The End of Gas-Powered Cars

One Tiny EV Infrastructure Company Is Threatening to Wipe Gas-Powered Cars off U.S Roads... for Good!

Fast-Acting Investors Stand a Chance at Rare Gains of up to 8,414% as This Company Finally Enables Mass Electric Car Adoption


Dear Reader,

Many investors have become increasingly obsessed with finding the next Tesla...

And who can blame them.

After all, Tesla has offered gains as high as 19,787% since it went public...

It has been one of the most successful stock market stories of our generation, turning everyday Main Street traders into multimillionaires.

But in the ongoing search for the next great electric vehicle stock...

Investors are dangerously overlooking one company that just may represent the biggest opportunity to amass a fortune within this budding market.

You see, this company exists within the EV sector, but it’s not actually the "next Tesla."

In fact, it’s not even remotely like Tesla because it DOES NOT make electric vehicles.

Yet despite not being an EV maker, this company is perfectly positioned to replicate Tesla’s growth from the last decade...

So much so that one of Tesla’s earliest and largest investors...

An investment partnership rated as "the world’s best stock-picking firm" by Forbes... has already invested $225 million into this EV company alongside other institutional investors.

But why would such an elite investment partnership invest so much money in an EV company that doesn't even make electric cars?

In short, because this company is set to play an absolutely critical role in the mass adoption of electric vehicles in the United States.

You see, this company’s entire business model revolves around solving the biggest problem that is currently preventing Americans from buying electric cars... 

And by solving this one problem, this company could trigger the mass adoption of electric cars across the U.S....

Which my research suggests could ultimately help the global EV market reach a $1.3 trillion valuation by 2030.

To put things into perspective, the EV market is currently estimated at just $140 billion...

Meaning this company could literally pave the way for the entire EV sector to experience a massive 10x spike over the next decade.

Unsurprisingly, the market’s savviest stock pickers expect this company to soar to incredible heights as a result of its significant contribution to the growth of the EV sector... 

Allowing investors who get in now to enjoy up to a 30x and even an 80x return on their money if history is any indicator.

As you know, an 80x return is EXTREMELY rare...

But we’ve seen these kinds of returns from similar critical tech companies before... companies like Broadcom and Intel.

If you want to enjoy those kinds of returns, you NEED to invest in rare opportunities — just like the one I’m about to reveal to you today...

Because it could be just the golden ticket you need to a secure and exciting future for you and your family.

We’ve Seen This Type of Rare Wealth-Building Opportunity Play out in the Past

Every once in a while, a new innovation emerges from the shadows and proceeds to alter the way people and the world at large operate...

Just like electric vehicles are predicted to do.

But for these new innovations to reach a stage of mass adoption...

They NEED the direct support of certain companies.

The companies that offer this support tend to be incredibly overlooked by most investors.

They also tend to trade for very little on the stock market... and because they cost so little, they have tremendous upside potential.

Take Broadcom for example.

Barely anybody knew Broadcom in 2008, but by playing a role in the mass adoption of the iPhone, it helped investors make 30x their money.

You see, when Apple released its very first iPhone in 2007, it had a problem that was threatening to hold it back from mass adoption...

It had Edge networking.

The Edge network offered incredibly slow internet speeds, even by 2007’s standards.

And those slow internet speeds were holding the iPhone back from becoming a mainstream product.

So in an attempt to boost the iPhone’s chances of becoming a mainstream product...

Apple partnered up with a little-known company called Broadcom to supply it with the fastest networking technology at the time — 3G.

Apple used Broadcom’s 3G supply to create the iPhone 3G... and it turned out to be a huge success...

So much so that it paved the way for the entire iPhone product line to become mainstream in the U.S.

The iPhone 3G sold 1 million units in just three days. To put things into perspective, it took the original iPhone 74 days to sell 1 million units.

Now get this...

Since the release of the iPhone 3G in 2008, Apple’s stock has soared up to 2,100%.

However, Broadcom has soared up to 2,915% since the release of the iPhone 3G...

Meaning a $5,000 investment in Broadcom would be worth $150,750 today.

And here’s the thing: Other "supporting" companies have offered investors even more explosive gains in the past.

Intel is another one of those companies.

Back in 1971, Intel came up with one of the most pivotal technological breakthroughs in human history.

It invented computer microprocessing chips that went on to usher in a new era for PCs.

Before microprocessors existed, computers had to use bulky processors to process information and perform computing tasks.

These large processors made computers impractical for the average consumer to own.

But Intel solved this problem by dramatically reducing the size of these processors through the creation of microchips.

Intel’s microchips allowed manufacturers to start producing portable and user-friendly computers — which led to a massive wave of PC adoption across the U.S and the world at large.

If you had invested in Intel when PC adoption was just at a lowly 8% in the U.S, you would’ve enjoyed a massive 8,414% return...

Meaning a $5,000 investment in Intel right in the early stages of PC adoption would’ve made you $420,700 richer.

Just like how Broadcom played a crucial role in the mass adoption of Apple’s iPhone devices...

And how Intel played a massive role in the mass adoption of PCs...

There’s now one little-known EV company that’s set to play a crucial role in the mass adoption of electric cars.

This company is set to solve a problem that, according to a 2020 consumer survey carried out by Deloitte, is the No. 1 reason Americans have not made the switch from gas-powered cars to electric cars.

And the crazy thing is hardly anybody is talking about it.

Everybody’s too focused on finding "the next Tesla."

The vast majority of news outlets and stock analysts have their sights firmly set on EV makers like Volkswagen and Nio...

And because of that, they’re completely ignoring the one EV company with arguably the best chance of replicating (and even surpassing) Tesla’s growth.

As I said before, this company exists within the EV industry but doesn’t produce electric cars.

Instead, it produces something that is set to solve a crucial problem surrounding EV adoption in the U.S.

And by solving such a massive problem, this little-known EV company could offer you...

The gains you need to retire comfortably and spend more time with your family...

The profits you need to buy your dream home...

And the returns you need to give you and your family a life of true luxury.

In just a few years, investors are going to wish they hadn't been so fixated on finding the "next Tesla"...

And instead, they’ll wish they had identified and invested in this EV company.

Fortunately for you, you won’t have to deal with any of those regrets.

The only thing you’ll probably have to deal with is indecisiveness...

Indecisiveness over what house to buy with your potentially five-digit percentage gains from this EV stock...

Indecisiveness over what cars to buy...

And indecisiveness over what countries to go on holiday in.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution for the indecision you may feel if and when you’re sitting on boatloads of money.

But I do have all the information you need about the EV stock I believe is going to make investors a ton of money.

And in the next few minutes, I’m going to share all of that information with you...

So you can take full advantage of the EV boom that is yet to come...

And put you and your family in a position to receive astronomical profits when this company helps trigger the mass adoption of electric cars.

But before I fill you in on the company set to trigger the EV boom...

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Keith Kohl.

I’m the chief energy analyst for Angel Publishing.

Angel Publishing is one of the largest fully independent market research organizations in the world today.

In case that doesn’t make it clear, we’re not friends with Wall Street fat cats or hedge fund traders.

In fact, one of our core values is empowering everyday Americans like you with information that allows you to rival the gains of Wall Street insiders.

Through my work with Angel Publishing, I research under-the-radar companies within the traditional and alternative energy markets that have the potential to offer you incredible gains.

And every month, I publish my research on these promising companies for my readers through my investing research advisory service called Energy Investor.

Over the course of my career, I’ve established a track record that speaks for itself.

Ever since I started Energy Investor in 2008, 73% of all the trades I’ve closed out have been winners.

Here’s a small sample of the gains my readers have seen over the years:

  • 574% on Brigham Exploration Company
  • 112% on Ballard Power Systems
  • 200% on Dajin Resources
  • 103% on Petrobank Energy
  • 337% on Lithium Americas Corp.

But as explosive as these gains were, none of them even begin to scratch the surface of what is possible with the little-known EV company I’m going to reveal to you today.

This company is on the brink of solving arguably the biggest problem that is currently preventing Americans from buying electric cars...

And when it solves this problem, it could trigger the mass adoption of EVs in the U.S. and experience unprecedented growth in the process.

But what is the problem that this little-known EV company is set to solve?

Well, it has to do with one question that millions of Americans are asking themselves...

"Where will I charge my electric car?"

You see, electric cars are, on paper, a very attractive purchase.

According to the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute, the average cost to maintain an electric car in the United States is $485 per year...

While the average cost for a gas-powered vehicle is $1,117 per year.

In other words, electric cars are about 57% cheaper to maintain than gas-powered cars.

Unlike gas-powered cars, electric cars don’t have pumps and valves...

Meaning they don’t have components or fluids that constantly need replacing.

However, despite being so cost-effective in terms of maintenance, there’s one problem surrounding EV ownership that Americans are finding difficult to overlook...

And that problem has to do with EV charging.

You see, you generally have two options to charge an electric car.

You can either charge an EV in your garage with a home charging kit...

Or you can charge an EV at a public charging station, which is sort of like a gas station but for electric cars.

Here’s the thing:

Home chargers are pretty easy to buy and set up.

You can go on Amazon and get a home charging kit delivered to your doorstep in no time.

But on the flip side of that, public charging stations are very scarce in the U.S.

There are roughly 41,000 public charging stations in the entire country... which is barely a quarter of the total number of gas stations in the U.S.

These public charging stations are unevenly distributed across all 50 U.S states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico... 

For instance, there are 64 charging stations per 100,000 people in California, the country’s most populous state.

There are 105 charging stations per 100,000 people in Vermont...

And 40 charging stations per 100,000 people in Colorado.

And because of this uneven distribution of charging stations...

The vast majority of Americans have very little access to EV charging stations.

And that lack of access is preventing EVs from reaching a point of mass adoption.

Range Anxiety


Range anxiety is the fear that an EV battery won’t be able to last enough miles to complete a journey on a full charge.

You see, the average EV can drive up to 250 miles on a single charge.

That’s great for daily short commutes.

But assuming you had to go on a six-hour drive or more for whatever reason... 

You wouldn’t be able to...

Because due to the limited number of charging stations across the country...

Odds are your car would run out of battery before you could find a charging station to recharge midway through your journey.

That’s exactly why the lack of charging stations in the U.S is holding the EV market back from reaching a point of mass adoption.

Because despite the fact that you can easily charge EVs in your home garage... the vast majority of people are not comfortable buying a car that they may not be able to easily recharge during a long drive.

Range anxiety isn’t the only reason why the lack of charging stations is stalling EV adoption in America.

There’s another reason... and it has to do with garages — or rather the lack of them.

Garageless Houses

Like I mentioned before, EV owners can typically charge their EVs in their home garage.

However, a staggering 51 million Americans don’t have a garage... 

Which means the only way they can charge an EV is by using a public charging station.

But with only so many charging stations nationwide...

There aren’t enough EV charging stations to meet the charging demands of Americans who don’t have a garage...

And because of that, people who don’t have a garage won’t even consider getting an EV.

But on the flip side of that...

When more charging stations pop up across the country...

Range anxiety and garageless houses will no longer be contributing factors to the lack of EV adoption across the country.

And when that happens...

There will be a massive influx of new EV owners across America...

And that influx could result in a boom so huge the entire EV industry could reach a market valuation of $1.3 trillion in the coming years.

Remember: That’s up from its current valuation of approximately $140 billion today.

And based on my research, one under-the-radar EV company is gearing up to pave the way for that boom right now.

You see, a $1.7 trillion government-proposed plan includes building 500,000 new charging stations across the U.S... and this company is positioned to be the single most critical player in making this possible.

And by doing so, its stock could skyrocket 30-, 40-, and maybe even as high as 120-fold.

I call this company "The Apex Charger"...

Because it already boasts a considerable 34% share of the entire EV charging market, with more than 14,000 EV charging locations across the U.S at the moment.

All of its charging stations are compatible with every EV on the market — even Teslas, which are notorious for being incompatible with other EV charging companies.

A staggering 62% of the Fortune 500 rely on "The Apex Charger" for their EV charging infrastructure.

In other words, 310 of the 500 biggest companies in the world rely on "The Apex Charger" for their private charging infrastructure.

Based on its experience and large share of the EV charging market, I can confidently say that "The Apex Charger" is the ONLY charging company the government can realistically rely on to produce 500,000 new charging outlets...

And by aiding the government’s plan, "The Apex Charger" will help trigger what I believe to be...

The second wave of EV adoption in the U.S.

You see, when a new innovation hits the market, it goes through three waves of adoption before it truly becomes mainstream.

The first wave of adoption occurs the very first time an innovation starts being used.

This wave is usually triggered by a combination of media hype and sheer consumer curiosity.

A great example is when people started buying computers for the first time in the 1970s after being curious about, what was at the time, a futuristic piece of technology.

The second wave of adoption is even bigger than the first wave.

It is usually triggered by a government policy or an improvement to the innovation that makes it more appealing to consumers.

A great example is when Intel invented the microchip, which allowed PCs to become more portable and user-friendly, thus boosting PC adoption in the U.S. to 36% in 1997.

The third wave of adoption pushes an innovation to a point of mass adoption.

It is usually triggered by a significant reduction in the innovation’s price point.

A great example is when PCs started costing as low as $300 in the 2000s.

Right now, EVs are at the tail end of the first wave of adoption.

The media buzz around Elon Musk and Tesla triggered consumer curiosity and prompted the first real set of EV buyers between 2008 and 2020.

And now, after a little over a decade of being stuck in the first wave...

The EV market could soon enter the second wave of adoption thanks to the government’s proposed plan to commission the construction of 500,000 more charging stations across the country.

And this second wave is perfectly poised to lead to a chain of events that will cause "The Apex Charger’s" revenue to skyrocket... and as a natural result send its stock price flying.

Here’s why:

The second wave of EV adoption is poised to trigger an influx of 6.9 million new EV owners.

According to leading market research firm Frost & Sullivan...

The second wave of EV adoption could see 6.9 million EVs hit U.S roads by 2025.

That’s as many as 6.9 million new EV owners who will need regular access to public charging stations over the next few years.

And you know who will be right there, ready to provide them with that access?

"The Apex Charger."

Considering the economics of the EV charging market, this is about as close to a sure thing as you can get.

You see, at the moment, EV owners have to pay as much as $0.20 per minute to make use of any one of "The Apex Charger’s" fast-charging outlets...

And these fast-charging outlets typically give the average EV an 80% charge in about 45 minutes.

The math works out to $9 for an 80% charge — a fair estimate for what the average driver will need for their weekly commute.

With 6.9 million EV owners on the road, that works out to $62.1 million for everyone in the U.S. to charge their car just once.

And with each EV charging 80% roughly 112 times every year, that’s $7 billion in yearly revenue opportunity for "The Apex Charger."

Of course, "The Apex Charger" realistically won’t capture all 6.9 million EV owners...

But even if it merely maintains its current 34% market share... "The Apex Charger" will be able to capture roughly $2.4 billion in annual sales.

And the best part is...

As amazing as that might seem, $2.4 billion a year is likely to be just the tip of the iceberg for "The Apex Charger."

Here’s why...

As I’ve just shown, increased EV ownership in the U.S directly translates to increased revenue for "The Apex Charger"...

Because when more EVs hit the streets, they will need to use "The Apex Charger’s" charging stations.

And while the government’s plan to build 500,000 new EV charging outlets is expected to trigger increased EV ownership as part of the second wave of EV adoption...

There’s one key breakthrough I predict will trigger an even larger wave of EV ownership — the third wave of EV adoption. 

And unlike the second wave, which is expected to give rise to 6.9 million new EV owners...

This third wave will flood the streets of America with tens of millions of EVs.

And beyond that, it could make gas-powered cars completely obsolete...

Ultimately creating a future where nearly every car in the U.S is electric.

In anticipation of the third wave of EV adoption, some automakers are already making arrangements to discontinue their production of gas-powered cars.

For example...

Volkswagen has already announced plans to go all-electric by 2026...

General Motors has come out to say that it will go all-electric by 2035...

Ford has also stated that its European division will only produce electric cars by 2030... and I expect its American division to follow a similar timeline ahead of the third wave of EV adoption.

I’ll tell you about the breakthrough that could trigger this third wave in just a moment.

But first, let me fill you in on the massive implications the third wave of EV adoption will have on "The Apex Charger."

Right now, there are approximately 276 million registered vehicles in the U.S.

Imagine a future where even just half of all registered cars are electric.

That would amount to 138 million electric cars in the U.S.

Now, for that many electric cars to realistically exist, a ton of charging stations would need to exist as well.

And after enjoying a massive surge in yearly revenue from the 6.9 million new EV owners expected to spring up as part of the second wave of EV adoption...

"The Apex Charger" will have the resources required to build enough charging stations to accommodate many, many more EV owners.

And considering "The Apex Charger" already has a 34% share of the EV charging market...

It will likely be the first EV charging company that the 138 million EV owners across the country look to for their public charging needs.

Eventually, those numbers could put "The Apex Charger" among the 100 largest companies in the world by market valuation.

But when you understand what could trigger the third wave of EV adoption...

You’ll realize just how realistic this projection is.

The Third Wave: EVs Poised to Be as Cheap as Gas-Powered Cars by the End of the Decade

The third wave of EV adoption revolves around making EVs more affordable and thus more accessible to a mass market.

At the moment, EVs are, on average, $19,000 more expensive to manufacture than gas-powered cars...

Meaning they are currently far too expensive to reach a point of mass market adoption.

However, thanks to one economic breakthrough that Bloomberg expects to happen this decade, EVs could soon cost as little as — or even less than — gas-powered cars.

A similar type of economic breakthrough happened in the PC market over the last few decades.

This breakthrough allowed PCs to go from costing $95,000 in the 1970s to as low as $300 in the 2000s, triggering a PC-buying frenzy in the U.S as well as other parts of the world.

In a similar vein, the economic breakthrough that is poised to happen in the EV industry is set to trigger an EV-buying frenzy.

And that frenzy will create a huge demand for more public EV charging stations... 

A demand "The Apex Charger" will be more than happy to fulfill.

And by doing so, "The Apex Charger" will be able to experience a massive spike in revenue.

The economic breakthrough at the center of "The Apex Charger’s" projected revenue spike is something that has been almost a decade in the making.

It has to do with EV battery technology...

Or rather, its price.

As I mentioned before, EVs currently cost $19,000 more than gas-powered cars.

And the reason they cost so much more is their battery.

You see, batteries currently make up about a third of the cost of an entire EV.

At current rates and sizes, the average EV battery costs $137 per kilowatt hour (kWh).

But according to Bloomberg, in order for EVs to become as cheap as gas-powered cars, the average EV battery will need to cost $100 per kWh...

And history suggests we’re not too far off from that point.

Over the past decade, manufacturers have been working tirelessly to lower battery costs...

And they’ve had a lot of success doing so.

Back in 2010, the average EV battery was priced at $1,080 per kWh.

Today, EV batteries cost nearly 10 times less, at an average of $137 per kWh...

And right now, research indicates that manufacturers are extremely close to hitting the $100-per-kWh mark...

Which means EV makers could soon be able to produce EVs at a similar price point as gas-powered cars.

And beyond that...

Bloomberg says EV batteries could be priced at $58 per kWh by 2030...

Which could make EVs up to 43% cheaper than gas-powered cars.

Think about what that could mean for EV adoption...

If people can start buying EVs for less than a gas-powered car...

EVs could go from being a "cool alternative" to being "the standard."

The EV industry could completely take over the entire automotive industry.

And you know who will benefit the most from this takeover? 

"The Apex Charger."

Thanks to its 34% share of the EV charging market...

Every person who buys a new EV is almost guaranteed to become a customer of "The Apex Charger."

And as you know, more customers directly translates to more revenue...

Which means if just 50% of American car owners switch from owning a gas-powered car to owning an EV...

"The Apex Charger" could enjoy billions in yearly revenue... which would send its stock valuation through the roof.

Right now, in the EV industry’s infancy... "The Apex Charger’s" revenue sits at just a fraction of that price projection.

It’s not even up to $1 billion.

Its current revenue is just $135 million...

Meaning if you invest right now while the "The Apex Charger" is still at the ground floor...

You stand a chance to amass a fortune when EVs reach a stage of mass adoption.


When the iPhone hit a point of mass adoption, Broadcom offered investors gains of up to 2,915%...

Allowing investors to turn $5,000 into $150,750.

When the PC market hit a point of mass adoption, Intel offered investors gains of up to 8,914%...

Allowing investors to turn $5,000 into $450,700.

But as big as Broadcom's and Intel’s returns were...

"The Apex Charger" could eclipse those gains to offer investors five-digit gains.


It all comes down to their business model.

You see, Intel primarily produces and sells microprocessing chips.

And Broadcom primarily produces and sells networking chips.

But everyday people like you and me don’t buy these chips — tech companies like Apple, HP, and Dell do.

Intel and Broadcom are able to generate billions of dollars in revenue by selling their chips to these big tech companies...

But they’d probably be generating billions more in revenue if they had products with a direct mass consumer appeal... because that way, they would be able to sell to big tech companies as well as everyday consumers.

And that’s where "The Apex Charger" has them beat.

You see, "The Apex Charger" doesn’t just build public charging stations for everyday commercial use.

It also builds and maintains private charging stations for other companies as well.

In fact, right now, a lot of "The Apex Charger’s" private clients are Fortune 500 companies — 310 of them to be exact.

And as EVs become more popular...

More corporations are likely to seek out "The Apex Charger" to help them build and manage their private charging infrastructure...

Meaning, in addition to the profit it will make from supplying everyday people with access to its public charging stations...

"The Apex Charger" will also profit from supplying corporations with private EV charging infrastructure...

Which could eventually allow "The Apex Charger" to eclipse even my current revenue predictions.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Never in My Career Have I Come Across a
Company With Such Upside Potential


"The Apex Charger" is literally at the forefront of an innovation that is poised to reach mass adoption over the next decade.

And when EVs reach a point of mass adoption...

"The Apex Charger" is set to experience a spike in revenue so big it could put it among the top 100 companies in the world by yearly revenue.

And as a result, it could offer early investors five-digit gains...

Allowing you to change your family’s financial prospects for life off a single investment.

If you missed out on Tesla...

If you missed out on Amazon...

If you missed out on Apple...

Heck, if you missed out on Bitcoin...

"The Apex Charger" is your chance to make up for it.

It’s your chance to invest in a company that could offer you true wealth.

It’s your chance to set up your family for life.


In just a few years from now...

When the EV industry approaches a point of mass adoption and "The Apex Charger’s" stock skyrockets...

You could have more than enough money to retire like a king...

More than enough money to buy your dream home...

More than enough money to completely pay for your grandkids’ tuition...

More than enough money to pay for luxurious family vacations.

But here’s the thing...

In order to enjoy the kind of returns that could allow you to retire like a king...

You NEED to invest in "The Apex Charger" NOW while it's still at the ground floor.

You see, early investment is the biggest difference between making astronomical gains from a stock and "OK" gains...

As we've seen time and time again, those who get into these opportunities first tend to be the ones who manage to come out ultra-wealthy.

Just think about Bitcoin, Google, Apple, and countless other investment opportunities, starting in their infancy.

It’s the difference between making enough profits to secure your family’s entire future and making enough profits to pay for just a couple family holidays.

Which is why, if you want the chance to enjoy astronomical gains from investing in "The Apex Charger"...

You NEED to get in early.

It’s the only way to truly amass a fortune from the EV boom.

Right now, EV adoption in the U.S is just at 2.8%.

And because EVs have yet to reach a point of mass adoption... 

"The Apex Charger’s" stock price is still dirt cheap.

However, when EV adoption reaches 50% in the U.S....

"The Apex Charger’s" stock could start trading for hundreds of dollars a share. It may even hit the rare $1,000 mark.

But by then it will be too late to invest, which is why you need to act immediately.

Investing in "The Apex Charger" right now before the EV industry takes off could be like investing in Amazon in 1997 before e-commerce took off. If you caught wind of Amazon’s potential and made an early investment, you could’ve enjoyed peak gains of 205,317%.

Imagine investing in Cisco Systems in 1990 before the internet really took off. You could've earned peak gains of 99,350%...

Or investing in Netflix before the streaming revolution began. You could’ve enjoyed gains of up to 48,356%.

Granted, "The Apex Charger" is not guaranteed to offer a 205,317% gain like Amazon...

A 99,350% gain like Cisco Systems...

Or a 48,356% gain like Netflix.

But based on my years of experience within the energy markets as well as my extensive research into "The Apex Charger," I can confidently say that the upside is there.

Point blank, this company has the potential to replicate Netflix’s, Cisco’s, and even Amazon’s booms when EVs reach a point of mass adoption.

That’s the spot you find yourself in today. You can take advantage of the biggest opportunity within the EV industry and perhaps one day brag about how you made a fortune with an early investment in "The Apex Charger"...

Or you can let this opportunity pass you by for good.

You see, the vast majority of investors don’t hear about stocks like "The Apex Charger" until they’ve already skyrocketed.

But I’m able to find opportunities like "The Apex Charger" early because I dedicate the bulk of my time to researching the best moneymaking opportunities within the energy sector.

Again, my name is Keith Kohl.

For more than 10 years, I've been uncovering the best moneymaking opportunities within the energy markets and sharing them with my readers through my Energy Investor advisory.

Here’s a small sample of the gains my readers have seen over the years:

  • 574% on Brigham Exploration Company
  • 112% on Ballard Power Systems
  • 200% on Dajin Resources
  • 103% on Petrobank Energy
  • 337% on Lithium Americas Corp.

As you can imagine, folks who’ve listened to me are thrilled:

Keith, I’d like you to know exactly how much I’ve appreciated your Bakken coverage over the years. I sold my position in February, for 216% gains.

Then I sold one-third of my position in another pick of yours a few months later for another 361% gain (and bought the wife a new car), and then I sold the other two-thirds a couple of months later for long term gains of 743%.

Now holding a large position in your newest pick with unrealized gains of 365%. Thanks again.

— Sly M.

Your insight has been great: My stock is up about 230% in less than a year.

— R. Manning

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the hard work you do in finding great companies for your readers. Currently, I’m up 252%, 165%, and 101%. You’ve made a believer out of me.

— Kris M.

These are all accounts from people who have enjoyed incredible gains from my picks.

That’s why I started the Energy Investor research advisory...

To show my readers how to get into tiny companies within the energy markets right before they explode and offer astronomical returns.

However, as impressive as the returns are from my previous recommendations, "The Apex Charger" is undoubtedly my biggest discovery yet.

I fully expect it to eclipse every single company I've ever recommended for my Energy Investor readers.

An investment in "The Apex Charger" could flood your account with millions of dollars within the next few years if you act right now while its stock is still at the ground floor.

And all the information you'll need to make an early investment in "The Apex Charger" can be found in my recently published investment report.

It’s Called "The Apex Charger: Hidden Life-Changing Gains From the EV Revolution"

Inside, I’ve documented every single detail necessary to help you potentially make a fortune with "The Apex Charger"...

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There’s one pivotal company selling complete end-to-end solutions to electric companies across the globe. Its services are essential to turn the energy cloud into a reality.

It serves more than 8,000 utilities in 100 countries and manages over 60 million electricity endpoints and 3 million streetlights. Yet most people have never heard its name.

Investors already made 2,026% gains in recent years, but this is just the beginning. These gains were the result of managing the "dumb" grid. However, with the launch of 5G, this company’s business could grow as much as 10-fold. 

This company has already proven itself a reliable partner in the grid-management sector. I expect a huge chunk of this new business to fall into this little-known giant’s hands. 

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Imagine you have an electric vehicle in your garage. Instead of sitting idle, the battery in your car discharges latent electricity into the grid — and you get paid, of course.

Your car can use these payments on your behalf throughout your next journey and automatically pay for tolls, battery recharging, and even your coffee.

It may sound like science fiction, but this technology already exists. This car is equipped with it... 

ei 5gvolta car

You can think of this innovation as the financial plumbing of the energy cloud. 

Everyone who owns an electric vehicle, has solar panels on their roof, or battery storage solutions in their house will use this technology in order to send and receive money within the energy cloud.

The company developing this tech has already partnered up with Jaguar Land Rover, Dell, and the city of Austin.

Right now, you can invest in it for less than $1. But with the energy cloud coming online, this opportunity could soar by as much as 3,000% or even 5,000%.

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