go out to ANY home or office building and apply — on site — its solar formula to start generating clean electric power for the building or household immediately.
  • There’s no waiting for custom glass or specific dimensions of a window or shingle, which drastically reduces the cost of installation and development.
  • On top of that, the solar technology used is 50 TIMES more efficient than leading rooftop panels.
  • Because it can be sprayed onto any glass surface, it makes installation much easier than adding panels. It integrates seamlessly into the current structure of the building with absolutely no change to the aesthetics of the building. And there are no ugly, bulky panels to look at.
  • It generates a much FASTER return on investment than rooftop panels. See, users of rooftop panels must wait at least five–seven years to recoup their installation costs, while “solar window” users can recoup their installation costs within just ONE year!
  • And the icing on the cake — which I saw demonstrated with my own two eyes in that lab in Florida — is that these solar cells are capable of generating electricity even from artificial light sources!

Imagine having a building in a city that can draw some extra power simply because it is next to a streetlight...

Of course, let’s not forget about virtually eliminating your energy bills and gaining freedom from the electric utility companies!

Who wouldn’t want to add this company’s solar coatings to their home or business?

Management at this solar window company believes the wide-scale use of its power-generating platform will make solar energy economically feasible and provide an opportunity for the solar energy market to explode — especially considering this company can apply its solar cells to buildings and skyscrapers that are decades old!

It could power the 90 million-plus buildings and homes in America that are already built...

WITHOUT a single alteration to the structure of the home or building!

And it is this premise that provides the backbone of the company's solar window technology.

This $3 stock is in a perfect position for total global energy domination... and to make you wealthier than you’ve ever imagined possible.

Which is why I want to offer you my latest report, "A Solar Window in Every Home," completely FREE of charge when you become a member of the cutting-edge investment service Green Chip Stocks.

gcs solar window report

Profits From a Proven Track Record... in Your Hands


As I already mentioned, my name is Jeff Siegel and I'm the publisher of Green Chip Stocks, the first independent investment research service focused exclusively on renewable energy.

Why? Because these are the plays that are going to usher in a new way of life... and a new generation of wealth.

Since 2003, I’ve been at the forefront of the new, modern energy generation.

Along the way, I've helped individual investors make small fortunes by tapping everything from solar, wind, and geothermal... to natural gas, electric cars, and smart-grid technologies.

I leverage my elite network of contacts that I’ve built over three decades to exploit the energy market’s most significant moves... BEFORE the mainstream money does.

It’s how I’m able to gain access to company laboratories, engineering facilities, private meetings with management teams, and other executives that every investment “analyst” would kill for.

Just like how I got to witness a private demonstration of this tiny firm’s revolutionary solar window technology — one that’s capable of turning any home or business into its own “power plant” generating its own electricity 24/7.

It's the reason I’ve been able to land so many triple-digit winners, including extraordinary gains of:

  • 153% on Captiva Verde
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  • 396% on SunPower
  • 546% on XsunX
  • 552% on Tesla
  • 788% on Vestas Wind Systems
  • 850% on First Solar

I've been able to help so many of my readers make absolute fortunes in renewable energy and other early market trends.

Take a look...

“Jeff, I just secured a $120,000 gain in 30 days. You rock!!! Let’s keep making $$$$$.”

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— Craig J., Abilene, Texas

“I made a nice $32,000 profit.”

— Susan C., Bend, Oregon

This is something I boast about with much pride.

In fact, we regularly put most top hedge funds to shame. That is, if you have the finances to join one in the first place...

Just to get your money on board with one of these high-profile investment managers, you’d typically need to put up more than $1 million in capital. And once the gains come (assuming and hoping of course that they do), fund managers rake in between 20% and 50% in "performance fees"...

In other words, while you may or may not make any money with one of those funds, the guys making the decisions for you get paid no matter what. So while your money earns modest gains at best, hedge fund managers become billionaires faster than any other segment of the population.

That's just not my philosophy. I'd rather you KEEP your gains instead of redistributing your wealth to a bunch of hedge fund managers...

And I want to help you do this by offering you a free copy of my brand-new report "A Solar Window in Every Home."

My readers and I made an absolute killing the first time solar hit the energy markets... and now we’re about to do it again.

This report contains all the juicy details on this solar firm and its breakthrough solar spray that could make you 850%! (And remember, that’s my lowball estimate... I have no doubts about this company being able to become my next 1,000%+ winner.)

Plus, when you get your free copy of "A Solar Window in Every Home," you'll also get:

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  • Instant alerts telling you when to buy and when to sell.

And if you decide that our research, investment style, and winning picks are not for you, just call me at any time within six months of your purchase, and I'll refund your money right then and there.

That's a 100% refund — no questions asked, no surcharges, no restocking fee, and no small print — guaranteed for half a year.

You have absolutely nothing to risk here and everything to gain — like an 850% gain on a solar company that can turn any existing window into an electricity generator, single-handedly transforming the energy market and making electric utility companies nearly OBSOLETE... similar to what Netflix did to Blockbuster.

When your grandkids ask how you became a millionaire, you can tell them you did it by investing in a company that BEAT the billionaires like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk to the punch.

You had the foresight to get in early — before anyone else even knew about it. And before it became a household name. 

It doesn't get better than that.

But I must warn you: If you're looking to score a profit of that magnitude, you don't have much time to wait around...

You see, this company is already working on some pretty major contracts that could blow the lid off this thing in a matter of days. I’m talking about giants capable of sending this tiny $184 million company’s share price skyrocketing with a single order!

So it's no surprise that over the past few weeks, the buzz surrounding this company has started to send its share price north.

And by as early as next week, we could see every trend-chaser on Wall Street accumulating shares of this little solar gold mine.

That's why it's so important that you stake your claim now — before this thing gets launched into the stratosphere...

Because that, my friend, is how you get rich in this market.

Good investing,

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Jeff Siegel
Investing Director, Green Chip Stocks

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