"[This] has amazing potential." — Elon Musk

"Helix-Scaling" Could Fund Your Retirement

One Boston-Based Company Just Unlocked a Brand-New $4 Trillion Industry — Investors Who Get in NOW Stand to Make 10x or Even 100x Their Money...

Dear Reader,

Do you remember the first time you ordered something on Amazon?

How awe-inspiring it felt to find almost anything you wanted in an instant...

And after a few clicks have it arrive at your doorstep a few days later?

If you recognized Amazon’s extraordinary potential at that moment and loaded up on shares, you’re probably enjoying your retirement right now...

Because chances are you’re a millionaire today. A $2,500 investment in the early 2000s would’ve turned into $1.29 MILLION.

But if you missed out on this opportunity, I don’t want you to worry...

Because today you get a rare do-over.

You see, right now we’re in the early stages of a tectonic shift.

This shift is going to upend dozens of industries the way Amazon revolutionized retail...

The Most Powerful Innovation of the 21st Century
Is Still Flying Under the Radar

Billions of people have already experienced this revolution firsthand...

Yet 99.9% of investors don’t know this is the biggest moneymaking opportunity of the next 20 years...

Just like investors didn’t understand Amazon could’ve turned them into millionaires more than 20 years ago.

Former Apple CEO John Sculley says this revolution will be "bigger than the internet."

Harvard professor George Church predicts it will "[surpass] the space, atomic, and electronic revolutions in its significance."

And Boston Consulting Group expects it to "become a primary driver of the global economy."

I call it "Helix-Scaling."

In the next few minutes, I’m going to pull back the curtain to reveal why this will be the most important megatrend of the next 20 years.

Make no mistake — this has NOTHING to do with blockchain, 5G, robotics, the internet of things, or artificial intelligence.

In fact, Helix-Scaling isn’t even about human-invented tech at its core.

It’s about utilizing an "operating system" that’s existed for 4 billion years... but scientists just recently learned how to tap into it.

I know it sounds crazy, but bear with me for a minute.

Because the profit potential is enormous.

Investing in Helix-Scaling today could be like getting in on IBM when people started buying their first PCs, making early investors 1,126% gains...

Like investing in medical device company CryoLife when heart transplants became common, helping investors pocket 2,209% gains...

Or like buying Cisco stock when the internet started to take off, and shares soared by an astonishing 142,864%.

As I said, most of the investment public has no idea what Helix-Scaling is.

Yet experts are buzzing...

According to The Wall Street Journal, "[Helix-Scaling is] of unprecedented scope, power, and promise."

Professor Jean Peccoud from Colorado State University says it’s "a cultural revolution that will have far-reaching implications."

And consulting firm McKinsey confirms that "the potential for beneficial economic and social impact seems enormous."

The world’s richest billionaires are behind it too...

Elon Musk tweeted that Helix-Scaling "has amazing potential."

And Bill Gates said it’s "one of the most powerful technologies of the 21st century."

Jeff Bezos poured $76 million into it... Peter Thiel holds a $110 million investment... and Mark Zuckerberg’s $3 billion fund is heavily backing this sector.

Today, you can join these billionaires in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Because there’s a brief window to invest in this revolution — before the mainstream jumps on this fast-moving train.

Helix-Scaling Will Mint Millionaires
Faster Than the Internet

You can get started with a small stake of less than $25. But you'll want to act right away.

Because like I said, investing in Helix-Scaling now could be like investing in the internet in the early 1990s.

As I’ve just shown you, Cisco could’ve turned $1,000 into almost $1.5 MILLION within 10 years.

Yet the growth of Helix-Scaling could come much faster. That’s because its adoption is happening far quicker than the internet.

You see, it took 20 years until 2 billion people used the internet by 2010.

But Helix-Scaling already reached around 1 billion people within less than a year since the end of 2020 — even though most of those people are oblivious to it.

In other words, the growth rate of Helix-Scaling is about 10 times faster than the internet.

Think about what that means...

The growth rate of the internet set off exceptional 142,864% gains — and with Helix-Scaling growing 10x faster than the internet, this might be the most explosive opportunity in the stock market’s entire history.

But you have to position yourself BEFORE the majority of investors wake up to this... which could happen any day given this massive growth.

Scientific journal Nature says it’s "rapidly permeating society."

And one insider confirms, "We are at the cusp of [Helix-Scaling] really entering the mainstream."

Of course, it’s not enough to just identify a new megatrend...

You have to pick the right stock to maximize your profit potential.

Wealthy Insiders Have Already Poured $900 Million Into This Little-Known Company

Today I’m going to reveal the stock I expect to become as synonymous with this new sector as Amazon became with e-commerce.

Insiders poured almost $1 BILLION into this company while it was still private.

I’m talking about the best-connected investors on the planet...

Bill Gates... Cathie Wood... and Baillie Gifford, a century-old investing firm with almost half a trillion dollars under management, to mention just a few.

But everyday Americans were locked out — until recently.

This Boston-based company just went public, and today you have the brief chance to get in on the ground floor.

The gains could be life-changing as it’s about to absolutely dominate Helix-Scaling.

Harry Sloan — the executive who recently generated 634% returns by taking sports betting company DraftKings public — said about this firm:

[They] are not only leaders in their field but actually created the field themselves.

In a moment I’ll explain what exactly Helix-Scaling is...

How billions have already encountered this innovation but failed to recognize the huge profit opportunity staring them in the face...

And how you can get in on this potential millionaire-maker.

But before I continue, please let me introduce myself...

Three Decades of Triple- and Quadruple-Digit Gains

My name is Jeff Siegel.

And I’ve been a professional investor for 30 years.

I’m also a bestselling author, television commentator, and editor of Green Chip Stocks, a highly successful research publication with a focus on cutting-edge companies that make the world a better place.

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I can’t take all the credit, though.

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And we do it over and over again.

But the company I am going to tell you about today could be the most profitable pick of my entire career.

This single stock could set you up for retirement riches.

Because it’s at the heart of what Forbes calls "a $4 trillion gold rush."

"[Helix-Scaling] Could Soon Start Changing Everything" — The Economist

Like I said, Helix-Scaling taps into an "operating system" that’s 4 billion years old... one that’s much better at manufacturing than any human-invented tech.

I’m talking about nature itself.

Take a look out the window. Every single tree is a marvel of engineering.

Think about it...

You plant an apple seed and this thing assembles itself out of thin air.

It’s putting solar panels out there with its leaves... it’s pulling fuel from the soil... and it’s building a perfect product to nourish you.

In fact, the level of complexity in an apple seed vastly exceeds Intel’s best microchip.

This kind of sophistication is unparalleled by anything humans ever invented.

Now here’s the kicker...

All these capabilities — self-assembly, self-repair, CO2 reduction, manufacturing at an atomic level...

Helix-Scaling lets us use them. We don’t have to invent these things ourselves — we get to benefit from what nature already does.

According to McKinsey & Co., 60% of all materials required by the global economy could be produced this way. I’m talking about everything from building materials to electronics and fuel...

All by simply harnessing nature’s manufacturing potential.

And it has already begun...

About 400 applications are already scientifically possible today.

And these applications alone are expected to have a direct global impact of up to $4 trillion per year.

Let me put this into perspective — $4 trillion is the combined market cap of Microsoft and Apple. But it took each company about 40 years to get there.

Helix-Scaling is expected to unlock $4 trillion in new wealth in as little as 10 years.

In other words... Apple and Microsoft needed a total of 80 years for what Helix-Scaling could reach in 10.

And one little-known company is standing at the foot of this huge cash mountain as we speak.

It went public recently...

But DARPA already poured millions into this firm years ago.

DARPA is the Pentagon’s research wing and has a history of inventions that changed the world.

This agency is behind some of the biggest breakthroughs in history... The internet, GPS, and virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa are just a few of them.

DARPA’s support indicates one thing...

This company’s work on Helix-Scaling could easily become as important as all of the past 50 years of technological progress put together.

And you can get in for less than $25 today.

Remember, an early Cisco investment turned every $1,000 into $1.5 MILLION.

But I expect this opportunity to be bigger... MUCH bigger.

If you were going to put money in one emerging innovation in the next decade — this company is it.

Because it’s miles ahead of every competitor in this field. I’ll tell you exactly why in a moment.

But first, let me explain how Helix-Scaling works.

Tapping Into 4 Billion Years of Evolution

Helix-Scaling is an approach unlike any other invention in the history of humankind.

Take the apple tree I told you about...

It self-assembles, self-repairs, and manufactures at an atomic level.

All these amazing capabilities are inscribed in the tree’s DNA.

DNA carries an organism’s set of instructions that guides its growth, development, and health.

It looks like a twisted ladder.

Scientists call it double helix — and it works almost exactly like computer code.

The biggest difference is that computer code is a set of 1's and 0's...

While DNA code consists of four letters: A, G, T, and C.

Nature has been testing and perfecting all kinds of DNA code over billions of years.

It’s humanly impossible to achieve this level of refinement, even for generations of scientists.

But what scientists can do is this: They can rewrite tiny sections of a cell’s huge string of code — I’m talking about less than 1% — to make it do something new.

The possibilities are endless. For example...

Scientists can resurrect the smell of extinct flowers.

They simply take the piece of code responsible for the scent and use it to reprogram yeast to produce scent microbes.

They can grow a protein that gives plant-based hamburgers the texture, taste, and smell of meat...

Or reprogram cells to make them destroy cancer.

That’s how we can use some of nature’s most amazing capabilities at an industrial scale.

This will usher in a new industrial revolution with infinite moneymaking opportunities...

This Industrial Revolution Will Mint Millionaires

I already told you 400 Helix-Scaling applications are scientifically possible today. And some of them will blow your mind.

You may have already heard about screens that are extremely thin and flexible yet robust enough for foldable smartphones. But did you know it’s the DNA of translucent plant parts that makes this possible?

Another application is active camouflage that changes and adapts on the fly. This ability is programmed into the DNA of squids.

Now imagine the applications for an "invisibility cloak" or all the ways we could use this technology to protect our soldiers in the field.

Another is extremely strong adhesives for almost-unbreakable glass. This game-changer is made possible by insect DNA.

Banks, stores, schools, government institutions, and the military are all going to want this.

Imagine trees that glow in the dark... an innovation enabled by the DNA in bioluminescent algae.

Cities could replace street lamps and sharply cut energy costs.

Or how about extremely tough yet super-light armor made from spider silk DNA?

Or water-resistant building materials that are stronger than concrete, made possible by fungus DNA?

I could go on and on, but you get the idea...

These amazing materials will disrupt the electronics, defense, construction, pharma, food, energy, and manufacturing industries.

We’re looking at an annual wealth creation in the amount of $4 trillion.

And that’s just the beginning.

According to Nature, Helix-Scaling could extend to THOUSANDS of new products in the coming years — including applications we can’t even imagine today.

But make no mistake...

This isn’t something that’s still far away in the future. It’s already happening and changing entire industries.

Because this breakthrough is helping companies save millions of dollars in production costs as we speak...

The Secret Behind 50x Output Boosts

Imagine boosting productivity by a factor of 50... practically from one day to the next.

Sound unbelievable?

Well, that’s exactly what’s already possible with Helix-Scaling.

Take cannabinoid. It’s a molecule from the cannabis plant that is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t get you high. However, it has a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

Normally, it takes huge greenhouses and extensive care to produce meaningful amounts of high-quality cannabinoid.

But by transferring the DNA code for cannabinoid into other organisms, all this cannabinoid can be cheaply and reliably produced in a vat.

Again, this method increases output by as much as 50x... That’s 50 greenhouses that don’t have to be built.

The cost savings for cannabis producers easily go into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

This is why Helix-Scaling is possibly the century’s most valuable innovation.

And one little-known company is at the heart of it all.

Its founders are true pioneers.

One of them is responsible for some of the earliest internet technology. He built hardware for computer No. 6 on the ARPANET, the internet’s predecessor.

That’s not a typo — he hooked up the sixth computer to a network that exceeds 22 billion devices today.

And this pioneering mindset is the reason the founders started this company back in 2008...

When hardly anyone understood the incredible potential of Helix-Scaling.

And now, after years of research, they’re bringing this groundbreaking innovation to the market.

This is a replay of the situation we saw in the early 2000s when Amazon was about to dominate e-commerce... and you had the opportunity to turn every $2,500 into $1.29 million.

But its first-mover advantage is not the only reason this company is a potential millionaire-maker.

It's also created a never-ending income stream for itself that’s about to start gushing.

This business model is the same kind of cash cow that helps Apple rake in an extra $64 billion each year — without having to sell a single iPhone or MacBook.

I’ll tell you all about it in a moment...

But first, you need to understand that this is an extremely urgent situation.


This Industry Is at the Tipping Point

There’s one important catalyst behind Helix-Scaling’s mass adoption.

It’s the same catalyst that triggered the explosion of the PC, internet, and cellphone sectors.

I’m talking about a dramatic price drop.

In 1990, it cost $2.7 billion to sequence the entire human DNA...

In 2007, the price dropped to $1 million...

And today you can get your DNA sequenced for a couple hundred bucks.

That’s a price decrease of more than 99%.

The affordability to decode the DNA of all kinds of organisms makes industrial Helix-Scaling economically possible for the first time in history.

That’s why it’s important you position yourself correctly today.

Even a small investment in this company could set you up for life.

Imagine telling your friends you don’t have to slave away in the office because you’ve made 100x your money when you got in on the ground floor of Helix-Scaling.

However, things are moving incredibly fast. Once the investment public understands what the company I’m going to reveal has already achieved, your first-mover advantage may be gone for good...

Industry Giants Depend on This off-the-Radar Company’s Breakthrough Capabilities

Like I said, this Boston-based company has already reached about 1 BILLION people...

Even though 99.9% of them still don’t know that they came in touch with possibly the biggest profit opportunity of their lifetimes.

You see, billions have been vaccinated against COVID-19 within mere months... and this would never have been possible without Helix-Scaling.

This company helps Moderna squeeze out more mRNA to speed up the vaccine manufacturing process.

Drugs based on mRNA have never been mass-manufactured before. That’s why Moderna turned to this little-known company to scale up production.

Think about it...

Almost 1 billion vaccine doses from Moderna could never have been administered so extraordinarily fast without this company.

However, Moderna isn’t its only customer.

It also helps Roche create next-generation antibiotics...

Develops crops for Bayer that make their own fertilizer...

And assists Cronos Group — a 9,033% winner itself — in producing cannabinoids at industrial scale.

These are just a few of its partnerships.

This company’s revenue is expected to soar from $150 million to $1 billion within the next three years.

That’s a 566% increase.

But things are going to get MUCH bigger.

Because, as you’ll find out in a second, this firm is very likely to become the industry standard in the world of Helix-Scaling.

And when that happens, the stock could soar to life-changing four- or even five-digit gains.

If you get ahead of this opportunity today, you could look like a genius should this company turn every $1,000 into six figures — just like Amazon did.

People will say, "How did you see all of this coming? I didn’t even know this was happening!"

By then this company could be a household name such as Microsoft or Google. Let me explain why...

An "Atomic Disruption" Unlike Anything Else
We’ve Ever Seen Before

Professional investor Harry Sloan said about this firm, "[They] are not only leaders in their field but actually created the field themselves."

And it’s all a result of its platform approach.

As I’ve already told you, to make a cell do something new, about 1% of the DNA has to be rewritten.

But to get that 1% correct, it takes several hundred thousand, even a million different versions of that code until you get the right one.

This company speeds up that process with the help of proprietary design tools and sophisticated machine learning.

Now, this is where it gets exciting...

Each time this company finds a new piece of code, it stores that data in its code base. This lets it reuse that data in the future for other people’s products.

As of today, it owns not 10 million... not 100 million... but more than 440 million proprietary gene sequences.

This might be one of the world’s most extensive DNA platforms... and it’s an extremely valuable asset.

In fact, this company hired ex-military personnel to help keep this treasure secure.

This platform is the reason this company is set to be the only choice for everyone who needs to tap into the power of Helix-Scaling...

Because it can develop new products for its customers at a record pace.

Say a customer needs a plant cell to produce an animal protein...

The company simply picks the appropriate code from its unique platform, plugs it into the cell that needs to be modified, and delivers the product faster than anyone else.

It’s why Wired dubbed this company’s scientists "Rock Star Designers."

But this is just the start...

Its amount of proprietary DNA code is expected to grow by almost 1,000% between now and 2024.

When this happens, it’ll be unstoppable.

Because each new program improves its platform... and the better its platform, the bigger customer demand is going to be.

It’s a reinforcing feedback loop leading to total market domination.

Remember, programmable cells make manufacturing at an atomic level possible for the first time ever.

And this will transform ALL kinds of sectors — construction, pharma, energy, food, tech... you name it.

We’ve never seen this kind of everything disruption before. And this company is spearheading it.

Can you see why this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for early investors?

There's $4 trillion at stake. Compare that with this company’s market cap of $26 billion.

It’s microscopic when you consider the huge cash surge this firm is facing. We’re looking at a 15,284% difference.

That’s why this investment could not only fund your retirement... but also your kids’ and grandkids’.

Now, as amazing as this sounds, I don’t have a crystal ball. There’s always risk involved in the stock market, and you should never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

But the opportunity here is so big that even a small stake could generate life-changing returns.

And this company’s 440 million code platform isn’t the only reason I expect it to skyrocket...

This company has developed a cash-gushing business model unlike anyone else in this industry.

I was blown away when I first heard about it.

Because it lets you invest in dozens of sectors as a whole by buying a single stock...

This Company Is Using Apple’s Little-Known
"$64 Billion Back Door" for Huge Profits

This business model is similar to Apple’s little-known cash cow...

One that has NOTHING to do with selling iPhones or laptops.

It helps Apple rake in an extra $64 billion each year... with the bare minimum of effort from Apple.

I’m talking about the App Store.

Every time someone pays for an iPhone or iPad app, Apple pockets 30% of the purchase price.

It’s genius when you think about it... Apple doesn’t have to come up with a single app itself and still makes an extra $64 billion in revenue each year.

Developers around the world invent new apps and Apple simply cashes in.

This Boston-based company uses almost the exact same approach.

Because it’ll get a cut from the revenue each commercialized product generates.

So whatever its customers come up with in the future...

New vaccines... antibiotics... self-fertilizing crops...

Or stuff that still sounds like science fiction today...

Self-repairing buildings... energy-generating paint... or biological microchips...

Every time someone buys one of these things, this company collects a share of the purchase price.

So even though it charges a flat fee to help customers develop the microorganisms they need... its biggest moneymaker will be royalties.

That’s the closest to a never-ending income stream as it gets.

And this is what makes this opportunity so exciting...

Because it lets you invest in the whole $4 trillion Helix-Scaling sector all at once...

Simply by buying this one stock.

Like I said, ALL physical sectors will be affected by Helix-Scaling.

Manufacturing, defense, pharma, energy, tech, nutrition...

That’s why this stock is the single best opportunity to position yourself for the cash surge this industry is going to unleash.

It’s no wonder the best-connected insiders poured almost $1 billion into this company while it was still private.

We have every reason to assume that wealthy investors and institutions keep loading up on shares of this company.

They know Helix-Scaling is here and is already happening.

About 1 billion Moderna vaccine doses could not have been administered if it weren't for this off-the-radar company.

That’s why I urge you not to make the same mistake again... when you missed out on Amazon in the early 2000s...

When you saw an incredible investment opportunity with your own eyes... one that could’ve turned $2,500 into $1.29 MILLION... but didn’t act on it.

The investing world doesn’t offer many second chances... This is one of them.

But there’s not much time left. Helix-Scaling is permeating the world 10 times faster than the internet.

And word is spreading extremely fast. The CEO of this company has already been on CNBC, CBS, and Bloomberg.

The public could wake up to this any moment now...

The Time to Get in Is NOW

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As you can imagine, Helix-Scaling is such a huge opportunity that there’s more than just one company out there set to make a killing.

You see, the company I’ve covered today develops new DNA code but it doesn’t mass-manufacture that code itself.

It's outsourced this part to a "DNA factory." This factory uses the latest printer technology to place individual DNA bases together.

That’s why this firm is the perfect candidate to benefit from the $4 trillion Helix-Scaling surge alongside the Boston-based company I’ve told you about.

Of course, it has more than just this one customer. Thirty-one pharma companies use its cutting-edge services.

That’s why early investors could already make 812% on the stock within a year.

But that was just the beginning...

Because its expertise in manufacturing DNA is about to revolutionize data storage.

You see, the data storage market is HUGE. Netflix, for example, spends $9.6 million per month to store its shows on hard drives.

But digital data can be stored on DNA instead — for a tiny fraction of that cost.

That’s why this company teamed up with Microsoft to develop a new DNA data storage standard... one that’s expected to revolutionize this $35 billion market.

Investors who get in today could easily see another three- or even a four-digit surge in the months to come.

You’ll discover everything you need to know about this company in my second free report, "The Future of 'DNA Manufacturing.'"

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