Hands down... this is my #1 most URGENT discovery...

This Astonishing "Next-Generation" Civilian and Military Electric Flight Tech Could Create Even More Millionaires Than Tesla.

With partners like JetBlue, Toyota, Uber, NASA, the FAA, and the U.S. Air Force... Smart investors could make up to 200 times their money simply by acting immediately on this stock before it takes off.

"AirTesla" is landing soon... with a predicted market cap of $1.5 trillion. It’s clear that electric aircraft are the future. As an early investor in this "backdoor IPO," you could make up to 20,000% over the long term.

Dear Friend,

In my two decades of investment research, I've never seen a trend this powerful unfold with so few investors taking notice.

I'm talking about a world-changing Industrial Revolution-caliber change in the way hundreds of millions of people live their lives — you included.

So big, in fact, that for the sake of this one company, which I will tell you about in detail in the next few minutes, I'm even altering the way I choose my investments.

That's not some sort of hyperbole or play on words. I've literally never covered a company like this before.

When it went public last year it was already 20 times bigger than any stock I've ever added to my model portfolio, and from the looks of things, it's about to get up to 200 times bigger than that.

For a guy who specializes in the tiniest early-stage companies, that's quite a departure... So you can imagine that my reasons behind this must be substantial.

And in a few minutes I’ll show you exactly why... 

But before I do, promise me one thing... That after you read this, you won't take too much time to act, because the price on this stock is overdue to burst.

This is a rare, brand-new, revolutionary, futuristic, industry-shaping travel technology that will change the world... and will one day be as common as driving a car.

This opportunity is similar to watching Henry Ford’s Model T cars roll off the assembly line for the first time... and not truly comprehending how this crazy new thing was about to revolutionize our world — but I’m giving you a chance now to invest in it for mere dollars a share!

And it will likely be even better than that, with a much faster trajectory...

This is more like the birth of another Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla, or Uber. 

It is something brand-new. Our world has never seen it. And as you’ll see, it is absolutely the future of global travel for the masses.

And right now, its share price is lower than the cost of a decent burger.

Here’s what I’m talking about...

Just imagine...

You live in Los Angeles, a city of almost 4 million people. And a city that has the nation's worst air quality when it comes to ozone pollution.

And the big-population counties that surround it are some of the worst nationally as well.

But you need to get to San Diego for a two-hour meeting. You could drive... And spend the better part of your day — longer than your actual meeting time — on the I-5 in dead-stop traffic to and from your meeting.

You could take the commuter train... about a 3.5-hour trip each way. 

Or... you could fly from LAX to San Diego International. But that seems extensive for just a two-hour meeting.

Or you could hop on something brand-new and mind-boggling. Something that already exists. Not just some Jetsons future fantasy gadget...

A flying commuter vehicle that takes off vertically like a helicopter and then flies like a plane. Plus, it can take off from anywhere, even your driveway. 

Oh, and it drives itself, so you don’t even need a pilot. But what makes it a truly unique game-changer...

And is perhaps its best feature, especially in crowded, polluted cities all over the world...


No fuel. No noisy jet engines. No carbon footprint.

So when you’re ready to go to LA, you simply open the app on your phone, call in this electric plane, and it comes and pick you up and delivers you safely and quickly to your destination. With no chatty driver! And with similar cost to an Uber ride.

Yes, like Uber or Lyft, but in quiet, convenient, easy-to-use electric airplane form. 

Now, imagine not just flying from LA to San Diego, but from LA to New York, or further.

Even across the ocean!

Imagine a day when ALL airplanes, for ALL airlines operate this way... without billions of dollars in jet fuel costs. And no emissions or noise pollution from jets roaring overhead.

This is a WORLD game-changer! A game-changer that many industry experts liken to Tesla — which succeeded without help from Ford, GMC, or Chrysler — with over 100 years of carmaker history and experience.

And even though Elon Musk’s haters and detractors are many, few people don't wish they had gotten in when Tesla was in its infancy.

If you missed it, don’t fret, because...

This "Tesla" of the Airplane Industry and "Backdoor IPO" Looks Even Better Than Tesla’s Pre-IPO...

In fact, I have a report in front of me from Morgan Stanley predicting this rise of the new electric vehicle (EV) industry will be worth over a trillion dollars in the upcoming decades! 

The unprecedented growth in this new electric vehicle industry may even outpace Tesla in its scale and ambition.

And it’s likely to make those who get in early even more money than Tesla.

But to understand how impactful and massive this industry will be, let’s quickly put into perspective just how successful Tesla has been...

At a market cap of $1.1 trillion, Tesla is now the most valuable car company in history — which should be a huge embarrassment to the Big Three automakers and just goes to show how stagnant they became.

Tesla accomplished this in less than a decade after going public and has shown the world that not only is there room for electric vehicles... but they are absolutely our future.

Tesla sells more EVs than any other manufacturer in America... combined.

I’m speaking about not only the old American giants, but also Toyota, BMW, Honda, and Nissan... all of them together cannot beat Tesla’s EV sales.

Tesla became No. 1 by being ambitious, looking to the future, and taking risks that paid off while the rest of the car industry was complacent, lazy, comfy in bed with the oil companies, and making poor-quality cars. 

Then, when they decided to do something new, they went hybrid when they should have gone electric.

They hired hardware engineers when they should have hired software engineers.

They spent billions advertising while Elon and Tesla got free, easy publicity. 

And because of that, the old giants are still playing catch-up.

Only recently have the likes of GE and Ford started manufacturing fully electric cars.

But even those are not software-first cars like Tesla builds. Instead, they’re traditional cars with an electric motor forced in with little focus or understanding of the things that make Tesla cars the best. 

Honestly, it might take them another decade to catch up to Tesla and match the company's quality and engineering.

And while they struggle to make a profit, Tesla has already made investors that got in at the IPO (or before) billions of dollars.

Just Think, 5 Years Ago, Tesla Traded at $41 a Share. Today It’s at $1,000 and Still Headed Up...

All because a modern-day, visionary tech and engineering company had a crazy idea for the future.

And likewise, this new electric airplane technology is not coming from Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, or Airbus.

No, it’s coming from a startup that has done things no other aerospace company could or would do. Like with Tesla, it’s happening again, except it is not happening to the automobile industry... it’s happening to the aerospace industry...

Which is worth $750 billion and services 4.3 billion customers a year... and, unfortunately... currently produces an astonishing 915 million tons of carbon pollution a year.

But it’s about to be disrupted by a revolutionary outsider with software-driven carbon-neutral technology that will change the way we travel forever...

In fact, Elon Musk himself said he’s DYING to get into this industry but that he simply has too much on his plate.

Yes, Elon Musk has been talking about this technology and its potential for a LONG time now...

In a rare 2009 interview, Elon Musk spoke about how the technology would be revolutionary, but said it would not be feasible until "battery energy improves."

It Was Too Early in 2009 for Elon Musk to
Make This Dream a Reality, but Now, in 2021,
You Are Right on Time to Get in Early...

Musk helped usher in the improved battery technology that is now bringing a new era of automobile and air transport.

The latest lithium batteries are more energy-dense and cheaper per kWh stored than ever before.

This means that EVs will soon be overtaking vehicles with internal combustion engines in price competitiveness, which Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts will happen by 2023.

It also means that the batteries are now lightweight enough to fly with...

Yes, the Tesla of the skies is already here! Not just in theory. One company, the leader in battery-powered flight, has already logged 1,000 FAA-approved test flights!

And as I was saying, with this flight travel mode of the future, there’s no need to go to an airport to fly because there’s no need for runways. That means you can take off from anywhere, even your own driveway.

This truly has the potential to shake up the world even more than Tesla did... and make even more money than those who invested in Tesla pre-IPO...

In 2010, when Tesla IPO’d, it traded at $17 a share.

And the people that invested in Tesla at IPO have now made a 4,000%-plus return.

Fortunes were truly made by people’s faith in Tesla!

However, Tesla Did Not Always
Look Like a Sure Bet...

When Tesla IPO’d, Elon Musk was almost broke. Tesla only had planned manufacturing capacity in California and the company had fewer than 600 employees.

This electric airplane company is not only in an adjacent industry to Tesla, but is in an even better position than Tesla was when it IPO’d.

It has more employees — over 800 of them... it's international, operating in America and Europe... and it has institutional support from existing huge manufacturers.

And the crazy thing is you can get in even cheaper than Tesla at its IPO.

With a "backdoor IPO" (meaning if you act fast, you can get in at IPO price) you can own this stock at less than $10 a share.

This lower price gives your money even more room to grow than Tesla would have.

And I predict this massive growth will happen even quicker than with Tesla. It is literally ready to burst.

Conservatively Speaking, We're Looking at
2,000% Gains in the Next 10 Years

Elon Musk himself predicts electric planes will get off the ground in a widespread way within five years.

And if you think about it, the possibilities are endless for this new travel technology...

I’m talking about delivery drones for food, clothes, Amazon purchases, prescriptions, contacts, dry cleaning, and so much more. 

It will be used for quick, no-pollution intercity transport.

And as a fast, close, and long-distance quick urban taxi service.

There are also endless military uses and applications.

And the granddaddy of them all... commercial flight.

When the day comes in the near future that commercial airlines can run on electric power, it will be a game-changer for our world. And this company will lead the way.

It will be a financial freedom gainer for early investors.

But just how much gain? Well, Morgan Stanley has predicted that the electric aircraft market will hit $1.5 trillion by the middle of the next decade.

If my favorite new electric aircraft company manages to capture even 10% of this market, that would mean annual revenues in excess of $150 billion.

Put that through a standard business valuation multiplier with an expected CAGR of 12% and you'll see a market capitalization in excess of $1.2 trillion.

But here's the crazy part... That's not even an aggressive prediction.

Once again we look to Tesla for historical precedent of a much higher investment return.

Tesla's current $800 billion market capitalization is based on revenues of just over $31 billion, giving us a multiplier of 25.8

Apply that multiplier to our electric aircraft company and that would equal a world-beating market capitalization of $3.8 trillion!

That's 633 times your money back — or a 63,300% gain!

Now, I'm not saying that you should expect that... but even a fraction of those gains could easily become the biggest windfall you've ever seen.

Even a tenth of the more conservative projection achieved in the next 10 years would still give us a market cap of $120 billion.

For investors buying today, that equals a 2000% gain... and that's conservative.

But remember this: Nothing is guaranteed.

Just like with Tesla, in this new market territory, there will be those who change the world and those who spend millions and never make a blip on the radar.

What you don't want is to invest in this new technology with the wrong company.

In three, five, or 10 years, when electric aircraft are buzzing through the skies all around us, if you want to be the one who says, "I saw that coming and made a fortune from it," you need to choose wisely.

Like any new, complicated yet highly promising market, your best bet for success is to get some experienced help.

If That’s What You Want...
Help Finding These Moneymaking Gems...

Well, that’s ALL we do. Maybe you’re not 100% sure how to get in on the ground floor of this remarkable technology and others like it... but we DO know the best new stock in this arena.

And for this specific electric airplane technology, hands down there is ONE company that is many light-years ahead of the rest. 

And I know everything there is to know about it. And why its competitors are not really serious competitors.

My name is Alex Koyfman. And I'm not your typical investment "guru." 

I've never worked for a Wall Street bank or hedge fund. However, in the almost two decades that I've been in the investment research business, my investment strategies and the results they've generated have routinely put most top hedge funds to shame. 

I started out as a self-taught trader in my late teens. In my 20s, I turned a hobby into a lucrative career. 

I've traveled the world from Vancouver to Vladivostok in search of investment opportunities that few investors at any level ever hear about. 

I've traded on American, Canadian, European, and even Mongolian exchanges. I count numerous members of the rarefied 0.1% among my friends and colleagues, which isn't something I often boast about. 

But it's definitely something you should expect from the person you go to for cutting-edge, informed investment strategies. 

Back in 2014, I was urged by the owners of Angel Publishing to launch my own service based on my proven-successful investment methods and eye for hidden gems.

I told them straight up that I wouldn't cater to hedge-seeking breeds just looking for a safety net to protect their assets. I wanted to help real people who were interested in turning modest, hard-earned stakes into fortunes by targeting little-known, underbought stocks. 

In the summer of that year, I came on board to publish a new advisory service targeted specifically to the profit-minded investor. 

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My goal is to deliver my readers results because that's how I stay in business. So only the best stock picks get by me and into my readers' inboxes...

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To me, investing and deep research isn’t a job, a casual hobby, or another form of gambling. It’s a professional passion — something I obsess over, day in and day out. 

And the fact that I take it seriously has paid off. For example, just look at these gains: 

  • 560% gains on Assure Holdings 
  • 418% on Future Farm Technologies 
  • 347% on SharpSpring Inc.
  • 245% on Exro Technologies 
  • 223% on Aragon 
  • 300% on Dajin Resources 
  • 284% on Fuel Tech Inc.
  • 210% on Versus Tech 
  • 262% on Bitterroot Resources 

Of course, this is just a sampling of my best examples, but the results speak for themselves.

My approach is unique and tailored for a very specific, risk-tolerating investor. By now, you know how it works: I exclusively take advantage of the tiniest stocks with the greatest growth potential. 

I’m talking about an untapped treasure trove that is usually unnoticed by Main Street investors. That’s right, Wall Street won’t usually bother with these incredible investments.

Why? Because they are lazy and don’t do research like I do.

Despite All My Past Wins, I Expect This Electric Aircraft Revolution and Discovery to Be My Biggest and Most Important Find...

This is in part because — the fact is — the aeronautics industry has changed very little over the last 100 years.

While our commercial aircraft have gotten bigger, faster, and now include more bells and whistles... the "from here to there in an airplane" flight market and aircraft technology haven't changed much.

Yes, as crazy as it seems, we have been flying in the U.S. commercially for over 100 years.

And some of the planes you fly on today — on major airlines — are decades old!

Today’s commercial airplanes are actually very close cousins of the big B–class bombers used in WWII! 

That’s part of what makes this backdoor IPO an astonishing opportunity for you. 

This is the start of a new chapter in advanced flight for our world! And this company is leading the way, with hefty support and praise from all the big players...

For starters, this pioneering aviation company is the most advanced developer of all-electric aircraft designed to take off and land vertically... and travel 150-plus miles on a single charge, allowing a pilot and four passengers to leapfrog over the congestion below, emission-free.

Though several companies have talked about plans to develop new technology and lead the way in this space, no one else, not even Elon Musk, is even close.

This company is the one that has made it happen in a safe, applicable, FAA-approved, large-scale way. 

Its story is like those of so many of our great innovators of the last 40 years... A small team of engineers working out of "the barn" started exploring the frontiers of technologies like electric motors, flight software, and lithium-ion batteries — engineering almost every component from the ground up...

And struck gold.

Some notable accomplishments include:

  • NASA partnership — In 2012 the company was selected to collaborate with NASA on several groundbreaking electric flight projects, including the X-57 and LEAPTech.
  • Subscale prototype — In 2015, after many years of small-scale testing and analysis, the team arrived at its current design and flew a prototype for the first time.
  • Full-scale prototype — In 2017 the company's first full-scale prototype took to the skies. And in 2019, its first production prototype began a rigorous flight testing program.
  • In 2019, Toyota became a strategic investor and deployed dozens of engineers to work shoulder-to-shoulder with this company's team, lending their expertise on factory layout, manufacturing process development, and high-volume production.
  • In 2020, it became the first electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle company to receive airworthiness approval from the U.S Air Force as part of its Agility Prime program. Flying its aircraft on-base and having access to government testing facilities provided an opportunity to develop their operational capabilities in advance of commercial launch.
  • Expanded partnership with Uber — In 2020 the company deepened its partnership with Uber, agreeing to integrate its aerial ride-sharing service into the Uber app across all U.S. launch markets. Uber increased its investment in this company and then acquired the Elevate division, bringing its software tools and commercial launch expertise in house.
  • In 2020, the company agreed to a "G-1" certification basis for their aircraft with the FAA, laying a clear path to certifying its aircraft for mass commercial flights.
  • The company recently announced it is working with JetBlue and Signature Flight Support to forge a new path toward net-zero emissions in the aviation industry that will incentivize the rapid commercialization of clean propulsion systems.
  • The future — With more than 1,000 test flights behind it, the company is looking ahead to breaking ground on its first large-scale manufacturing facility later this year, certifying its aircraft in 2023, and starting commercial operations in 2024.

The company's "team" has now grown to over 800 passionate engineers, experts, and leaders, all focused on bringing its pioneering flight vision to life. 

It is developing a world-class manufacturing facility in Marina, California, and has offices and workshops in Santa Cruz; San Carlos; Washington, D.C.; and Munich, Germany.

Right now and in the foreseeable future, like Tesla, it will be the sole owner of this unique, pioneering travel space.

So if you want to invest in the future of broader, revolutionary, clean electric air flight travel, this is it. 

And right now is the time to jump in. I say that with a TREMENDOUS amount of urgency. 

But let me back up... As I mentioned, this is a backdoor IPO opportunity...

Which means it can convert from a private company into a publicly traded company and bypass the normal listing requirements of the stock exchange.

Essentially, the company gets on the public exchange by going through a back door.

By going through a backdoor listing, the private company avoids the public offering process and gains automatic inclusion on a stock exchange.

This kind of backdoor listing often helps companies avoid the time and expense of engaging in an IPO.

Another major upside of going through a backdoor listing is that it’s a cost-effective measure for a private firm to go public. Because the firm can strike up a deal with an already public company, it doesn't have to go through the expenses of regulatory filings or funding to go public.

There is some upside for existing stock owners, too... Shareholders in the target company may also get some cash for the deal. If the merger is successful and the two companies' synergy is compatible, it may mean added value for the new entity's shareholders... which I hope is you.

Now that you can see why getting in early gives you a major advantage... there’s more to this company that makes it even more attractive and potentially valuable...

According to CompositesWorld, "a recently released report, 'Air Taxis: Electric Vertical TakeOff and Landing Aircraft 2021–2041' from research and consultancy firm IDTechEx, indicates that the market for eVTOL aircraft for urban air mobility (UAM) is expected to grow to $14.7 billion by 2041, with continued opportunities in key enabling technologies, such as aviation-grade batteries, electric motors and propulsion systems, composite materials, and eVTOL ground infrastructure."

And the Military Use Alone
Could Skyrocket This Stock...

This company already received the first military airworthiness approval for an eVTOL vehicle from the the Air Force's Agility Prime program. And it announced in December that it broke ground on charging and simulator stations at Springfield Airport in Ohio.

Will Roper, former Air Force acquisition chief, said:

This is an exciting announcement because it means you are literally seeing a new market emerge. This is exactly the type of public-private partnership innovation the Air Force and Space Force want to be a part of. We want to make amazing things happen, not just for the military, but for the world. We are excited to see what's to come from companies pushing the boundaries of electric vertical takeoff and landing or flying cars.

Even Though Many Industry Leaders Are Watching Very Closely, This Is a Hidden Opportunity for You...

"If you’re bullish on autonomous cars, it’s time to start looking at autonomous aircraft."

— Morgan Stanley

"There are still said to be more than 200 designs vying for investor backing to bring air taxis to the masses, a dizzying array of multirotor electric, tiltrotors, and ducted fans, but investors are clearly fans of two in particular. [This Aviation company] in California and [another] have emerged as the major money magnets, each valued at more than $1 billion before their first aircraft is certified, far outpacing the rest."

— Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

Why? Because as a backdoor IPO, Wall Street doesn’t benefit from you buying this stock. 

They don’t get one dime of the money you invest.

Which makes this even better for you! Because most hedge funds — especially the big ones — are extremely limited in the types of stocks they can buy.

It all comes down to a company’s market cap... I’m talking about the total market value of all outstanding shares.

That's why Wall Street doesn’t care about these stocks. And if Wall Street ignores them, the media won’t talk about these companies either.

Which, again, is better for you, because it’s keeping this company quiet until it goes public... and keeping the price down.

But you need to act FAST. This is a red-hot sector that I just happened to research.

Other people are also searching out these tiny stocks with enormous upside... the microcaps that Wall Street can’t touch... targeting big returns that professional investors only dream of.

Knowing about these hidden gems is exactly how I've delivered my readers one winner right after another...

For gains of 96% in two months on MCW Energy Group... 110% in one month on CO2 Gro... 127% in four months on Future Farm Technologies... 223% in three months on Aragon... 300% in six months on Dajin Resources... 347% on SharpSpring in less than two years... and more.

This new aerospace technology may outperform them all!

Of course, we’ve had our share of underperformers. Things happen that are outside of an investor’s control. 

But largely, my winning picks absolutely crush it, and my readers couldn’t be happier.

And it’s exactly the same with the small electric aircraft company I just told you about...

Remember, electric power is already replacing oil-based fuels in the auto industry... and soon airplanes will follow.

With the expanded battery power this company is developing, it expects to fly commercial aircraft with it soon.

That’s why this company is expected to completely disrupt the travel, delivery, and flight market.

With a Lower Stock Cost and Even More Room to Grow Than Tesla, This Stock Could Make Millions...

Looking forward, the company expects to begin seeing revenue in 2024 following the commercialization of their air taxi service. In the first year of commercialization, it expects to record $131 million, according to its investor presentation.

Revenue is expected to continue growing to $721 million in 2025 and $2 billion by 2026. 

By 2026, the company expects to have 963 aircraft manufactured.

These aircraft are expected to have a 15-year life span of operation, with a cost per aircraft upward of $1.3 million.

Looking into the next 10 years of operations, the company expects to have 14,000 aircraft operating in 20 major cities, with revenue of $20 billion. 

Just for the sake of comparison, the annual revenue of Tesla back in 2018 was $21 billion.

And things should only go up from there as the air taxi revolution ramps up in urban centers across the world.

And it doesn’t stop there...

Just like Tesla, it has the potential to generate billions in profits.

With climate change being Biden’s top priority, the expansion of the carbon-free travel options is always in play.

And with so many key partnerships, any number of announcements could skyrocket this new stock at any time.

Now That You’ve Heard the Story and Seen the True Potential Here With Your Own Eyes, It’s Time to Act

All the information you'll need to move on this opportunity can be found in my recently published investment report.

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Alex Koyfman
Investment Director, Microcap Insider

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