Christian DeHaemer called Ethereum at $96... and Bitcoin at $449... but he sees a new crypto opportunity that could be FAR better.


6 Revolutionary New Cryptos Poised for 10,000% Gains and Beyond


Welcome to today’s urgent presentation.

The cryptocurrency market is about to EXPLODE in value...

And that explosion has nothing to do with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

No, the future of crypto...

And quite possibly the future of ALL global wealth...

Lies with a revolutionary crop of brand-new cryptocurrencies... 

Six in particular... 

And each one has the potential to turn an investment of less than $1,000 into literal MILLIONS of dollars.

My name is Christian DeHaemer, and I’m about to share everything you need to know about these revolutionary new cryptos.

I’m proud to say that I’ve been involved with crypto since its earliest days.

I first recommended Ethereum at $96... and Bitcoin at $449. 

If you had put just $7,000 into each of those plays...

And held through recent highs...

You would have made over $1.16 MILLION.

Meaning you could have made life-changing money for less than the cost of a family vacation.

There is literally nothing else...

No stocks, no startups, no private equity...

That can even come close to the massive returns offered by early investment in cryptos.

But don’t think for a second that you’ve missed out...

Because what I see coming next...

Is FAR BIGGER than any previous crypto gains.

As the market matures, exponential growth is all but guaranteed. 

And there's still a ton of room to grow.

Fewer than 1% of all adults own any cryptocurrency.

And the entire global cryptocurrency market... including Bitcoin and Ethereum... is still around the same size as Apple, a single U.S. stock.

But it won’t stay this way for long

As billionaires like Mark Cuban, Ray Dalio, and Marc Andreessen start pouring their fortunes into crypto...

As major platforms like Robinhood, Fidelity, and Coinbase make buying crypto easier than buying stocks...

And as a new generation of cryptos with incredible technology and growth potential emerges...

This market will go into the stratosphere.

And if you get in TODAY, your bank account could enter the stratosphere right along with it.

This is a chance to create life-changing, generational wealth...

And I want to help you make that happen.

There isn’t a single second to waste...

So let’s dive right in!

The next generation of cryptocurrencies could make some early investors very rich...

If they get in RIGHT NOW.

Look, I try to stay humble...

But when it comes to the red-hot crypto market, humility goes out the window.

So I can’t lie...

I’m extremely proud of my early Bitcoin and Ethereum recommendations. 

I was one of the first independent analysts to even talk about cryptocurrency, let alone make a formal recommendation...

And anyone who followed those recommendations has done incredibly well.

One of my readers, Cameron P. from Kansas, wrote in to say:

"Up $21,000 in less than a week! Keep the very, very good recommendations coming!"

Another reader, Fred L., messaged me that he:

“Made a total profit of $97,500. That was the biggest profit I have ever made. Thank you very much for the great work you have done. Keep it up!”

And Colin C. wrote to say:

“What a dude you are! Recommending Ethereum at $96. I followed you at exactly that — $96. Joined too late for your BTC poke at $449... but you got me into crypto. You rock. I recommend you.”

I love hearing these stories.

But I do have to say...

This is chump change compared with what’s coming.

The crypto market is unlike anything we've seen before in history.

People have compared it with the meteoric rise of early tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google...

Or the startup explosion of companies like Uber, Netflix, and Tesla...

But I actually think that’s too conservative.

Far too conservative.

The emergence of crypto is more like the emergence of the stock market itself...

A brand-new asset class that is reshaping the world...

And creating life-changing generational wealth in the process. 

Looking at crypto through the lens of stocks or gold or any old-world investment is a mistake.

The potential here is simply unprecedented.

I’m talking about everyday people having the chance to make millions, tens of millions, and beyond...

Without any need for bloated central banks, governments, and big Fortune 500 companies.

I’ve been an investment analyst for decades...

And I’ve never seen anything remotely like this.

Cryptocurrency allows regular people
to make millions and even tens of
millions and beyond...

All while cutting Wall Street
out of the equation.

Forbes published a story about an engineer who turned $3,000 into over $25 million...

“Meet The Man Traveling the World on $25 Million of Bitcoin Profits.”

CNBC recently reported on the incredible new crop of millionaires from the unlikely rise of Dogecoin...

“I Just Became a Dogecoin Millionaire.” 

And CBS News reports that Bitcoin alone has created over 100,000 new millionaires...

“There May Now Be as Many as 100,000 [Cryptocurrency] Millionaires.”

I see so many of these stories.

People who get in very early and very aggressively are making fortunes not just for themselves...

But for generations to come.

Just look at the Winklevoss twins.

They were infamously forced out of Facebook in the early days of the company...

But instead of licking their wounds and thinking about what could have been...

They made some aggressive early bets on cryptocurrency.

Today, they’re billionaires...

And as the cryptocurrency market continues to rise...

They may very well end up richer than Mark Zuckerberg.

What a wild story!

Imagine missing out on the early days of Facebook... 

A seemingly once-in-a-lifetime chance... and then still becoming a billionaire.

But that’s the incredible power of cryptocurrency.

And when I say cryptocurrency...

I do mean cryptocurrency as a whole.

The success stories that I’ve just shared are not just from Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The crypto market is just getting started...


There are ENORMOUS opportunities with life-changing potential yet to come.

New coins are constantly being created... 

And the best ones are minting fortunes of millions and even hundreds of millions and beyond.

Just over the last year we’ve seen:

  • Dogecoin rise 24,129%
  • Stox rise 29,056%
  • Filecash rise 13,901%
  • Fantom rise 18,296%
  • And a coin called SparkPoint rise a staggering 38,184%

Any one of these could have turned an investment of a few thousand dollars into over $1 million...

And there are more and more emerging every single day.

In just a minute, I’m going to share the details on the six best new coins I’ve found...

And I’m incredibly excited to do it.

My team and I have literally spent months examining thousands of tiny cryptocurrencies...

And narrowed them down to the six that I see having FAR MORE potential than any other cryptos that came before.

So let me make this very clear:

It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a single Satoshi worth of Bitcoin...

It doesn’t matter if you don’t even know what a Satoshi is...

(One hundred-millionths of a Bitcoin — the penny to Bitcoin’s dollar.)

You still have the chance to make outrageous gains...

Gains that I believe will be far better than the initial Bitcoin and Ethereum run-ups.

And you don’t have to just take my word for it.

The smart money is sprinting into the crypto market...

Taking advantage of recent volatility to snap up coins on the cheap...

And making a fortune in the process. 

In fact, 12 billionaires just made the Forbes list thanks to cryptocurrency...

Powerful and wealthy people are finally waking up to crypto...

With big banks and blue chip
institutions close behind.

And many more are following close behind.

Major blue chips like eBay, Amazon, and Facebook are all getting into the game, hiring crypto experts, setting up crypto payment options, and investing in crypto itself.

Billionaire Mark Cuban is betting BIG on cryptocurrency, saying the crypto market could continue to explode upward.

And Elon Musk has made billions of dollars through both Tesla and his own crypto holdings.

Also, keep in mind these are just the stories we’re hearing about.

There are many, many more powerful people who are making outrageous crypto profits...

But keeping their newfound wealth private.

Just take Balaji Srinivasan.

I’m a huge admirer of his work.

He’s founded and sold multiple companies and was the chief technology officer at Coinbase right before its IPO.

Thanks to his early and aggressive involvement in the world of crypto, Srinivasan is almost certainly a billionaire...

But you won’t be able to confirm that information anywhere!

Because here’s the thing...

Crypto fortunes are fundamentally different than previous stock market or business fortunes.

Cryptocurrency is fundamentally different from any past investment.

It’s a chance to make outrageous,
world-changing money... all while staying completely anonymous

It isn’t like the old days of Wall Street where everything you do is tracked by big banks, government bureaucrats, and the news media...

If you’re savvy...

You can make world-changing fortunes far from the public eye...

And keep it that way for as long as you like.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of Bitcoin... 

He’s one of the most famous people on Earth today... 

He has a net worth of over $60 billion...

And no one knows who he (or she) actually is!

It’s almost hard to believe....

But this is exactly what the cryptocurrency world allows:

The ability to create world-changing technology and life-changing wealth, and the ability to do it with total privacy.

And this brings me to another VERY important point.

Cryptocurrency might not just be the best way to grow and protect your wealth...

It may be the ONLY way.

Want privacy and security for your wealth?

Cryptocurrency may not just be your best option... It may be your ONLY option.

The global economy is not a pretty sight these days.

Stock market valuations are completely detached from reality. 

Hot stocks trade for hundreds of times their earnings...

Meaning it could take decades just to make back your initial investment, let alone turn a profit.

And that’s if they have earnings at all! Many hot stocks right now actually lose money every single quarter.

And as for the companies that do make money, what’s that money even worth?

Mainstream financial analysts have been saying that massive inflation could be coming...

But if you pay attention to my work, you know that massive inflation is ALREADY HERE.

Over the past century, the value of the dollar has decreased by more than 90%... 

Which means that products that once cost a single dollar...

Now cost over $32.

And that decrease in value is speeding up like crazy.

The government has already spent $6 trillion this year, with trillions more close behind.

And how is it paying for this? 

By creating money out of thin air. In a nine-week span earlier this year, the Fed added $2.3 trillion to the money supply.

That's over $425,000 per second... every second for 63 days.

U.S. dollars are plummeting in value... and the government is STILL printing trillions.

Inflation will only get worse from here.

You don’t have to be an economist to see the massive problem here. It’s simple supply and demand.

When the money supply increases by trillions of dollars... 

Any individual dollar is worth less.

Far less.

And yet the government is determined to keep spending trillions... 

With Congress hard at work on the largest federal spending bill in history.

  • So the stock market is disconnected from reality.
  • The government is creating trillions of dollars out of thin air.
  • Inflation looks to be approaching 1970s levels.

So when it comes to the US dollar…

I don’t like what’s happening.

But cryptocurrency is different.

Most cryptocurrencies have their supply fixed by their underlying software code.

No government can just suddenly start making more of it out of thin air.

And even better:

If you use a private crypto wallet correctly, you are the only person on the entire planet who can access it. 

No bureaucrat can ever freeze your account, garnish your wages, or block international transfers.

No bank employee can move your money around without warning or permission.

You are in total control of your own wealth.

This isn’t true of any other investment.

Bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and even safety deposit boxes can all be accessed by other people.

And unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening.

“Wells Fargo to Pay $3 Billion Over Fake Account Scandal.”


“Former PayPal CFO Has Bank Account Closed Without Warning.”

— Yahoo

“Stripe Stops Processing Payments for Trump Campaign Website."

— The Wall Street Journal

Whether it’s fraud, company policy, or a simple technology error, your wealth is always at risk when it’s held by other people.

Hell, there’s even risk to keeping gold bars in your own home.

You could always be robbed.

And I’m not making any kind of political statement here.

I don’t care where you live or who’s in charge.

I just want to know that your wealth is just that. 


And it’s going to be YOUR decision when it changes hands. 

I don’t know of any way to do that other than crypto.

So with high taxes, privacy violations, and massive inflation looming...

Something has to give!

In the pre-crypto era, I would be going all-in on precious metals and real estate...

But even though these conservative investments are a good bet historically...

Their security does mean sacrificing the potential for explosive growth.

And that’s what’s so beautiful about crypto.

We can have our cake and eat it too.

Cryptocurrency offers a chance to make millions from a tiny initial investment...

And potentially FAR more than that in times of economic uncertainty and high inflation.

We can invest in something with the potential to make us literally millions of dollars...

That will THRIVE in a time of high inflation and economic uncertainty.

Honestly, even if you just invested in the crypto market as a whole...

I think you would beat every single stock and commodity out there.

But it’s true that some crypto coins have much higher potential than others.

And if you build a portfolio of just high-potential coins...

Well, that’s how you can turn an initial investment of just a few thousand dollars into millions...

Especially in a world where stocks are crashing and inflation is spiking.

So I’ve spent the last year combing through the cryptocurrency market...

Working closely with my team of elite financial analysts... 

In order to zero in on six coins that I believe have higher potential than any others.

Not just higher potential than other cryptos...

But higher potential than any other investment period.

I don’t see a single other investment...

Not stocks, not precious metals, not even private equity investments or startups...

That could even come close to the explosive potential of these coins.

And I want every single person reading right now to get access to that explosive potential...

Which is why I want to share my absolute best six crypto plays TODAY.

And time is of the essence!

We’re about to enter the era of people taking Bitcoin’s groundbreaking early technology and turning it into something that is so powerful... 

Yet so easy and simple to use...

That it will be in the pockets of billions of people before long... 

And create trillions of dollars of wealth in the process.

To set the stage, let me do a quick Crypto 101: 

Cryptocurrencies are digital coins that are hosted on a blockchain.

A blockchain is basically a giant spreadsheet that’s hosted on the computer of everyone who uses it.

And if you own crypto, you can use that crypto’s blockchain to store, trade, and spend your coins.

Unlike traditional finance and investing, the blockchain isn’t controlled by any one person or company. 

It's simply governed by the computer code that programmed it in the first place.

No one can shut it down, no one can move your coins but you, and no one can figure out who owns what coins.

This massive technological breakthrough is how Bitcoin and other first-generation cryptos have risen to massive heights. 

But the most exciting cryptos, the ones I’m about to reveal, build on that framework and do incredible new things with it.

The first generation of crypto
is taking over banking.

The next generation of crypto is taking over just about everything else...

And creating trillions of dollars
in wealth in the process.

Basically any digital business...

A market worth trillions of dollars...

Can now be done with cryptocurrency on the blockchain...

Eliminating the need for middlemen...

And making things cheaper and more secure at the same time.

So in the same way that Bitcoin disrupted banking as a secure and private store of wealth...

This new generation of crypto is taking over many sectors, including: 

  • Payment processing — a $33 billion market
  • Cloud computing — a $266 billion market
  • Online gambling — a $53 billion market
  • Secure contracts — a $34 billion market
  • Online advertising — worth a staggering $460 billion

And as this ramps up, the value of these cryptos will SKYROCKET...

Turning a tiny initial stake into literal millions of dollars.

And this first one that I want to share with you today...

One of my absolute favorites... could do even better than that.

So for everyone reading this...

Now is the time to put down your phone and give this presentation your full, undivided attention!

Because I’m about to share the details on six tiny coins with outrageous growth potential. 

And all six of these coins have one very important thing in common:

They all offer the potential for exponential growth.

In order to identify these coins, I used the exact same analysis that led me to recommend Ethereum at $96 and Bitcoin at $450.

I’ve looked at everything from the software code to the adoption rate to the team behind the coins to the industries that these coins could disrupt.

It’s a complex process — but if you wanted a simplified version, just use an acronym that I call BDE.

B  Big Potential:

Is this coin small enough right now that it could mean 10,000% gains for early investors? 

I still think Bitcoin and Ethereum are great plays... but they’re simply too big to offer rapid 10,000% gains right now. 

However, coins with tiny market caps right now could actually do EVEN better than that as more and more people adopt them.

D — Differentiation: 

Does this coin offer something genuinely different than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the other coins that have come before?

There are plenty of copycat coins that look exciting in the short term, but they don’t have the same potential as coins that offer thrilling new technology.

E — Ease of purchase:

Can anyone easily purchase and store this coin?

If not, adoption could be slow and the price won’t climb rapidly.

But if it’s easy for anyone to buy, the price could absolutely explode as the general public buys in.

If I see just one of these, I know we have something promising.

And if I see all three of these criteria, I know we have a shot at millions of dollars...

And then I can do a deep dive to find the true gems...

Which is exactly how I found the six coins that I’m about to share. 

So let’s dive right in.

This first coin picks up right where Bitcoin leaves off.

As you no doubt already know, Bitcoin has climbed to stratospheric heights as "digital gold..."

Which has led to it enjoying the highest return of any asset in recorded history.

And one of my favorite picks from the next generation of crypto takes that prospect and runs with it...

Offering not just digital wealth storage...

But also rapid, private international transfers and the ability to earn interest...

Hundreds of times more interest than you can get from a normal bank account right now.

That’s why I call it the international finance play.

Coin 1: The International Finance Play


This coin and its blockchain are rapidly taking over the world of international banking.

Used by giant blue chip companies like IBM and Deloitte, this coin has already “processed more than 450 million operations made by over 4 million individual accounts.”

Its ultra-efficient blockchain could easily displace companies like PayPal, Western Union, and Wells Fargo... 

And potentially turn early investors into millionaires in the process.

As mainstream banks become increasingly bloated and expensive, I would be shocked if this coin didn't grow by at least 2,000% over the next year... and 10,000% or more over the next five years.

I know in any other investing sector that would sound crazy...

But by the standards of crypto, that’s actually a conservative estimate.

Because those numbers just represent what this coin could do on its own merits.

If this coin were to also enjoy the popular support of Bitcoin or Ethereum, the true return could be 20,000% or higher.

Which is a great segue to the next coin. 

Because if you have earned outrageous wealth as a crypto investor, what should you do with it?

I know what I would do. I would put it in the most secure and private storage in human history...

Coin 2: The Digital Swiss Bank

This coin and its blockchain take the privacy of Bitcoin and supercharge it...

Creating the modern version of a Swiss bank.

Remember — in previous generations of crypto, wallets are anonymous but you can still see what wallets hold what coins.

With this coin, however, none of that is visible to anyone.

No bank, no government, no one on planet Earth except the individual user can see what’s going on.

And here’s the best part:

You can easily convert other coins into this particular coin.

As economic and political uncertainty increase, I believe the value of this coin will skyrocket...

But this play’s true value is as an utterly private and secure store of wealth.

And that’s something you’ll definitely need with this next one.

Coin 3: The Crypto Space Rocket

So if you thought the millionaire-maker growth of Ethereum and Bitcoin was ludicrous...

Well, this next coin makes that look tame.

It offers TRIPLE the growth of the overall crypto markets.

So for every $1,000 you would make on a blue chip crypto like Ethereum...

You would make an insane $3,000 on this. 

That means if you had held this coin instead of Ethereum when I first recommended it, instead of a chance to make $1.1 million...

You would have had a chance to make a staggering $3.3 million.

This is by far the most aggressive way to play the crypto market.

But if you’re like me and you believe crypto will continue to soar upward...

Well, this is how you can make THREE TIMES as much money as you would otherwise.

Now, this explosive growth potential does mean this coin is a little riskier than the other ones.

So this is not something you should invest your entire retirement account in.

Should you bet your retirement on this?

No — and you don’t have to.

A small starting stake offers a shot at OUTRAGEOUS gains.

And the beautiful thing is... 

You don’t have to.

Small cryptocurrencies are the absolute cutting edge of investing.

A tiny stake offers a chance at outrageous, life-changing gains. 

That’s what happened with Ethereum and Bitcoin...

And I think the six cryptos we’re discussing today are positioned EVEN better than those were.

So if three or four or even five of these don’t pan out like I expect...

You’ve only risked a small amount of money to earn an absolutely massive return.

And if they all pan out...

Well, I’ll see you when you step out of your private jet in the Cayman Islands.

And let me be very clear:

Cryptocurrency is still a volatile, young marketplace.

We will almost certainly see huge swings up and huge swings down.

So is it risky?

Of course it is. Anyone who says otherwise is either an idiot or a liar.

But all forms of investing are risky.

Any company can go bankrupt, and any investment can go to zero.

But only crypto also offers explosive growth in the other direction.

So while I certainly can’t guarantee that any of these investments will make you filthy rich...

What I can guarantee is that no other investment on Earth gives you a better chance at massive, life-changing profits.

And as you’ve no doubt seen...

We’re not just talking about a little extra money for a family vacation or an upgraded car rental.

For the rare few people who get in early...

(And I’m proud to say I’m one of them)...

We’re talking about the chance to become disgustingly rich — private jet and Lamborghini rich.

And I don’t know about you...

But I’d rather lose a little bit of money knowing I joined the crypto revolution...

Than live my normal life and always wonder about what could have been.

And when I say revolution, I’m not kidding.

This next coin isn’t just revolutionizing the cryptocurrency sector...

But the entire digital world itself.

I call this one the revolutionary technology play.

Coin 4: The Revolutionary Tech Play

Because this coin and its blockchain connect the entire cryptocurrency sector into one underlying network...

It makes it possible to transfer any other coin across any other blockchain...

To connect Bitcoin to Ethereum to Dogecoin to any other cryptocurrency... 

Including ones that haven’t been created yet.

There’s a chance this crypto could become the underlying “internet” to every other crypto in existence... 

And turn its early investors into millionaires in the process.

This is what’s so exciting about cryptos and blockchain technology.

There’s almost no digital business...

Including ones worth trillions of dollars like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google...

That can’t be disrupted in a major way by cryptocurrencies.

And that’s exactly what my next pick is doing. 

I call it “the Google killer.”

Coin 5: The Google-Killer Play

It’s no secret that Google is one of the greatest success stories in human history...

Having soared to trillion-dollar heights thanks to its digital ad business that makes hundreds of billions in revenue every year.

But this next cryptocurrency moves digital ads to the blockchain...

Allowing advertisers, websites, and users to transact directly with crypto, cutting out the middleman.

And if this coin captures just a small fraction of Google’s ad business...

Something that’s already in the works...

It will hand staggering returns to those who get in early.

And Google isn’t the only tech giant that could be made obsolete...

Which brings me to my favorite pick:

Coin 6: The Amazon-Killer Play

This coin has Amazon squarely in its crosshairs.

The biggest part of Amazon’s business, worth hundreds of billions of dollars — if not trillions of dollars — is cloud computing...

And the blockchain could easily take over cloud computing...

Offering incredible layers of security and anonymity. 

And that’s exactly what this sixth coin and its blockchain are doing...

Providing secure, anonymous cloud computing...

So anyone can store data, software programs, and money in the cloud... 

Without needing a corporate middleman like Amazon.

I believe this is the best coin of any I’ve talked about today... 

And it has by far the highest chance of turning its early investors into millionaires.

Look, crypto is a brand-new asset class, and it’s already generating explosive wealth.

Even mediocre coins and blockchains are turning people into millionaires.

I hate to say it...

But the technical aspect of these coins barely matters in the short term.

We’ve seen meteoric rises of many coins... purely due to the fact that they’re cheap to buy and popular on social media.

So the ones I’ve told you about today...

With genuinely valuable use cases...

Could easily do hundreds or even thousands of times better.

But there is a catch....

An extremely important one.

This opportunity won’t last for long.

As more and more billionaires and blue chip institutions adopt crypto, this market will mature and the chance for 10,000% gains will disappear.

If you want explosive millionaire-maker
gains on crypto...

NOW is the time to take action.

So if you want a shot at life-changing gains... 

You need to take action right now.

There isn’t a single moment to waste.

That’s why I’ve prepared an urgent report called:

"The Crypto Revolution:
6 Coins Poised for Bitcoin-Sized Gains"


This is by far the most important project of my career.

Look, I’m incredibly proud of my past achievements...

Not to mention my early recommendations of Bitcoin and Ethereum...

But when it comes to life-changing potential...

Nothing comes close to what’s contained in this report.

This could truly be a shot at life-changing wealth — private jet or even private island wealth...

All from a tiny initial stake.

As soon as you open this report, you’ll see:

  • Exactly what these six coins are.
  • Why they have the potential for explosive, life-changing growth.
  • How you can safely and legally buy them in the U.S.

And perhaps most importantly:

  • How you can store them in a private wallet, meaning you will be the only person on the entire planet who can view and access them.

As soon as you get this, you’ll be seconds away from investing in the absolute hottest coins in the entire crypto sector.

And even if they were to do only half or a quarter as well as Bitcoin...

They could still earn you life-changing returns.

I’m talking about a chance at generational wealth.

A chance to join people like:

  • Brandon (last name withheld for privacy), a junior mortgage broker who became a multimillionaire thanks to holding the small crypto SafeMoon for a little more than a month.
  • Glauber Contessoto, the 33-year-old music engineer who became a millionaire in just two months with Dogecoin.
  • Or Jered Kenna, a retired U.S. marine who now has a staggering $300 million thanks to his early crypto plays.

I want you to join them.

I want you to have a shot at life-changing gains...

And that’s why I want to send you a copy of this report right this second...

When you take a risk-free trial of my investment research service:


Look, this market is incredibly fast-paced.

I don’t want to just send you the names of these coins and leave you on your own.

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Right now that mainly means cryptocurrencies... 

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And I’m proud to say that I’ve been doing exactly that since the day I started. 

Just take the recent explosion in AMC, driven by social media buzz from communities like r/WallStreetBets.

My team and I caught that buzz early, setting readers up for a rapid 193% gain.

And that’s actually one of the SMALLEST gains from my recent winners.

Unsurprisingly, the best ones are my early plays on Bitcoin and Ethereum:

  • Bitcoin — a 2,528% winner
  • Ethereum — a 1,040% winner

But I’ve been absolutely destroying average market returns with other plays like:

  • Vuzix for a 522% winner
  • Global X MSCI Greece ETF for a 213% jackpot
  • Endeavour Silver for a 242% gain
  • Turquoise Hill Resources for a whopping 496% payday
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"Crypto Quick Start Guide: How to Buy and Sell Crypto Easily, Safely, and Legally"

This brief report is jam-packed with helpful information. 

You’ll discover which crypto exchanges have the lowest fees and best customer service... 

Step-by-step instructions for how to store your coins in a secure, private wallet...

And an overall crypto and blockchain guide to help you feel confident in understanding this thrilling new market sector.

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"Crypto Cash Flows: Get in on the Red-Hot Growth of Crypto Mining and Staking"

Crypto isn’t just good for explosive growth.

It can also make you incredibly rich through steady monthly income...

Hundreds or even thousands of times higher than what you can get from a bank account.

This is like the crypto version of receiving dividends from a stock.

And as this cash flow compounds, it could help you multiply your returns many times over.

This report breaks down the best cryptos for cash flow, explains the difference between proof of work and proof of stake...

And shows you exactly how you can enjoy crypto “paychecks” showing up every month in your private wallet.

Special Bonus Report 3:

"Profit Fortress:
How to LEGALLY Limit Your Tax Bill"

If just one of the cryptos I’ve discussed today follows in Bitcoin’s footsteps...

You’ll be looking at an absolutely massive windfall... 

Which could mean significant taxes as well.

But like I said before, I want to help at every step. So I’m going to break down multiple options for limiting your tax bill...

Including some special situations that can LEGALLY make your tax bill zero!

Crypto offers revolutionary privacy and security...

And I’m going to show you how to take FULL advantage of that. 

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